Never Alone

Chapter 15

Minerva sat in the small kitchenette looking at her hands in her lap. Professor Merrythought came back from a storage cupboard. She put a small vial in front of her, ''Dreamless Potion. We are aware you haven't been taking them when you should have, therefore you will take it in front of me'' she said.

Minerva looked up at Professor Merrythought, a lost look on her face, and then drank the potion. She then got up and returned to her room where she went straight to bed, Luna curled up next to her head. She fell asleep a few minutes later.

The next day, Professor Merrythought made sure Minerva showered, dressed, and ate. She then walked with her to Dumbledore's office. The older woman knocked and opened the door when they were invited in.

Professor Dumbledore sat at his desk, Headmaster Dippet stood by him. ''Please, have a seat'' said Dumbledore gently as he nodded at a chair in front of his desk. Minerva cautiously moved forward and sat down.

''Ms. McGonagall, since you've begun at Hogwarts, you've quickly become one of the smartest students to have attended. These past few weeks have been ridiculous and concerning'' said the head master.

Minerva felt her head start to spin, her heart speeding up. She was suddenly afraid that she was getting expelled. She held her breathe as the head master continued talking.

''However, seeing as your best friend and dorm mate had died, we are willing forget about the previous weeks'' he continued.

She let out the air in her lungs and started to feel less dizzy more lightheaded instead. ''Minerva, what we are offering is a chance for you to remain at Hogwarts. It won't be easy though, you will have to catch up with everything you've missed'' said Dumbledore.

Minerva nodded, ''I understand, sir. Whatever you have in mind will be fine with me'' she said in a small voice. Dumbledore gave her a small smile and nodded, he then looked up at the head master.

''Ms. McGonagall, you will return to your House dorms. You will attend today's classes. Seeing as you've only missed two weeks, you will meet with a student every night and start going over your subjects. Once each subject is reviewed, you will be given a theoretical and practical test. There isn't much you've missed so it should only take a week'' concluded Head Master Dippet.

''Yes sir'' replied Minerva. The head master nodded to both teachers and made his exit, Professor Merrythought following him. Minerva remained seated in front of Professor Dumbledore, who looked at her with concern.

''Minerva, I understand what you went through. I do wish you would talk with somebody about how you feel. You can talk to me at anytime, Professor Merrythought is also available for you if you wish. If not, the school Matron will be waiting for you after lunch'' he said.

''What about my class after lunch?'' she asked. Dumbledore smiled, ''you will be excused, your teacher has been advised'' he said with a wink. Minerva gave a small smile, the first one since hearing of Althea's death.

Dumbledore's smile widened as he continued to look at her. Minerva was about to ask him who she would be meeting and where but he beat her to it, ''tonight you will meet with Poppy Pomfrey in my classroom at 6:30. She's a first year Ravenclaw with a mind a lot like yours. She's been achieving great marks in all subjects therefore I believe she will be able to help you'' he answered her unanswered question, ''now off you go. You don't want to be late to Defence Against the Dark Arts''.

Minerva got up and left, heading to the classroom of Professor Merrythought. The minute she entered, the whole class started to whisper. Minerva decided to sit in the back, but she still heard their whispers. ''She was expelled but Dumbledore took Dippet to the Wizengamot for a court appearance and forced him to let her come back'' whispered one of the students from Slytherin, ''I heard she got in a fight with Althea Vector, killed her, and lost her magic so she was staying at St. Mungo's until she got it back'' said a Gryffindor. The rumors continued until Professor Merrythought arrived.

She took a shuddering breath trying to reign in the emotions that was close to erupting. The rumors she heard were hard to hear but that wasn't the worse; the fact that she was to go through the day alone was making it hard. Althea had been with her since the first day and now, she was completely alone. With a final shake of her head, Minerva concentrated on what Professor Merrythought was saying.

Once class was over, she grabbed her things and ran up to the Astronomy tower. She breathed in deeply as she looked over at the land that stretched for many miles. She missed her friend dearly, she had never lost someone close to her and it hurt. A small ball of fur gathered her attention as Luna jumped on the ledge where Minerva was leaning. She smiled as she petted the small kitten.

It had been a cloudy and rainy day so far but the sun suddenly came out and illuminated the school grounds. Minerva immediately felt warmth engulf her and smiled again. She had felt her friend with her and it was at that instant that Minerva was able to let go of the grief that had kept her prisoner for the past few weeks. It was as if Althea was telling her she was alright and that Minerva would be as well.

With a last breath, Minerva picked up Luna and made her way to her next class. She felt a burden lift her shoulders and felt peace knowing her friend was alright and watching over her. Even if she was alone physically, Minerva knew she wasn't spiritually.

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