Never Alone

By GONEiam

Other / Romance

Chapter 6

The first week passed by quite fast; she excelled in Dumbledore's class, having changed all the beetles into buttons the second class, even managing to change the sizes and colors of them. Eventually he gave her more complex tasks but she always achieved them by the end of the class. Dumbledore always had a smile for her whenever they met. His class was now her favorite class, not because she was good but because she enjoyed transfiguring, it seemed natural to her.

By the end of the third day, she was the talk of the school; all teachers adored her and gave her harder tasks than the rest. Minerva didn't bath in the light though, she humbly took the praise and let it rest. When a teacher started to praise her too much, she'd turn the attention to her now best friend, Althea.

The two girls had found a deep friendship in each other; both enjoyed reading and both had little to no difficulties in class. Althea had trouble when learning something the first time, but a little practice and she was off to perfection. Aside from Minerva, Althea was the second best in the class. Minerva discovered that her new best friend was actually a muggle-born, and had told Minerva the second night in fear. Minerva had simply smiled at her and told her that her father was muggle as well.

The talk of the school came on the Friday of the first week when Slughorn, the Potions teacher had asked her to join the Slugclub. ''Only exceptional students are accepted, Ms. McGonagall, and you are beyond exceptional!'' he had said. Minerva simply looked at him and refused the offer, ''I don't believe I'm exceptional Professor, but thank you for the offer'' she said and walked away. The news had traveled fast and was the talk of the staff table. Minerva could see the teachers point at the Gryffindor table and hear them whisper her name.

She had become the favorite of all teachers, even if she tried to resist it, they wouldn't hear of it. There was only one teacher that she was glad to be the favorite of and that was Dumbledore. He praised her good work and often slipped her small candies when returning her homework. He always gave her tough tasks but somehow she got through them before the class ended, which gave her points.

Students wanted to pair with her during group assignments but she always paired with Althea and helped her through her difficulties. Students tried to recruit her for various clubs but she was never interested, always finding her way to the library with her best friend. Only a handful of Slytherins glared at her as she walked by, but none more so than a scrawny little boy who had an icy stare. She didn't remember him from her classes or the sorting but it was clear that he did not like her. At the end of the first week, she learned that his name was Tom Riddle.

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