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PLOT Vampires are often considered mythological demons to stay away from but Dawson and his family were far from demons, almost to be confused with humans. Although Dawson will have had enough of his monotonous life, everything will change with the arrival of Rose, a Canadian girl who came to California with her friend to do an acting course.

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Chapter 1

Dawson was so bored of his never ending life and the place where he had settled for a short time that he couldn't wait to leave. Always the usual things: school, homework, hunting, resisting human blood, behaving naturally when faced with other humans and so on. But over the centuries, he never forgot his transformation: he remembers that while he was fighting against another knight, so for hobbies, he was stabbed and lost his senses. Then he woke up, realizing that he was lying on a pier overlooking a lake, looked even better and saw that there was another person, a girl, who was focused on looking at the view, looked like an angel; she had straight, golden hair that fell to her shoulders, all dressed in white, but she was frightened when she saw where her feet rested: they were on the railing of the pier.

"Careful! Get down from there! You could hurt yourself! "

The girl turned to him; Dawson noticed that his eyes had the same color as his hair and a pair of full lips. He had an expression of curiosity and then amused. He returned to look at the lake. "Don't worry. I can fly. And then the only worst thing that can happen in a dream is that they turn me into a pig. " Her voice was very sweet and persuasive. Dawson stood up slowly and walked over to the girl.

"You mean I'm dreaming?"

"Let's say you're one step away from life and death."

"Who are you?" Dawson looked at her curiously.

"For now I'm just a spirit come to warn you."

"What?" Dawson suddenly felt a slight pain in his chest. "Ahhh! What's happening to me? ”He asked in alarm.

"You're transforming." The girl turned to him. "In a vampire."

"Yes, of course not." Dawson laughed.

"It is the truth." Dawson looked at her without understanding. "But when you recover you don't get desperate." The girl continued. "Because there will be no need. Even if your life will seem so monotonous to you, an interesting thing that will change your life will always happen to you and you will have to be careful to catch it. "

"What are you talking about? I'm about to become a monster! "

"No, you're not. One day someone will accept you and love you as you are. " Dawson, slowly, watching his feet, climbed up on the railing to reach her.

"Careful." The girl grabbed him by the arm helping him to climb.

"What's your name?" Dawson looked at her.

"Rose, Rose Cutler."

"So you don't really exist?" He asked her with regret because he ardently wished he could meet her again.

"Not now. I'm just a spirit. But in a few centuries I'll be able to come to earth. But unfortunately an unpleasant misfortune will happen. "

"Will you die?" Dawson asked, discouraged.

"Yes. But not if someone will save me in time, before it happens. "

"You mean that if I found you I could save you?"

"It's a possibility."

"But how will I find you?" Dawson asked in alarm.

"Come find me."

The girl said almost like a whisper. She held out the hand that Dawson took but realized that the girl was slowly disappearing.

"No, don't go!"

He shouted in despair. And it was from there that he recovered recognizing that he had become a vampire. Dawson never forgot that dream; he began to draw the portrait of that girl and to write what they had said so as not to forget. He will never forget his last words: 'Come and find me,.

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