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kpop in the city


This is where my story begins I ended up alone at home by myself

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Chapter 1

Hello hello my name is Ciara Blake I am 21 years old and I am from London England my parents left me when I was six years old also became poor especially had some money left they only cared about riches and a successful child everything was not the same I became a different person that is less caring of my parents and sister whose name is Lexi she was very important than I was she gets everything while I get nothing from them at all including my health is not what everyone thought it was know you'll know the reason why.........

15 years later............

Ciara already graduated college and already got her five college degree and nobody else didn't get it because they have been slacking off for too long she looks happy and especially very proud of herself she already started off her own fashion store that is very big especially where everyone is going to want to buy Their favorite clothes in the world so she began to create a poster that can hire someone and the poster says " if you are looking for a job please come to this address and the application is going to be there at that place and it's called Ciara's Boutique"

Ciara finished putting up posters and went to her boutique nobody complained of what was happening she went inside and went to bed to nap for a while sense everything for the clothes, shoes and stuff then began to get to work on her dresses and stuff for the females then doing it for all men, and everyone else even for animals so she finished everything puts the prices on the clothes that are cheap and expensive and in the right sections so she doesn't get mixed up especially put all the shoes on the right order even jewels and stuff.

" finally I'm finished " she said then added the sign that says closed so she won't open it until 17 weeks so she has enough time to relax and do whatever so Ciara wiped the sweat off her forehead she locked her store to go get something to eat.

At the cafe..........

All of the people are inside enjoying their sweets and drinks.

Ciara looked up at the menu of sweets and drinks so she headed to the counter ordering pumpkin spice latte and two chocolate chip cookies she told the cashier her name then waited for her pumpkin spice latte then her order was ready gave the cashier the moment grabbed her sweets and left so she began to walk until someone who is driving the car drive where she began to walk without noticing the window was open and there he asked" hello there my name is Jooheon are you heading home " Ciara looked at him and said" I don't have a home.

The other window was open then another voice asked" what why " she told them how she ended up with no home their eyes were wide open in shock rage and concern.

They were in shock of what they were told also angry because Ciara's parents abandoned her and lastly concern because of living in the streets and stuff so they asked" wanna come live with us " in friendly way she nodded her head one of them opened the door scoot over get in so they held her bag of cookies and pumpkin spice latte.

She got in closed the door buckled her seatbelt put it in a cupholder then began to eat her 1st cookie one of them broke the silence and said" hello we are the kpop boy band monsta x allow us to introduce ourselves " smiling she nodded her head while eating her 1st chocolate chip cookie listening.

The one who was next to her spoke first" hi there my name is i.m and the youngest of the group nice to meet you " In a nice tone shaking her hand.

The rest introduced themselves" I'm shownu, minhyuk, kihyun, wonho,hyungwon, and again I'm Jooheon nice to meet you " looking at her with a smile.

She became very shy and said" hello I'm Ciara blake nice to meet you all too " looking away blushing while eating finishing her 1st cookie then grabbed her second cookie then drank her pumpkin spice latte i.m looked at her and asked" can I have a sip of that latte " she smiled nodding head and gave it to him so he took a sip gave it back to her all of them were talking then she finished her cookie then her pumpkin spice latte.

15 minutes later..........

They finally made it to their house that they live in together Ciara's jaw dropped and was excited because of how it looked kihyun noticed and chuckled because of her reaction to their home it was big like very big so they entered and minhyuk said" this is gonna be your home permanently " she didn't realize that she was crying trying to hold it in but they all noticed it.

She looked away didn't say anything they all hugged her asking" what's wrong " Ciara told them with honesty" I-I'm okay it's just no one has ever cared for me in my life and I'm happy about this especially overwhelmed in a best way " with a sad smile hugging them back.

They smiled shushing her telling her" we would never abandon you like your parents did and your precious don't forget that okay your too pretty to cry and we care all of us do never forget that " in her ears she smiled and relaxed because of how warm and comforting it is.
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