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Realize my Feeling

Pain all the Way

The next morning..

Marinette- *yawns*

Tikki- Good Morning Marinette!

Marinette- Morning, Tikki

Tikki- Do you know what happened? Last night?

Marinette- What? There's an akuma?! Why didn't you wake me up? Hurry, Tikki spots-

Tikki-NO! Not that! Last night is safe, no akumas ok?

Marinette- Then what?

Tikki-You might scream..

Marinette-C'mon please! *puppy eyes*

Tikki- Aw, fine!


Tikki- You slept with Chat Noir in your bed you forgot..

Marinette- *internally screams*

Tikki- Marinette? You okay?

Marinette- Y-yeah! I'm f-fine! *can't hold her scream anymore* *screams*

Tikki- *facepalm* I knew it..

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