Never Alone

Chapter 14

Two weeks had passed since the return of the students and Dumbledore had enough. His star pupil was becoming worse every day, eventually stopping coming to class. It had been three days since she attended any of her classes.

Dumbledore made his way to Professor Merrythoughts chambers only to find the teacher gently knocking on the guest bedroom. ''Minerva, sweetheart. Please open the door. I understand how you feel but you can't push people away'' she said. There was no answer.

''Galatea, what is going on?'' he asked becoming more concerned. The woman sighed and lead him to a small kitchenette. ''Minerva locked herself in her room, she refused to come out. I've had House Elves take her food but she's not eating'' she says and lets out a frustrated groan.

Dumbledore shook his head and walked to the door where he knocked gently but firmly. ''Ms. McGonagall, please come out at once'' he said. He heard Galatea walk up behind him, ''I will count to three, Ms. McGonagall, and if the door is not open, I will come in forcefully''.

''Albus! You cannot be serious?!'' whispered Galatea, her eyes wide. ''ONE!'' he said loudly, ''I am more than serious, Galatea. This has to stop!'' he answered her. ''But Albus -'' she started but was cut off, ''TWO!'' he raised his wand. ''Albus! This is absurd!'' replied a horrified Galatea.

She had seen Albus do marvelous things with a wand but she couldn't deny that sometimes he scared her. He had a brilliant mind and when he put his mind to something, he always went through with it. ''THR -'' he started but stopped when the door slowly opened.

Minerva stood there, pale, her hair wild, and her clothes rumpled. She had dark circles under her eyes, and red blotches on her cheeks. Dumbledore's heart immediately seized in his chest, the hurt she felt was immense. He understood at that moment that she had never felt grief in her life, never lost someone close to her this way.

Dumbledore knelt down in front of her, ''Minerva, Darling. I understand the grief you are experiencing, but this is not the way to go. I wish that tomorrow you attend your classes. If not, the Headmaster will get involved and have to contact your parents, and possibly send you home. Do you understand?'' he asked.

She remained still for a few minutes, searching if he would of go through with his threat. Finding the truth, she nodded. Dumbledore stood up, squeezed her shoulder and left her with Galatea, knowing she was in good hands.

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