Never Alone

Chapter 8

After sending off the owl, the girls spent the afternoon and the evening in the library where they completed their potions essay together. Afterwards they headed up to the common room to work on their transfiguration homework before heading off to bed. As they climbed through the portrait hole, a fuming Mary Fitzgerald marched towards them.

''I told you to meet me at the couch for my charms homework! How dare you leave?!'' she yelled as the door closed. All the students who were in the common room stopped talking and looked at them. Minerva crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows, ''I wasn't aware you were my mother'' said Minerva, sarcasm lacing her voice, ''you may be used to ordering people around and having them follow your every order, but it won't work on me! I am your classmate as well as your dorm mate, not your bloody servant!''

Mary stood there with her mouth wide open. ''Why you!'' she yelled, ''How dare you talk to me in that tone?!'' A few of the older students got up and made their way towards them, ''you are not bloody royalty! I will not be ordered around by you and if you think for one second I will tolerate your tone, you are bloody mistaken!'' snapped Minerva with a frightening glare.

Mary was speechless and stared at Minerva with wide eyes. ''You've been ordering people around since you first got here! I've got news for you, darling'' she said, the last word with a hint of menace, ''we will not be ordered around by the likes of snobbish, prissy, first year who thinks she's better than everyone else! News flash; you aren't! You're the same as everyone else here and if you every use that tone with me again, I will transfigure you into a rock and throw you into the lake!'' Everybody stared at Minerva with open mouths, not believing for one second she wouldn't deliver on her threat.

''Well, that was an enchanting lecture Ms. McGonagall'' said a grave voice behind them. Minerva's eyes opened wide and came face to face with Professor Dumbledore as she turned around. He looked at her, not with his usual smile and sparkling eyes, but with a warning glare. Minerva gulped, ''Ms. Fitzgerald, Ms. McGonagall, please follow me. Everybody, return to your previous engagements'' he said as he turned around.

Minerva and Mary followed his out of the portrait hole and followed him to his office. He sat behind his desk and looked at them. ''That was a serious threat, Ms. McGonagall, is there a reason as to why you threatened Ms. Fitzgerald?'' he asked, disappointment evident in his voice. Minerva looked him squarely in the eyes, ''Ms. Fitzgerald has been rude to me and countless others, time and time again, sir. She orders us around and today ordered me to help with her charms homework'' she explained, ''I would of helped her if she had asked politely.'' He turned his gaze to Mary, who looked immediately at her feet. ''Ms. Fitzgerald, please look at me when I talk to you'' he said gravely. She looked up and Minerva could see the fear in her eyes. ''Are these accusations true?'' he asked. She opened her mouth and then closed it, opened it again and closed it once more. She resembled a fish out of the water. ''I see'' he said, reading her body language, ''Ms. Fitzgerald, you're house are not servants to your every whim. They are your friends, your house-mates. I do not believe you should give them orders and be rude to them under any circumstances. 20 points will be taken from Gryffindor for your actions, and you will receive detention as well. You may go'' he said. Mary nodded and ran out of his office.

Dumbledore turned to look at his star pupil and sighed. Minerva could see the disappointment in his eyes, ''Professor. I apologize. I let my anger take a hold of me. I spoke without thinking when I should of had asked a prefect to take care of the situation. I will accept any punishment'' she said while she looked him in the eye. She saw a shadow of a sparkle pass through his eyes, ''thank you for those words Ms. McGonagall. I am glad that you are taking responsibility and I do agree, next time please ask for the help of a prefect, the Head Girl or myself. 20 points will be taken from Gryffindor and you will also receive detention'' he said. Minerva nodded, expecting the same treatment as her house-mate. Even if she knew Dumbledore favored her, she knew he wouldn't let her go without a consequence. ''I do hope this never occurs again. A threat in that calibre, whether you mean it or not, may be grounds for expulsion. Please reign in your anger, Ms. McGonagall. You may go'' he said.

Minerva gave him a small bow and walked out of the office. Mary was waiting for her at the grand stair case. She raised an eyebrow, ''I got the same as you'' said Minerva without looking at her. She heard Mary sigh deeply and follow her up the stairs, ''Listen I'm sorry'' she said. Minerva stopped and looked at her, ''I understand you were probably raised that way, but don't ever use that tone with me again. I don't mind helping you with your homework, only if you respect me and if you ask politely'' she said before starting again.

As they got to the floor of their common room, Mary cleared her throat, ''so, you'll help me with my charms homework?'' she asked in a small voice. Minerva rolled her eyes, ''no. You disrespected me tonight and I don't take kindly to having gotten detention because of you. Perhaps next week I will be more forgiving'' she said before walking through the portrait hole.

Everybody became quiet as they saw her enter and then suddenly started to whisper to each other. Minerva met with Althea and together they went up to their dorm. ''So what happened?'' asked Althea. Minerva shrugged as she changed into her pyjamas, ''she got 20 points taken as well as detention, I got the same'' she said. Althea scoffed, ''Dumbledore gave you detention?'' she asked, ''seriously? You're his favorite pupil!'' she said. Minerva sighed as she got into bed, ''he's fair. It was quite serious and he intervened. I'd rather he be fair and just instead of doing favors'' she said. Althea chuckled and threw a book onto Minerva's bed before getting into her own, ''I'm just saying, it's a little harsh'' she said. Minerva simply rolled her eyes and with a sigh, started to read.

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