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The Adventures of Angelina Tonks

By Day Sita

Action / Romance

Chapter 1

I woke up to a loud thud on my door, I swear if its my cousin I'm going to knock him into next Teusday

"WHAT!" I called irritated

"Tonks says you have a letter she wants you to read it right away" Remus said, I don't know why she hates her first name so much I think its pretty, Nymphadora, it has a nice ring to it, Oh my! I never told you my name! My name is Angelina Tonks, Daughter of the woman who hates her first name so much.. I'm a Matamorphmagus and I can breath fire, and control fire...

"Why is a dumb letter so important?" I said pushing the covers off of me, and brushing my brunette hair, it has a few dark purple streaks in it.

"Just come on" he said I heard him walk away, I followed after putting some eyeshadow and mascara on, what? I like to look nice.

"Why is a silly letter so important?" I asked sitting at the table grabbing some toast

"Its from Hogwarts" my mother said simply handing me the letter, my eyes widened and I opened the letter, I was accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

"Holy mother of Jeff Skinner! I've been accepted!" I was so happy, I knew my hair turned yellow,

"Well lets get you ready" My mother and I went out to get all the things on the list, my wand was 11" and had a raven heart as the core, I thought that was really cool, we got my robes and books and a snake! I named her Tessa. I've always wanted a snake, it wasn't on the list of things that was approved but my mom said she would try and pull some strings for me.


It was finally time to go to the train, my mother had to leave me early because of some secret stuff, I understood, she was part of some Order that I would probably be introduced to when I was older... she kissed my forehead and was off, I found where I was supposed to go because of some read head lady who was very loud, I followed her and she told me what to do, I went in and was amazed, the train is huge!

I put my things away and found an empty compartment, a little while later a boy who I later found out was named Harry asked to sit because all the other compartments were full, then the same red head boy from earlier came and asked the same.

Harry bought a ton of candy and my personal favorite the chocolate frog, Ron performed some magic that failed and a girl named Hermione fixed Harry's glasses.


We were waiting at the top of the stairs for professor McGonagall to return, when a boy named Draco came up to Harry and told him he shouldn't be hanging out with the wrong people, when Harry gave him witty comeback and shooed him off he turned to me, and said:

"A pretty little trophy like you shouldn't be hanging out with them" Oh no, he did NOT just call me a trophy!

"Did you just call me a trophy?" I said standing up in front of him

"Well you are" he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world, my eyes went black and I threw him across the hall he hit the giant door with a thud and the door opened enough that I could see inside, the room went quiet. Draco got up quickly and went back to his friends, I linked arms with Ron and Harry and my eyes went back to normal.

I was called and I sat on the stool, "You are an interesting mixture of all the houses, you are cunning and ambitious, you are brave and kind, your also very smart.. but where to put you" the hat was silent for a few seconds before saying "GRYFFINDOR!" I was happy I was in the same house as my friends

I sat in between a set of twins "Hi, I'm Fred" the one on my left said

"and I'm George" the one on my right said

"We heard you told off Malfoy" they said together they were cute, I smiled

"Yeah so?" I took a piece of bread and buttered it

"So, that is super awesome! no one has ever told off Malfoy before" together again, okay that was getting creepy

"Then that kid needs a good slap in the face" I said smiling to them

"Finally someone with a brain!" the one on my left said I think Fred, I looked at him and blew a little fire at him, his eyes widened then he grinned "Wicked!" he laughed

"How'd you do that?" Ron asked with his mouth full of sausage

"I'm a matamorphmagus, and I don't know why I can control fire" I said biting a sausage

"Control some fire" George said I made a fire ball in my hand then warmed up the sausage that Ron was complaining was cold

"Much better" he said taking another bite


I was sitting in my dorm with Hermione Granger and Lavender Brown, we were just talking having a good time getting to know each other, and I changed my hair color a few times for them, and set a clock on fire, I was aiming for the candle behind it though...

I was walking down the stairs to the common room when I heard Ron, Harry, Fred and George, talking about me

"Oh come on Angelina is so nice why do you gotta take her from us?" Ron whined

"You have Harry and even though she doesn't show it, Hermione, all we've got is Lee, plus with her being a metamorphmagus we could do so many more pranks!" the twins said together

"Who says I can't be friends with all of you?" I said coming down the stairs, they all turned to look at me

"Yeah yeah" Harry said, as I sat down between the twins...


I was sitting at the Weasley's house waiting for them to get back, I finally talked my mom into letting me come here for the last few weeks of summer.

"Where HAVE you BEEN!" I heard Mrs. Weasley's shrill voice echo through the house I knew they were back, I rolled my eyes and laughed as I ran down the many flights of stairs,

"You guys never stop do you?" I say behind them the tips of my hair turning purple when I saw the look on Fred's face, I quickly stopped it, Purple means I have a crush on someone, I didn't want them knowing that I liked Fred, Tessa came in carrying a box with a note attached, I wondered where she was, now I knew. I took the box from her and set it on the table, I opened the box and I saw my favorite candy, Chocolate frogs! and I saw a picture of Tonks and Remus together, I love those two

"What's that?" Fred asked leaning his chin on my shoulder and looking at the box,

"Something from my mom" I read the card it just said how they were happy, Fred tried to grab a frog but I slapped his hand away and closed the box,

"What?" he asked

"My frogs!" I held the box protectively he just laughed and kissed my cheek I blushed and he winked at me.


On the train I was laying my head on Fred's lap cause last night I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted, I was thinking of Fred, I hate to say this but I am starting to think that my crush on him is getting a little beyond a crush

The train stopped and I sat up quickly, I could see my breath as it got colder, I felt Fred's arm snake around my waist protectively, I didn't stop it or question it, I saw Tessa curl up next to George, she has taken quite a liking to him for some reason.

"What's going on" Fred asked

"I don't know... what the hell is that?!" I almost screamed when I saw the cloaked demon thing outside the door, it opened the door and the next thing I knew I was unconscious I woke up later to the sound of Fred

"She's so pretty when she's unconscious" he said dreamily

"Really? that's what your thinking right now?" George said

"Well sooorrryy!" Fred said sarcastically

"You are so in love with her"

"I am not!"

"I'm going to say a word and you say the first thing that pops into your head okay?" George proposed

"Uh fine" Fred said hesitantly

"Scuba Diver" George

"Angelina" Fred

"Potato" George

"Angelina" Fred

"Giraffe" George

"Angelina" Fred

"Now tell me all the answers you just gave me" I could HEAR George smirking

"That doesn't prove anything" I knew Fred was being a baby about it, I'm just happy he fells the same way about me! I decide to make an entrance

"What happened?" I asked sitting up Fred's arm still around my waist I don't think he noticed anymore with the way he was avoiding eye contact with me

I saw Remus walk by and I caught up to him

"Remus!" I said he turned around

"Ah Angelina" he smiled warmly

"Can I talk to you?" he nodded and we walked into an empty compartment and I told him what just happened

"That was a dementor, one of the guards of azkaban, it was searching the train for Sirius" I nodded

"But why did it only attack me and Harry" I asked

"I know why in Harry's case but I'm not sure why you" he stated handing me a piece of chocolate I ate it

"Oh, well I better get back to Fred and George" I stood up

"Angelina" Remus called I turned around

"I was told by Tonks to tell you that she gives her full blessing to Fred" he winked

"I'll have to remember to thank her later" I smiled and went back to Fred and George

"You okay?" they asked together I nodded

"Yeah" I nodded


I sat between Fred and George like I usually do during the feast, Dumbledore announced Remus as the new DADA teacher, I clapped loudly, He then announced the dementors were going to be hanging around the school,

Seamus tried to open the door to the common room the the fat lady wouldn't let him through until she broke the glass, she resorted to screaming which still didn't work so she slammed it against the wall behind her then tried to take credit for it, then she finally let us in...

Divination was so boring!

But Care of Magical Creatures was fascinating! The hippogriff was so awesome, and I hate to admit it but I thought it kind of funny when he slashed Draco's arm...

Then it was finally time for DADA we were working with a Boggart, Remus used Neville for the demonstration I never thought I would see Professor Snape in granny clothes! we all formed a line, Ron was first, he made the spider slip and slide on Rollerskates, Parvati was next she turned the Snake into a Jack-in-the-box, next it was finally my turn, the Boggart turned into Bellatrix Lestrange, in my early years she took me from my mother and tortured me for information on the Order, and to this day I'm terrified of her coming back for me, my hair turned gray, I waved my wand:

"Ridikkulus!" I shouted and she grew a pink frilly dress and pigtails with pink ribbons, I saw Remus give me an apologetic look, then it was Harry's turn, it turned into a dementor, and Remus got in the way and it then turned into the full moon, I knew about his condition and I felt sorry for him, he got rid of it and class was over a bit early.


I felt bad that Harry couldn't go to Hogsmede village, it was so much fun! But the next weekend I was really bummed about giving Harry the map, I loved that thing!

When we were going back to the common room I caught up with Fred and George then I saw the painting it was all slashed up, Dumbledore came and we found the fat lady behind a hippo she screamed that Sirius was in the castle and that he did that to her, I didn't believe any of it, I knew Sirius, he wouldn't do that, Fred was really possessive of me after that, he was around me any chance he could get, and all I thought when he did that was Just kiss me already! I never actually said that but man I wished he would.


"Hey Angie?" Hermione was the only one that called me that along with Luna,

"Yeah?" I said not looking up from my homework

"Can I tell you something?" she sounded worried I put my stuff down on my bed and looked up at her

"Of course you can" I tell her my hair turning a dark green, I was curious

"I think Professor Lupin is a werewolf" my hair turned back to its original color

"I know" she looked surprised


"I live with him I know" I went back to my homework

"Is it dangerous?" she asked

"Only if we get in his way, and we know better than that" I tell her

"We?" she asked

"Me and my mom" I finish my homework and go down to the common room to find Fred, I want to tell him how I feel because I don't think he will do it first

"Just tell her!" George says

"No what if she doesn't feel the same way? I don't want to look like a complete fool!" Fred says

"you have to make the first move! If the girl has to it means the boy has taken way to long!" George said

"Aha but she won't, I know Angie and she isn't that outgoing" Fred sounds sad

"You don't know that" George says

"Know what?" I play dumb

"Nothing" they say together

"Hey Fred can I talk to you?" I look at George "Alone?" I ask George gets the hint and gets up to leave

"What's up Angelina?" he uses my full name, as I sit down next to him, rather close

"Two things now, one: call me Angie... two: I wanna tell you something" I bite my lip and look to the side "Fred, I like you a lot, more than just a friend and maybe even more than just a crush" I avoid looking at him, I know he likes me back but I don't know what he will say to me now that he is finally faced with it

"I... Angie.. I..." he stutters then sighs and grabs my face with his hands and kisses me, we break apart and I smile

"And for the record George is right, if the girl has to make the first move the boy has waited more than too long" my hair turns light pink, I'm not sure what that means, its never turned pink before

"Oh you heard that" he says obviously embarrassed

"Yep" I laugh, then I wait... "Well?" he gives me a confused look

"Well what?" he asks

"Well are you going to ask me?" I wanted him to ask me properly to be his girlfriend

"Ask you what?" God he is so thick!

"Well stuttering and a kiss isn't really a good way to start" I think he gets it now

"Ohh! Angelina Tonks will you be my girlfriend?" I smile and laugh

"Yeah" I laugh some more as he kisses me again,

"FINALLY!" George says walking in "And by the way Fred, I told you so!" Fred sticks out his tongue at his brother and drapes his arm around my shoulder


I am running after Ron with Harry and Hermione as he chases his rat, me and Harry and Hermione stop when we reach the tree, Ron catches Scabbers and then a giant black dog jumps over us... Sirius... and grabs Ron by the leg, and pulls him into the tree I run after them and duck as the tree tries to swing at me I make it into the hole and wait for Harry and Hermione who aren't long, we walk down the long tunnel and end up in the shrieking shack I follow Harry with Hermione behind me as he runs up the stairs

"Harry its a trap! he's an animagus!" Sirius closes the door

"If you want to kill Harry then you'll have to kill us too" Hermione says stepping in front of Harry

"No.. only one will die tonight" he says in a sick way

"Then it'll be you!" Harry goes to strangle Sirius and pushes him onto the floor Sirius laughs

"Hahaha are you going to kill me Harry?" he's still smiling then Remus comes in:

"Expeliarmus!" he shouts Harry's wand goes flying away, "Well, Well Sirius looking rather raged aren't we? finally the flesh reflects the madness within"

"Well you know all about the madness within wouldn't you Remus" Remus helps Sirius up and they hug

"I found him" Sirius says happily

"I understand" Remus says

"Let's kill him!"

"NOO!" Hermione shouts "I trusted you! and all this time, you've been his friend! He's a werewolf that's why he's been missing classes" Hermione points out

"How long have you known?" Remus asks

"Since Professor Snape set the essay"

"Well Well Well you truly are the brightest which of your age I've ever met" he smiles a little

"Enough with the talk Remus let's kill him!" Sirius vouches


"I did my waiting! twelve years of it! in azkaban!" Sirius is almost in tears I see I want to go hug him, but I don't want the others to think I'm with them, they still think that they are evil

"Very well, kill him, but wait one more moment" he gives Sirius his wand "Harry has the right to know why"

"I know why! you betrayed my parents, you're the reason they're dead!" Harry states

"No Harry! someone did betray your parents, but it was somebody who, until quite recently, I believed to be dead" Remus said

"Who was it then?" Harry asked

"PETER PETIGREW" Sirius shouted "And he's in this room right now Come out Peter! Come out come out and play!"

"Expeliarmus!" Snape shouted from the door way "Oh Vengance is sweet! Oh how I hoped I'd be the one to catch you"

"Severus" Remus said quietly

"I told Dumbledore you were helping an old friend into the castle, and now.. heres the proof!"

"Brilliant Snape" Sirius said "Once again you put your keen and penetrating mind to the test and as usual come to the wrong conclusion, Now if you'll excuse us Remus and I have some unfinished business to attend to"

"Give me a reason" Snape put his wand to Sirius' throat "I beg you"

"Severus don't be a fool" Remus said

"He can't help it" Sirius starts

"Sirius be quiet" Remus says

"Oh be quiet your self Remus!"

"Oh listen to the two of you quarreling like an old married couple" Snap says

"Why don't you run along and play with your chemistry set!" Sirius shouts

"I could do it you know?" Snape repositions his wand on Sirius throat "But why deny the dementors they've been so longing to see you, do I detect a flicker of fear? oh yes the dementors kiss, one can only imagine what that must be like to endure, its said to be nearly unbearable to witness but I'll do my best"

"Severus please"

"After you"

"EXPELIARMUS" Harry shouts at Snape, and snape is thrown back onto the bed unconscious. "Tell me about Peter Petigrew" he says at Sirius

"He was at school with us we thought he was our friend" Remus said from the piano

"No Petigrews dead" Harry said "you killed him" he pointed the wand at Sirius

"No he didn't I thought so to until you mentioned seeing petigrew on the map" Remus said standing between Harry and Sirius

"The map was lying then" Harry

"The map never lies!" Sirius shouted "Petigrews alive and he's right there" he pointed at Ron, I knew though that he was pointing at the rat

"Me? He's mental!" Ron shouted

"Not you! your rat!" Sirius looked annoyed

"Scabbers has been in my family for-" Ron started

"Twelve years!" Sirius interupted "Curiously long life for a common garden rat, he's missing a toe isn't he?"

"So what?" Ron asked

"All they could find of petigrew was his-" Harry started

"Finger!" Sirius really needed to stop interupting people "The dirty coward cut it off so everyone would think he was dead!" he was right in front of Ron now "And then he transformed into a rat!"

"Show me" Harry said, Sirius tried to take the rat from Ron "give it to him Ron!"

"Scabbers!" Ron shouted I held him back as Sirius took the rat, it tried to run but before it could get in the hole Sirius turned him back into Petigrew, Sirius and Remus pulled him out of the hole

"Remus? Sirius? my old freinds!" then he tried to run but they stopped him he turned to Harry telling him how he look like James

"How dare you speak to Harry!" Sirius said, Petigrew ran behind the Piano "How dare you mention James in front of him!"

"You sold James and Lily to Voldemort didn't you!" Remus accused

"I didn't mean to!" he cried "the Dark Lord! you have no idea the weapons he possesses ask yourself Sirius, what would you have done?"

"I would have died!" theres the Sirius I know! "I would have died rather than betray my friends!" he shouted

"Harry! Your father would have showed me mercy!" he tried with Harry

"You should have realized Peter! that if Voldemort didn't kill you than we would! together!"

"NO!" Harry shouted

"Harry this man is" Remus tried

"I know who he is" he said "but we'll take him to the castle"

"Thank you!" Petigrew tried to kiss his feet (Lame if you ask me)

"Get off!" Harry shouted backing up "I said we'd take you to the castle, after that the dementors can have you"


We were walking back through the tunnel when Sirius spoke

"Sorry about the bite, I reckon that twinges a bit"

"A bit? A bit?" Ron said "You almost tore my leg off" Ron exagerated

"Well I was going for the rat" he stated "Normally I have a very sweet disposition as a dog, in fact more than once James suggested I make the change permanent, The tail I could live with, but the fleas... they're murder!" We helped Ron out of the hole and he was going on about how his leg would need to be chopped off, in the meantime Harry was talking to Sirius,

"Harry!" Hermione called then pointed to the moon coming out... oh no... While Sirius was trying to hold back Remus Petigrew turned back into a mouse and ran off, I tried to help hold him back but it didn't work so well...

"Professor?" Hermione said "Professor Lupin?" he howled and slowly came at them I stood between them

"Stop!" I shouted but ended up getting slashed in the face, I'll bet that'll leave a nasty scar. I fell to the ground but quickly got back up, Snape came up

"There you are Potter!" then Remus snarled and Snape turned around, he slashed at them then Sirius came in his dog form and started fighting him, Harry went after Sirius when he hobbled off into the forest, I held Hermione and Ron back.


In the Hospital wing, we waited for Harry to wake up

"How's your face?" Hermione asked

"Better, still stings, but better" I smiled

"When he turns human again I'll bet he will feel so bad" Hermione sighed

"He will, but I'm not mad, you said it yourself in class, they don't remember who they are, they would kill their best friend if he got in their way, or in this case his daughter" I laughed as Harry woke up.

"I saw my dad" he said when he opened his eyes

"What?" Hermione said

"He sent the dementors away" he smiled a little bit "I saw him across the lake

"Listen Harry they've captured Sirius, any minute they're going to perform the kiss" Hermione told him

"You mean they're going to kill him?" he asked sitting up

"No its worse, much worse... they're going to suck out his soul" she said just as Dumbledore walked in

"Please sir you've got to stop them, they've got the wrong man!" Hermione said running up to him

"Yeah Sirius is innocent" Harry said

"It was Scabbers who did it" Ron said

"Scabbers?" Dumbledore asked

"Its my Rat sir, well he wasn't really a rat, but he was my brother percy's rat then they got him an owl..." Ron babbled

"The point is we know the truth" Hermione said cutting him off

"I believe you, but it'll take more than the word of three thirteen year old wizards" he said

"Mysterious thing time" he walked towards us "Powerful and when meddled with dangerous, Sirius Black is in the top most cellar of the dark tower you know the laws miss Granger, you musn't be seen and you will do well I feel to return before this last chime if not the consequences are to ghastly to discuss, if you succeed tonight more than one innocent life may be spared, three turns should to it I think" he walked towards the door then stopped and turned back "Oh by the way, when in doubt I find that retracing my steps to be a wise place to begin" he winked and walked out, Hermione put the necklace around mine and Harry's neck, Harry tried to touch it but she slapped his hand away...

We retraced our steps and saved Buckbeak, got chased by Remus, found out that Harry was the one who conjured the patronus, and saved Sirius, who rode off on Buckbeak, then pretended nothing happened when Ron asked how we got through the door when we were just standing ten feet away

Me and Harry walked into Remus office, to find him packing

"Hello Harry, Angelina" he said before we even knocked he turned around and pointed to the map "I saw you coming" he smiled and waved his wand to close a box to our left "I've looked worse believe me, and Angelina I'm so sorry about your face"

"It's completely fine" I smiled warmly at him

"You've been sacked" Harry said looking around

"No" Remus said turning around "I resigned actually" he ripped a piece of paper in half.

"Resigned? why?" Harry asked shocked.

"Oh it seems that somebody let slip the nature of my condition, this time tomorrow the owls will start arriving and parents will not want a um... well someone like me teaching their children"

"But Dumbledore.." Harry started

"Dumbledore has already risked enough on my behalf besides people like me are... well lets just say that I'm used to it by now" he waved his wand at his suit case and it neatly folded closed and locked

"Now since I am no longer your teacher, I feel no guilt whatsoever in giving this back to you" he pointed at the map and it took a lot to not smile and jump up and down with joy "So now I say good bye, and feel sure we'll meet again sometime, so until then, Mischief managed" the map closed and went blank, then he walked out..


I was sitting in between Fred and George marveling over the gift that Harry got when Harry finally came in,

"Let the man through!" Ron said "I.. I didn't mean to open it Harry it was badly wrapped, They made me do it!" he said pointing at the three of us,

"Did not!" we all said together, great now I was doing it, they unfolded the wrappings and showed the Firebolt

"It's a firebolt!" George said

"Its the fastest broom in the world!" Fred said

"For me? Who sent it?" Harry asked

"No one knows" Ron said

"This came with it" I said holding up the bluish- gray feather, me Ron, Hermione, and Harry just smiled as Harry took it out for a go...

Few! ended chapter one! Chapter two will be about fourth year and fifth year, and if its not too long I'll add sixth year too, I will try to make a chapter three about the remaining years REVIEW PLEASE!

Fred: What happened to your face?

Angelina: I got slashed by a werewolf

George: No seriously

Angelina: I got slashed by a werewolf...

Fred&George: Right Okay then...

Angeline: Later Pppl! sorry for those two!

Fred&George: Hey!

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