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Realize my Feeling


Marinette struggles with the love department because she was overan by her own friend. Adrien was blind all along but lets see if he can open his eyes to see Marinette as NOT JUST A FRIEND.

Romance / Drama
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Call that Broken Me

Marinette rests in her room while there's a knock on her trapdoor.

*trapdoor opens*

Marinette- Hey girl, What's up?

Alya- I got a scoop for you! Adrien called me a few minutes ago and since he dosen't have your number, he called me instead and told me that he wants to talk to you!

Marinette- Really?! What do I do?

Alya-Just call him already! Here's his number *gives her phone to Marinette*

Marinette-Ok..*inputs Adrien's number to her phone* There! What if he dosen't answer then?

Alya-At least give it a try!

Marinette- Here goes nothing! *pushes call button*


*phone rings*

Adrien- Look! Its Marinette! *accepts call* Hello Marinette

(on phone)Marinette- H-hi Adrien! Alya told me you wanted to talk to me, well here I am

Adrien- Oh right! Well, I was wondering if you wanna go out for ice cream at André's

(on phone)Marinette- (Could this be-)

Adrien- with Kagami too.

(on phone)Marinette-...Uh sure! When?

Adrien- around 4:00PM?

(on phone)Marinette- Sure, I'll be there *hangs up*


Alya- So, what did he say?

Marinette- He wants to have ice cream-

Alya- Really?! I'm so proud of you!-

Marinette- with Kagami too..

Alya- Oh..you expected to be alone with him?

Marinette- You know what, I'll do it, for him as a FRIEND.

Alya- If you say so..Good Luck!

Marinette- Thank You...*leaves*

-4:00PM at André's-

Adrien- Marinette! You came!

Marinette- I wouldn't miss it for a friend.

Kagami- Hello Marinette, I'm glad you could make it this afternoon.

Marinette- *smiles*

André- Now kids, who wants ice cream?

Adrien- Us please. 2 ice creams

André- *makes blend* Here you go *hands the ice creams to Adrien*

Adrien- *gives one to Marinette*

Marinette- Thank You-

Adrien- *sharing the ice cream with Kagami*

Marinette- (They look so sweet, too bad for us...)

Adrien- Oh! I almost forgot, Marinette, me and Kagami are dating. *holds Kagami's hand showing to Marinette*

Marinette- (I guess its too late...) You two make a good couple! Adorable...

Adrien- Thank You

Marinette- On second thought, I have to help my parents at the bakery. I'll just eat this on my way home, Thanks for the ice cream..*leaves*



Marinette- (I don't wanna be hurt anymore! Love hurts!) *cries*

Tikki- Marinette, its okay...

Marinette- I don't wanna be hurt anymore!

Tikki- How about give Chat Noir a chance!

Marinette-He's just a partner.

*knock on window*

Tikki- *hides*

Marinette- *opens window* Chat Noir? What are you doing at this hour? *wipes tears away*

Chat Noir- Checking if purr-incess is having her beauty rest *winks*

Marinette- *giggles* Its okay I was about to sleep anyway...

*footsteps up*

Marinette- *shoves Chat Noir under her blanket*

*trapdoor opens*

Sabine- Marinette? Still awake? Its almost midnight! Who are you talking to?

Marinette- Uh...Alya! Yes, chatting myself to sleep.

Sabine-Okay, just sleep now *leaves room*

Marinette- *forgot that Chat Noir is on her bed* Sleep now..


Chat Noir- *detransforms* *yawns* Marinette? *remembers* (Shoot! I forgot)*tries to get up carefully*

Marinette- *murmurs* Stay...please..I need a friend..

Adrien- *blushes a bit* (Oh fine..) *stays*

-Marinette's eyes are shut so she didn't see it-

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