Never Alone

Chapter 7

Dear Mother,

Hogwarts is fabulous, as you well know. I was sorted into Gryffindor! Well, the hat wanted to put me into Ravenclaw but eventually settled onto Gryffindor. The head of Gryffindor, Professor Dumbledore (yes, I said that correctly, Albus Dumbledore is the head of Gryffindor as well as my Transfiguration teacher!) has told me that I was a hat stall. The hat didn't know where to place me and I stayed on the stool for over 5 minutes! I'm glad for being sorted here though, I made friends with one of my dorm mates, Althea Vector (perhaps you know her parents?). My other dorm mates are a little snobbish. There is Mary Fitzgerald, she's from the Hamptons or something like that. She's a small scrawny girl with a big nose. I would expect it to be big, her nose is always in the air. According to her, her parents are well acquainted with the Queen herself and spend countless afternoons having tea with her! I don't believe a word of it, but it doesn't stop her from thinking she's the best when in fact she isn't. She behaves a lot like the Malfoys and often orders us around. Actually, Abraxas Malfoy is in my year but evidently in Slytherin, where all the Malfoy's have been. Mary tried to order a couple of fifth year girls off the couch in front of the fire. It was a great laugh to see her be put back into her place and she received detention - one of them was a Prefect!

The other two dorm mates are great friends with Mary and act a lot like her. They're more annoying than anything else to be honest. They are twins, both are tall but one is rounder than the other. Their names are Nannette and Annette Goldsberg. They both painted their wands gold and tell people it's real. They also tried to change the colors of the drapes in our dormatory to, you've guessed it, gold! But instead ended up setting them on fire. The prefects were quite angry at them for trying such an advanced spell. They spent an hour at the library afterwards and tried again with a color-changing spell they read about, but the color that appeared happen to be a dark shade of lilac before they caught on fire once more. They both got detention for their 'stupidity' as the Head Girl, who was called in after the flames were put out, exclaimed. They are quite unhappy as they have detentions in the Potions classroom cleaning out cauldrons. I thought pretentious people were a sure fit with Slytherin but I guess not. They must have some Gryffindor qualities if they are here.

This week passed by so fast! My favorite, and best subject, is Transfiguration of course. I don't know why though, but it seems to come so easy to me! Professor Dumbledore has been giving me different tasks to do and I complete them all with no trouble! I am now transforming porcupins into pincushions. Professor Dumbledore is greatly pleased with my progress, he has even mentioned making me his assistant in class due to the fact that I can transfigure anything with no problem! He says we'll have to wait until December at least, see how far I have gotten. I'm also quite apt when it comes to Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms as well as Potions. Herbology is not my strong suite but I am still doing alright! In this first week I've gained at least 100 points for Gryffindor due to my wand work and assignments. Teachers are giving me praise every minute, which is greatly annoying. I wish sometimes they'd turn to look at other people's work instead of my work. Althea has done quite a good job on her Shrinking potions but Professor Slughorn ignored her and instead praised my work! I was so angry. I also turned him down to join the Slugclub - he says it's a club for students with great potential but I am not interested, it seems like a collection of some sorts filled with snobbish people. I know that Abraxas Malfoy has been invited and immediately accepted, it doesn't surprise me since he tries to get praise from all the teachers and Professor Slughorn is the head of Slytherin.

Talking about Potions has made me remember I have a homework due in two days! I might as well head down to the library and get started! I miss you and Dad as well as Malcom and Robert, and hopefully Christmas will come soon! Give my love to Dad and to the boys,

Love, Minerva.

''What are you doing there Min?'' asked Althea. Minerva turned around and looked at her friend, ''just writing a letter to my mother'' replied Minerva, ''you?'' Her dorm mate closed her note book, ''finishing my Charms homework.'' Minerva smiled and stretched. ''I'm going to the Owlery to send this off, and then heading to the Library to start on my Potions essay, wish to come?'' asked Minerva as she got up. Althea smiled and got her book bag.

The two girls headed out and on the way down the stairs, they came face to face with Mary, who was going up to the dorm. ''Minerva right?'' she said, as she swiped her hair behind her shoulder, ''I'm going to need you to help with my Charms homework. I am totally lost with whatever he was talking about yesterday. Meet me downstairs by the fire and you can explain everything to me'' she said before running up the steps with a bounce. Minerva looked over at Althea, whose mouth was hanging open. Minerva just shrugged and continued her way with Althea following her.

The girls talked about their home life as they headed up to the Owlery. Althea was from a muggle family, she had a younger brother, Charles. Her parents couldn't stand each other, they hid that from their children and the community but Althea could see easily. Her father was a doctor while her mother was a nurse. ''They had hoped I would follow in one of their footsteps and become someone great, a doctor or scientist perhaps'' said Althea with a laugh. Minerva laughed with her, ''same with my father. He pushed me to become someone great but then my letter arrived and it all changed''.

''Come here, Lights'' said Minerva as they got to the Owlery. ''Lights?'' asked Althea with a frown. ''My little brother named her, he thought her eyes resembled lightbulbs so he named her Lights'' replied Minerva with a laugh. Althea shook her head as she smiled.

A medium sized barn owl flew down and hooted as it saw Minerva, ''I have a job for you, could you take this home to Mamma please?'' said Minerva as she petted its head. The owl hooted, put out it's leg for Minerva to tie the letter and with a last hoot flew off. ''Have a safe trip!'' yelled Minerva as the barn owl became smaller and smaller into the distance.

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