Never Alone

Chapter 9

The first week had gone quite well, if he could say so himself. His first years were improving, perhaps a little slowly, but at least they were improving. None impressed him more than Minerva McGonagall. She had a quick mind, she was intelligent and had a knack for Transfiguration. All teachers praised her. Even if everybody praised her, Minerva remained humble and tried to get the praise to be directed to her friend.

He took out the fourth years essays and had gotten through half of them before a voice caught his attention, ''Professor, I'm quite sorry to disturb you but there is a small problem in the Gryffindor common room.'' Dumbledore nodded at the picture and hurried out of his office and towards the Gryffindor common room.

He arrived just as his star pupil threatened a fellow Gryffindor. ''You're the same as everyone else here and if you ever use that tone with me again, I will transfigure you into a rock and throw you into the lake!'' she yelled. All the students stared at her, open mouthed, and then at him. ''Well, that was an enchanting lecture Ms. McGonagall'' he said with a grave voice. His star pupil turned to face him. She was afraid, that much he could see from her wide eyes. He saw her gulp as she looked up into his eyes. Dumbledore was disappointed and glared at the both of them, ''Ms. Fitzgerald, Ms. McGonagall, please follow me. Everybody, return to your previous engagements'' he said. Turning around, her walked through the portrait hole and made his way to his office, his two students following him.

He sat down behind his desk and looked at the two of them. He didn't need legilimency to see they were both scared. He turned his gaze upon his star pupil, ''that was a serious threat, Ms. McGonagall, is there a reason as to why you threatened Ms. Fitzgerald?'' he asked, lacing his voice with disappointment. He knew his star pupil would never follow on that threat, but he still had to address it. She looked at him straight in his eyes fearlessly, most students wouldn't bother. ''Ms. Fitzgerald has been rude to me and countless others, time and time again, sir. She orders us around and today ordered me to help with her charms homework'' she explained, ''I would of helped her if she had asked politely.'' Dumbledore looked at her for a moment before turning his gaze to the other girl. He could sense that she was telling him the truth and was appalled that a student in Gryffindor would be acting like thus. Ms. Fitzgerald looked at her feet when he turned his gaze on her, ''Ms. Fitzgerald, please look at me when I talk to you'' he said gravely. He wished to prepare his students for the eventual circumstances when they would be reprimanded by their future employers. ''Are these accusations true?'' he asked her. She was afraid, and was like a deer caught in headlights. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of the water and he could see the truth of the words in her eyes. ''I see'' he said, slightly disappointed.

He knew the Malfoy's were pretentious by nature but he never thought there would be a student in his house who had those qualities. ''Ms. Fitzgerald, you're house are not servants to your every whim. They are your friends, your house-mates. I do not believe you should give them orders and be rude to them under any circumstances. 20 points will be taken from Gryffindor for your actions, and you will receive detention as well. You may go'' he said. The young girl nodded and ran out of his office. She was scared and wanted to be away from him. He turned to look at his star pupil and sighed. He let her see the disappointment in his eyes. He was about to tell her how disappointed he was when she surprised him once more.

''Professor. I apologize. I let my anger take a hold of me. I spoke without thinking when I should of had asked a prefect to take care of the situation. I will accept any punishment'' she said. She looked at him the whole time without flinching. He felt proud of this young woman for taking responsibility of her actions, 'she sure will go far, I'd bet Head Girl without a doubt' he thought to himself. ''Thank you for those words Ms. McGonagall. I am glad that you are taking responsibility and I do agree, next time please ask for the help of a prefect , the Head Girl or myself'' he said, ''20 points will be taken from Gryffindor and you will also receive detention''. She nodded and he saw she had expected this from him and it warmed his heart. ''I do hope this never occurs again. A threat in that calibre, whether you mean it or not, may be grounds for expulsion. Please reign in your anger, Ms. McGonagall. You may go'' he said.

He was surprised once more by her when she gave him a small bow and walked out. He shook his head and smiled, 'that girl always surprises me' he thought. He returned to his grading but he couldn't concentrate. 'I need hot cocoa' he thought and headed towards the staff room where there is always something to drink.

He arrived and saw Galatea sitting there with a glass of Firewhisky. ''Tough day?'' he asked her with a smile as he got his mug. He sat down beside her, ''my fifth years are a disgrace to magic'' she said with a sigh, ''I asked them for an essay on the qualities of the Cruciatus curse and they all write 'it gives pain to the receiver'. We had gone over the Unforgivable curses last year'' she said as she shook her head. Dumbledore laughed, ''I get that every year'' he said with a smile. ''What about you?'' she asked, ''Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. McGonagall went at it in the common room earlier tonight'' he explained. He saw her raise an eyebrow, ''apparently, Ms. Fitzgerald has been ordering everybody around and Ms. McGonagall got angry, threatened Ms. Fitzgerald, and I quote 'I will transfigure you into a rock and throw you into the lake''' he said. Galatea started to laugh uncontrollably, ''I simply adore that girl. She will go far in life with that attitude'' she said. Dumbledore nodded, agreeing to that statement. 'She will go far indeed!' he thought as he slowly drank his hot chocolate.

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