Never Alone

Chapter 16

After visiting the Astronomy tower, Minerva made her way to the Hospital Wing. She was greeted by the Matron who immediately started to fret over her. ''My dear, have you eaten today? I'm going to guess not. Here, I'll have the House Elves bring you something to eat. Have a seat'' she said and went to her office, coming out a few minutes later with a plate of sandwiches.

Minerva slowly ate even if she wasn't hungry, partly to please the Matron, mainly so she wouldn't get in anymore trouble. The Matron examined her, did a few diagnosis tests, and once she was happy with the results, she levitated a chair next to her. ''Tell me how you feel, Ms. McGonagall'' she asked.

''I actually feel good today, like a boulder had been lifted from my shoulders'' she said. The Matron remained silent but wrote something on a piece of parchment. ''Is there a reason for feeling this way today?'' she asked. Minerva shrugged, ''I just felt like all would be fine'' she replied. The Matron nodded and wrote something on the parchment.

The rest of the afternoon continued in a similar fashion; the Matron asked questions and Minerva answered them as best as possible. By 4:15, the Matron ran a few more tests and then stated all was fine. ''I will send Professor Dumbledore and Headmaster Dippet the results, letting them know that you are healthy in all manner of speaking and you are cleared to return to school'' she said with a pointed look at her.

Minerva nodded and left the Hospital Wing. She still had 45 minutes before supper started so she headed to the library and started on her History of Magic homework; reading 10 chapters of The Goblin War of 1750. She wasn't one for getting bored easily, not when it came to school, however, when it came to a History of Magic, she was more than bored. The teacher, Professor Binns, wasn't interested and he hardly interacted with his students which left most of them asleep on their desks or not listening. Minerva did her best but preferred to read herself what she had to know instead of listening to the teacher.

By the time she had finished the homework, it was 6:25. 'Screw supper' she thought as she gathered all her things and hurried to Professor Dumbledore's office, hoping she wouldn't be late. She arrived 5 minutes late but was happy to see that her new study buddy hadn't left.

The young Ravenclaw, Poppy Pomfrey sat quietly reading the Transfiguration textbook. She was Minerva's height with long light-dark brown hair and blue eyes. Like all Ravenclaw's, her eyes reflected knowledge and intellect, an air saying she was better than everyone else. However, once those eyes found Minerva's, it all changed. She smiled and put her book down as she waited for Minerva to sit by her side.

''I apologize for being late, I was at the library and got lost in Professor Binn's assignment'' she explained. Poppy Pomfrey smiled bigger and nodded. ''I understand, once you get into something, it's hard to snap out of it''. Minerva was taken aback for a second, realising that she did indeed understand, unlike many students who she was acquainted with.

They remained silent for a moment, taking in the other for a moment before beginning. ''So after Professor Dumbledore asked me to help you, I started a grid to better help us move forward'' she explained as she took out a piece of parchment with a schedule written on it, different colors coding the whole thing.

''I think it is best if we started with Transfiguration, since I believe it is your best subject, and then move on to the easier one's for you; Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Charms, Herbology and then History of Magic. If we divide each everyday and we could even get in some breaks if that is ok with you, and -'' Minerva stopped her. ''It's awesome and a grand idea. We shall do as you say and free periods are great to get started on the next subject'' she said with a smile.

''Well, let's get started then'' said Poppy with a smile. And so the two girls started to work on Transfiguration and as time went on, they quickly developed an everlasting friendship.

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