The Blonde

Disappearance at the Flat

John practically threw the money at the cab driver before flying through the door and up the stairs. He couldn't believe he hadn't seen this coming. She claimed to have appeared in their flat. Why hadn't he questioned her motives? He barreled into the flat.

"Sherlock?" he called.

The living room was empty.


He ran into the kitchen. Also empty. He popped his head into his flatmate's room. Empty.

This was bad. Very bad. Had she kidnapped him? Taken him somewhere else to kill him? Different scenarios raced through his mind. Each one worse than the last.

John took the stairs to his room two at a time. He threw open the door. Empty. Blast! Where they hell could she have taken him? He pulled out his phone and typed a message to his friend.

Where are you?

He walked back into the living room and glanced around. There didn't appear to have been a struggle, but then John had given him sleeping pills and if he was out, which he should be, Sherlock wouldn't have put up a fight.

Was she working alone or had someone been hanging outside, waiting for an opportunity? One that John had given them by drugging his flatmate and then leaving. Damn!

He raced back out the door and down the stairs.

"Mrs. Hudson," he called.

He reached her door as she opened it.

"What's all the shouting about?" she asked.

"Sherlock," John said.

"What about him?"

"Have you seen him?"

"Not since he stepped out with your sister."

"My sister?"

"Yes, I saw them leave about an hour ago."

Wait. What?

"Leave? Together?"


They left together? As in they both walked out the door together? But Sherlock had taken sleeping pills.

"Sherlock left…on his own? About an hour ago?" John stared at the front door without seeing it. So, Sherlock had gone with her of his own accord. Why? And how could he even manage it? He turned back to Mrs. Hudson. "Did they say where they were going?"

"No. I didn't speak to them. I saw them leaving as I opened my door. What's this about?"

"But, you're sure you saw Sherlock walking on his own?"

"Yes." Her face drew into a worried expression. "Is there something wrong?"

"I don't know," John said slowly, trying to work out exactly what was going on.

Sherlock acted irrationally after ingesting the wine from that crime scene. John had put him in bed and then given him sleeping pills. He should've been asleep by now unless…but even if he didn't take the sleeping pills he wouldn't have been in any condition to walk out the door himself. Not without help.

"I know Sherlock can be temperamental, but I'm sure he'll take care of your sister," Mrs. Hudson said.

"Yes," John said, no longer listening. "Thank you, Mrs. Hudson. I'm just going to go have a look for them."

He started toward the door. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he had to find Sherlock. He stepped out and paused to look at his phone. Sherlock hadn't answered his text. He typed another message.

Are you all right?

After sending it he glanced up and down the street. Not sure where to begin his search. An hour ago. Even if they walked he'd have a hard time catching up to them, but he couldn't just sit at the flat and wait.

He typed in Lestrade's number. The phone rang twice before the inspector picked up.

"DI Lestrade here," the inspector said.

"Lestrade. It's John…Watson," he said.

"Dr. Watson."

"Have you seen Sherlock?"

"No, but I've been tied up with this case. The one that isn't a suicide. Why? Take off on you again, did he?"

"No, I mean…I can't find him, but I don't think he took off."

"I told you he does that sometimes."

"He's not at the flat."

He had to get Lestrade to understand that this wasn't Sherlock taking off. There was something else going on and his flatmate could be in danger.


"And, if you recall, he wasn't in any condition to go anywhere."

"You left him alone?"

Of course he hadn't left Sherlock alone. What did Lestrade take him for?

"No. I had to…step out, but I left Rose with him."

"You left Sherlock with your sister?"

She wasn't actually his sister, but he wasn't sure if he should tell Lestrade that…at least, not yet because then he'd have to explain why they lied to the inspector and he didn't have a good reason for that. No, best to keep that as a last resort.

"Yes…I mean no…I mean…I gave him sleeping pills before I left so he should've been asleep, but they're gone."

"You think something happened to them?"

Initially he thought she kidnapped or planned to kill his friend, but now that he knew they left together… She might've pulled a weapon…but then there would've been a struggle.

"Maybe. I mean, I'm not sure. Mrs. Hudson said they left together, but-"

"So, Mrs. Hudson saw them leave together?"

"Yes, but-"

"Hang on." John waited impatiently until Lestrade returned. "There's been a disturbance downtown. I have to go, but I'll keep an eye out for them. How's that?"

Before John could answer, Lestrade hung up. Fat lot of good you are. John looked through his texts. Nothing from Sherlock yet. He typed another message.

Call me.

Then he turned right and began walking down the road. He had no idea where to look, but he had to do something.

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