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OUR STORY... Kim Taehyung


Y/N is full with energy and mysterious behavior which she is also not able to find .. sometimes she feels happy while sometimes sad or angry... girl with full mood swings... she loves to talk .... but she don't believe in true love or anything that is related to love or romance ... Kim Taehyung a perfect guy who is scholar in his academics, smart, handsome but he is too silent ... can't talk to girls but when he will find her, he will be the most perfect man to her. .......He believes in love...... What will happen when Taehyung falls in love with Y/N .....

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Chapter 1


I'm so sick of this fake love, fake love, fake love.....

"Ugh this alarm... why do we have to wake up"i said while half opening my eyes.

"Y/N wake up or you will be late"

"Yessss I'm already awake".. 'wow mom is really something she can hear my alarm even from kitchen'

Its 7.30am I always wake up at this time. I went to my bathroom did my daily routine which brushing my teeth, taking a fresh bath and wear something comfortable, I never wear makeup just tapped some cream and put some lip blam and tieing my hairs in pony and I'm ready.

I went to kitchen drank some water.

"Y/N take your tiffin box don't forget it, yesterday you left it on table, I wake up early just to make it and you being a careless brat--"

"Why you give me tiffin when I can eat from college canteen"

"No don't eat anything from outside it's not good for health, home made food is always best."

"What do you mean by outside food mom even it is made by a human they don't bring it from Mars, only the difference is this is made by you and that is made by a chef."

"Then call me chef.... 'Chef. Y/M/N'.."

"Okay Chef. Y/M/N, as you say" ... "Mom" I back hugged her

"I love u mom"i said ... "Then don't forget the tiffin.. I love u too my little brat"

I wore my shoes and took my bag ... I smile at how my mom behaves ..she is an angle in my life some times I call her by her name and she would save that she loves when i call her by her name. We are like friends.

Okay now I'm late ..

I said bye to mom and went outside.. I was waiting for my college bus to arrive.

I love this morning breeze it feels so gentle..

And at 8.15am my college bus arrived.

I greeted the bus uncle.

Well I love to talk to people, make new friends and yess for making friends age never matter. And guess what our bus uncle loves to talk to us. 'US means my some fellow travel friends'

The bus started and I put my earphones and played some songs well I like rock music... listening to music which make me more happy. I enjoyed the music from the window view.

We reached college at 9.15am well yess it takes 1 hr to reach it's not that near so if I miss my bus then i have to spend my money to come to college.. but I'm not that type girl if I miss my bus I would come home and take my day off .. haha yess I'm lazy

I sat on college stairs waiting for my friends to arrive.

Well I'm in 1st year of Engineering. And guess what is my stream 'Its Mechanical' half yr has been completed that is my Semester 1 is finished and now I'm in 2nd semester. ... well they say Engineering is tough and girls don't take mechanical engineering.. but I being a stubborn.. now I think that it is really tough but guess what Hardwork is key to success ...

And here comes my frd number 1...

"Hey Sana, Gud morning"

"Nothing is good about this morning Y/N, I forgot to complete Mechanics assignment, Y/N I'm such an idiot"

"Come on don't worry today we don't have that lecture, and yess your an idiot"

"Who is idiot? "

"Ooo hey Soobin, good morning"

"Good morning Y/N, but who is idiot ?" Questioning me like a dumbfound

"You are idiot " Sana said being totally annoyed...

"Yess that's what we both were discussing Soobin you are an idiot."

"Yaah I was not even here you girls are really annoying.. seriously that's the truth you are annoying."

"Who is annoying?"

And here comes another member... 🤪

"Hiiiiii Yeonjun"

"And yess Yeonjun you are annoying, seriously guys what's wrong with you" Sana said fully frustrated..

"Yaah I was just curious about what you guys were talking about" Yeonjun said innocently.. being scared of Sana..

"Hey Y/N look its him" Sana signaled me towards the direction..

"Yaah he is really handsome but let's go he is not going to attend lectures on our behalf" I said ignoring that Handsome face..


Time skip to Break


"I was literally going to sleep" Sana said while rubbing here eyes..

"Same here Sana..." I was too sleepy..

"Yaah sleepy heads wake up.. did you girls forgot tomorrow is 1st day of the college fest.."

"Wow I'm supper excited I have already prepared dresses to wear in fest... Y/N what about you"

"Guys I'm really not interested in this fest thing ...I'll come tomorrow, but can't guarantee about the rest.." I said being bored of this fest thing.

I don't know why but I'm not really interested in fest things. And this college fest is really going to be annoying because guys will be finding for the beautiful girls or vice versa

Soobin, Yeonjun and Sana are really good friends they always understand me not only me but yess we 4 do have that one thing that we understand each other very well.

"Okay Y/N mam atleast be there tomorrow.. ok so let's go it already time for our next lecture..." Soobin said getting up from the seat.


Time skip to Home


"Mom I'm too bored I don't want to go tomorrow it just that boring fest"

"Y/N it's your first fest of your college life atleast go once and see what it is like"

"Okay" I am not in mood to argue with here. She is right it's my first fest but I'm too confused what to wear.

"Come Y/N eat and think later"


Next day


And here I'm in college well my morning routine was same but today I wore some makeup like blush, eyeliner, lipstick.. yess I'm a beauty even if I don't wear makeup but it's fest so why not....

"Wow Y/N we never thought that your this beautiful" Soobin said while looking at me.

"What do you mean by you never thought "

"He means that 'today' you look pretty" Yeonjun said while smirking at Soobin.

"Thank you for the compliment cause 'today' I putted so efforts for this look" I said sarcastically

These guys are really annoying

Well Sana was all dolled up. She never fail to look beautiful.

Fest was named as Euphoria that means happiness it was fun, we clicked many pics, honestly it was good but I was still bored because of those photo sessions...


Time skip to Home


Its was already 12.30 am and I was reading a thriller books... and guess what to interrupt me Sana message me.


Hey Y/N are you there

ME :

Yess mam


Have you checked our college confession page ...

Omg Y/N someone has confessed his feelings


Congratulations Sana

And finally my beauty queen

will be famous among the senior too.


Why will it happen?

Let me clear it first

Someone has confessed his feelings to you

Your name is not mentioned but it's you


If my name is not there then how it's me?


Because he mentioned about the girl

wearing black dress and

was with mechanical department

And guess what Ms. Y/n L/n

I was wearing red that means it is you


Okay I wish that person

good luck who ever he or she is


I'm sure it's not she


Sana baby its already 1 am

and guess what I'm not coming tomorrow

So you sleep and plzz don't tell about this

to Soobin or Yeonjun


But they told me to tell you


Okay Sana I'm sleeping

Good night 🤪


Good night beauty queen 😉


Okay so here is the first chapter... so it was a brief introduction to Y/Ns life and here daily routine


Sorry for my English and grammatical mistakes


Next chapter will come soon ...


Don't forget to vote and do leave a comment.


See you soon... 💜 보라해 💜

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