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Danganronpa||my hero acedemia addition.V3


Izuku Midoria is going to a school called “hopes peak academy, sadly he doesn’t have an ultimate, Izuku got into hopes peak by chance. He enters the school expecting to see well, a prestigious school but instead he sees black, he wakes up in a room with other students that look about his age....

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Chapter 1: Welcome to Hopes Peak Academy!

Beep beep beep!!
I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock excitedly and jolt out of bed. I run to my closet to pick out a green and white hoodie and a pair of light blue jeans and red shoes. I hurry to the bathroom, I brush my hair (which wasn’t much help) brush my teeth. I walk downstairs to see my mom making breakfast. “My izuku honey aren’t you excited, I could hear you running everywhere.” She says while flipping a pancake. I laugh a bit and take a pancake she had given me on a plate along with fruit. “Thank you!” I say digging in.
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