The Blonde

Subject Unknown

Mycroft walked out the door and toward the black sedan parked next to the curb. He hadn't heard anything about the blonde yet, but he should be getting the information any minute. She was up to something. Must be. It was the only thing that made sense, although he still couldn't figure out why John lied about her.

Sherlock's roommate had always had his brother's best interests at heart, even when they went against Mycroft, which they usually did because of Sherlock's relationship with the elder Holmes. Actually, because of his brother's childishness, but that was another matter.

His driver opened the door. Mycroft climbed into the back beside Anthea. He'd upped the security around Sherlock until he found out exactly who that blonde woman was and what she wanted.

"Has my brother left the flat yet?" he asked.

"You're brother?" Anthea asked, giving him a quick glance as she typed into her phone.


"Oh," she returned to her texting. "No. There hasn't been any movement outside his flat."

Mycroft's phone chimed as the car pulled out. He reached into his pocket and retrieved his mobile. Finally, he would have answers. He read the text, his eyes narrowing.

Subject unknown.

Unknown? That wasn't possible! Her face had been run through the most advanced software available. He should've at least been given a name, even an alias. She was clever, but he wasn't about to give up that easily.

"Change of plans," he said.

"Sir?" Anthea asked, only paying half attention.

"I need you to pick up a certain doctor and bring him to me."

"What doctor?"

"Doctor Watson."


"I'm going to find out what he's hiding about a certain blonde."

"What blonde?"

He ignored her as he began typing a message to Sherlock's flatmate. He wanted answers and he would get them one way or another.

I'm sending the car.

He only had to wait a minute for John's reply.

Sherlock's not ready.

Mycroft typed a reply.

Send him ahead. The car is for you.

He slid the mobile back into his pocket. He wasn't sure what was going on with the blonde and what Sherlock and John knew about her, but it was better to keep his brother in the dark until he found out what she wanted. The last woman who showed interest in Sherlock tried to use both of them. He wasn't about to let this one follow in her footsteps.

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