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End of flash back

Angel's pov

I was still siting on my couch thinking what happened to other who were friends with me I never kept contact with them except Katherine (kat) and damon because she was the only one who stood by me all along when I was going through so much I cannot thank her enough.

Phone ringing

Hello' I said
Hey girl how are you?' Katherine exclaimed
I'm fine kat how are you? 'I asked
I'm good I have some good news tho' she said excited
What is it? I asked with curiosity
Me and damon are getting married and it's a June wedding!!!!! ' Kat said excited
I was shocked but happy for her
Omg! I cannot believe this your getting married unbelievable 'I said out of happiness
Ikr ok I'll talk to you later igtg love you' kat said
Ok love you to' I said and hanging up the call
Well it is not easy when you are an interior designer and want a off day you have to work from home too so I started to check my mails and to reply them.....
After a few moments I got a call from my manager and it was almost 9 pm I was wondering what is it
I picked up the call

Good evening mam' she greeted
Good evening cami what is it ' I asked
Sorry to call you at this time but it was urgent so there is this man he's a business man and is opening he's new branch in the city and he also thinks that it should be very unique doesn't matters of its price and he's ready to work with our company for the interior' she explained
Wow that is good a thing ' I said
Yes mam and I wanted to ask you if you'd want me to arrange a meeting with him? ' she asked
Yes arrange the meeting tomorrow 3 pm afternoon in the conference room' I said her
Ok mam thank you ' she replied
Ok bye' I said hanging up

I got for the office and the meeting as well I was hoping to get this contract as it is really good to work with new people


I reached my office and went to my cabin

Knock knock "

Come in'
Good morning mam'
Good morning'
Today's meeting is arranged and I asked him to be here by 3 pm
Ohk fine'
Cami left my cabin and I started to send a few mails while waiting for the meeting


It was 3 pm and I was guessing that the person is here by now

ring ring*

My office telephone started ringing

Hello' I asked
Hello mam the man has arrived for the meeting he is waiting for you in the conference room ' the receptionist informed me
Okay I'll be there thank you' I said hanging up
I went towards the conference room with cami closely behind me I reached there and opened the door of the room...
I was shocked of the person I saw in front of me.........

Cami, cancel the meeting we're not having any deal with him' with that words I left the room and went towards my cabin

How could he suddenly appear after years I thought....

Can we meet' I asked

Yes we can but what's the rush' kat asked

I'll tell just meet me at my office I'm waiting for you' I replied

Okay okay I'll be there see ya' and with that she hung up

I was pacing back and forth wait for kat to come

"Knock knock"

Come on

Angel what happened why did you called me so urgently like the world was on fire'kat exclaimed

Because it is kat' I replied

What happened tho' she asked

Yes cami called and told me that there was this person who wanted to open a new branch of his company and would like to work with us for its interior and I agree and asked to arrange a meeting today at 3pm and when I went for the meeting you won't believe who it was.... 'I stopped

I.. It was him' I completed

I don't know what to say ' kat said totally in shock

I don't either after so many years he had to come back I can't believe all of this' I said terrified

Angel calm down it's not your fault that he came back and you don't have to deal with him of you don't want to' she comforted me

I know and won't let him ruin me this time' I replied

That's my girl' she smiled

Are you going to work with him' she asked

Of course not I already told cami that we're not making this deal anymore' I replied

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