Never Alone

Chapter 4

Minerva McGonagall was a short brown haired girl who wasn't much into what the other students her age were. She preferred to sit quietly reading instead of playing Exploding Snap. Once arriving at Platform 9 3/4, she brought her trunk and owl and turned around to say goodbye to her mother but she was already gone. With a sigh she headed inside and chose a place to sit. Taking out a book, she sat there and ignored everybody. Two young girls and a boy came in and sat with her.

''Grace Beaux'' said one of the girls, ''that is Barcely Scrimegeour and this here is Harriet Umbridge'' she said. The girl who had spoken had blue eyes and blond hair with a French accent. The boy looked scrawny, had brown hair, green eyes and wore glasses. The other girl had light brown hair, she looked like a mix between a toad and a pug and had brown eyes. ''Minerva McGonagall'' replied Minerva before going back to her book.

''What house do you think you'll be in? I'm sure I'll be in Gryffindor. It's the best house there is! Honor and Loyalty, that's for me!'' said the blond girl, whom Minerva nicknamed Chatterbox in her head. ''I think I'll be in Gryffindor as well'' replied the scrawny boy who, Minerva observed, had fidgety eyes, ''after all, my family has been in Gryffindor for generations'' he said with a small air of pride. Minerva rolled her eyes, she hated people who thought they were better than others simply because they were pure blood and had been in a house for generations. ''I'm not sure, really. I believe I will be in Gryffindor but it is possible that I'll be in Ravenclaw. My mom was in Ravenclaw, and my dad in Gryffindor, so either one is possible'' replied the toad girl. Minerva got up, ''excuse me, I need to use the bathroom'' she said and left. She found an empty compartment and sat down, not wanting to deal with those three girls.

The train stopped and she got out, followed by the rest of the train. It was raining, hard, and lightening could be seen above their heads. It took two minutes for everybody to be soaking wet. A loud voice could be heard near the trees, ''FIRST YEARS, THIS WAY! FIRST YEARS!'' He yelled. The first years hurried to join him while the rest scrambled into the forest. A couple of the girls screamed when they heard the thunder clap, another couple girls were complaining ''my hair! Look at my hair!'' they screamed. Minerva rolled her eyes and hoped they could get going soon. They walked towards a pen where horseless carriages where waiting for them. They got in but another thunder clap made the carriages stop. Suddenly, it started to hail. The man, who Minerva assumed was a teacher, got out and yelled for them to follow him. They made their way to the lake where boats awaited them.

''Boats? Are you mental? We will drown with all the wind, the ice, and the rain!'' Yelled a first year. Minerva turned to look at him; blond hair, pointed face and grey eyes. A Malfoy, she'd recognize them anywhere. The teacher looked at him, ''either you get in the boats or you walk to school, whichever one you wish!'' he said and helped groaning students into the boats. ''Why don't you use a spell for shelter?!'' yelled a girl over the thunder. ''I can't use magic!'' he yelled back.

They all entered the boats and made their way towards the school. Waves were crushing over them, rain and ice pounding over their heads. They could hardly see the castle as they moved towards it, the rain was too heavy and to make things worse, fog had started to settle on top of the water. Out of nowhere a sharp scream made everybody turn around. A young boy had fell into the water. The group yelled while the definitely-not-a-teacher jumped in. A couple minutes later he came out with the boy who was crying. They continued their way towards the school where eventually they disembarked.

The students were running for shelter until their guide stopped them. He opened the doors and they made their way inside. Once in, the students groaned with happiness as they started to warm up and become dry. Minerva looked around her as they made their way up the stairs. She saw a man waiting for them with a smile. He was tall, had long auburn hair and a matching long beard. He was dressed in a purple cloak and a matching hat.

''Sorry Professor, the Thestrals refused to pull the carriages when it started to hail, the ice was almost as big as a Quaffle! Anyhow had to arrive on boats. One of the kids fell in, took a minute to get him out'' said the not-a-teacher. The professor waiting smiled and turned to the students while the other man made his way to his seat at the staff table.

''Welcome to Hogwarts!'' started the professor with a smile, ''I hope the boat ride wasn't too bad for you and that you'll enjoy your stay with us.'' A couple students smiled back at him, while others raised an eye brow. ''Now, I am sure you are all hungry, but before you may take your seats, you will need to wait to be sorted. There are four houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. While you are here, your house will be like home, something like your family. Triumphs will you earn points, while any rule breaking will lose you house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points will be awarded the House Cup! Follow me please!''

The students followed his silently while whispering to one another, wishing to be sorted into one house or another. They waiting at the bottom of the steps with the professor read out names. Malfoy, Abraxas was sorted into Slytherin, not much of a surprise there. The professor read her name, she made her way up and put on the hat, and waited.

''Well, what a brilliant mind! You have loyalty but you are intelligent! Oh my, where to put you? You would do well in Hufflepuff, but somehow I don't think you belong there. We will cross that one out. Slytherin is definitely out of the question for you. That leaves us with Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. Hmm, you have qualities that will get you far in those two houses, but such a difficult case! Let me dig deeper, oh, this is interesting, very interesting! Let's see here, another quality for Ravenclaw, it seems to me as if that would be the best house for you, Oh wait! I know where I will put you; GRYFFINDOR!''

A roaring cheer was heard from one of the tables and Minerva made her way towards that house. Several people clapped her back and others shook her hand. Once the sorting was done, the Headmaster got up and the hall fell silent, ''We've waited long enough to eat, so tuck in!'' he said as all kinds of foods appeared on all five tables. Minerva looked at everything and didn't know where to start. She picked some of her favorite foods, and started to eat as she took out her book and continued to read. Halfway through her dinner she felt someone looking at her. She turned and looked at the staff table where she met the eyes of a teacher. He smiled and rose his glass to her so she smiled back and nodded her head to him before returning to her book.

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