Never Alone

Chapter 5

The night had ended well, with the prefects showing the first years the best route to the dormitories. She fell asleep as she arrived to her room. The next morning was a whole other story. Half of the first years had gotten colds due to their trip in the rain. Minerva herself felt as if she had been hit by a Quidditch player. She gathered her books and made her way to the great hall where she was met by a professor who handed her a schedule. She took one look at her and smiled, ''Ms. McGonagall, might I suggest you head up to the Hospital Wing for that cold? I think you'll find your first day a lot better without it'' she said and continued her way. Minerva grabbed a toast and tried her best to find her way to the Hospital Wing.

After asking three paintings and then stumbling upon the Gryffindor ghost, she finally found the place. ''Thank you Sir Nicholas'' she said as he bowed to her, ''Not a problem My Lady'' he replied before gliding away. He had insisted on leading her to the Hospital Wing and she was grateful. A lady with an apron arrived and took one look at her and made her sit on a bed. She came back with a goblet and something that was smoking, ''here you go Dearie. This will help. One gulp''. Minerva did as she was told and immediately started to feel better, ''thank you M'am'' she said. The matron smiled and went to another student who arrived coughing. Looking down at her schedule, Minerva realised she had five minutes to arrive to her Transfiguration class.

She hurried and arrived at the door with one minute to spare. The bell rang and she made her way inside, preferring to sit by the teacher's desk than with the rest of her classmates in the back. He rose and smiled, it was the professor from the previous night. She looked at her schedule, Professor Dumbledore, she read. 'So that's Dumbledore' she thought. She had heard of him and read about him before arriving at Hogwarts and couldn't believe she was actually going to be taught by him.

He explained the rules of the class, transfigured a mouse into a kleenex box and back again, gave them a task and the spell and let them start. She looked at her match, thought of a needle and tried the incantation. She said it and the match turned into a shiny needle. She rose an eyebrow and looked at the needle more closely, and shrugged. She took out her book and started to read.

Halfway through the class, Professor Dumbledore arrived at the side of her desk and cleared his throat. She looked up at him and saw disappointment in his eyes, ''Ms. McGonagall, is there a reason why you are not doing the work that is assigned to you?'' he asked her. Minerva closed her book and held it against her, showing her teacher the small needle on her desk. She saw him raise an eyebrow, turn the needle back into a match and ask her to do the spell. Minerva took out her wand, imagined a needle in her head and said the spell. The match turned into a needle once more. ''10 points to Gryffindor'' he said with a smile. The whole class turned to look at her, some with smiles on their face, happy to have a student who had won them points, while others scrawled at her. He gave her a box of matches, ''change these into needles. Once you are done, take another box and change them as well'' he instructed before moving onto other students who clearly needed his help.

She sighed internally and put her book away and started to do the spell. After the second box she was doing it with her eyes closed, no need to imagine the needle anymore. The spell came to her effortlessly.

At the end of the class, Minerva could tell that Dumbledore wasn't happy. He stood in front of the class and looked around, ''ladies and gentlemen, you have tried but perhaps not your best. Ms. McGonagall is the only one in this class to have achieved the given task, not only turning a single match into a needle but also changing three boxes of matches. For that Ms. McGonagall, I award Gryffindor 20 points. For homework'' the class groaned as he said homework, ''yes there is homework, you will practice the spell. Tomorrow, we will try again and hopefully someone else will have managed the task at hand. Off you go'' he said. The class groaned and gathered their books. Minerva rolled her eyes and left the class.

She looked at her schedule, Defense Against the Dark Art with Professor Merrythought. She made her way to the classroom and waited for the doors to open. They opened at the bell. Minerva sat in front of the desk once more but was joined by one of her dorm mates. She smiled at her and Minerva smiled back. Professor Merrythought arrived and explained her rules and what they would be doing. ''The Knockback Jinx. Powerful on certain foes. Not to be used against other students'' she said and looked over at the Slytherins. She showed them the spell and asked them to practice without wands and called their names to demonstrate on her.

First few were Slytherins and after four tries, Professor Merrythought stood standing. She clicked her tongue at each person as they sat down and called up someone else. Malfoy had managed to knock her back a bit but not beyond that. He gained 5 points for his house. He passed by Minerva and gave her a smug look to which Minerva simply rolled her eyes. She was called up, the professor looked bored. Minerva took out her wand, imagined what she wanted to do and cried out the spell. The professor was thrown back. The class started to whisper as Minerva clasped her hands to her mouth, afraid she'd be expelled but the professor got up with a smile. ''Nicely done, Ms. McGonagall! Once more please'' she said and Minerva repeated the incantation and once more was thrown back. The Professor got up, ''Well done, 30 points to Gryffindor'' she said and let her sit down again, ''don't worry about it Ms. McGonagall, you did good'' said the professor as she looked down upon Minerva with a smile before continuing calling students.

She felt a gaze upon her back and turned around, Malfoy starred daggers into her back. She turned around again and looked at her dorm mate trying to knock the teacher down. With a shake of her head, she sat down and looked at Minerva with a sad smile. ''Don't worry, you'll get it eventually'' said Minerva, hoping that it would comfort her dorm mate. It did as she smiled at her. ''I'm Althea by the way, Althea Vector'' she said, ''Minerva McGonagall'' replied Minerva with a smile. The girl with long dark brown hair and brown eyes smiled back. At the end of the lesson, Minerva was starving. She headed off towards the Great Hall with her dorm mate and sat down.

Looking down at her schedule, Minerva groaned. ''What's wrong?'' asked Althea, ''double History of Magic and then potions'' replied Minerva. Althea laughed, ''I would of thought you couldn't wait for History of Magic'' she said. Minerva smiled, ''I heard from a third year that the History of Magic teacher was a ghost and could literally kill you out of boredom'' she replied. Althea laughed again and started to eat. Minerva looked up at the staff table but couldn't see Dumbledore anywhere.

She had come to like Dumbledore, she felt a small connection to him. He was gentle and had a sparkle in his eyes when he was happy. She had heard stories about him and he had become her hero over the years, but now actually getting to work with him made her worship him even more. She hopped that she'd continue doing well in his classes, she liked the sparkle in his eyes.

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