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My Pokémon Journey Through Kanto


Follow Samuel Oak as he goes on a Pokémon journey with his big brother Gary Oak. Grandsons of the famous Pokémon Professor, Professor Oak. Started Aug 1 Completed

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1: Pokémon I Choose You

A beautiful sunny morning in Pallet Town Samuel Oak is about to head on over to the Pokémon Lab run by his grandfather the Pokémon Professor, Professor Oak who will give him an unexpected surprise.

“Hi Grandpa, I came here to help you with the Pokémon” Samuel said while greeting Professor Oak

“Hi Samuel, is Gary coming as well” Professor Oak said while asking Samuel

“I don’t think he is, he said he was going over to Ash’s house” Samuel told his grandpa

“That’s fine, if you want Charmander can help you” Professor Samuel Oak said to his grandson

“Alright, I’ll be over at the big garden feeding the Grass Type Pokémon” Samuel said kindly

Be safe, make sure Charmander doesn’t burn any Grass Type Pokémon” Professor Oak told his grandson

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t, he’s really good with helping every Pokémon even if their Grass Types” Samuel said to Professor Oak

“I know Charmander will be good he’s a very good he....” said Professor Oak while being cut off by his other grandson Gary screaming

“Grandpa I’m here to get my Pokémon partner” Gary said eager to get a Pokémon

“What are you talking about that’s tomorrow, and by the way I don’t accept screaming inside or outside the lab” said Professor Oak while being a little mad at Gary for what he did

“Whatever, I guess I’ll help you out at the lab to apologize” Gary said while being a bit upset that he doesn’t get his own Pokémon today

“By the way Gary today was your day to help at the lab not your brother Samuel, you had to be here about 30 minutes ago” Professor Oak said while being calm the whole time

End Of Chapter 1: Pokémon I Choose You

Word Count 1,400 Words
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