The Blonde

The Woman Who Didn't Exist

He watched the exchange between the blonde and Sherlock's brother from a distance, but thanks to technology he heard every word. Rose Tyler, the woman who didn't exist. He smiled. She was brash and pushy and…fun.

Whose side was she on? Not his. Mycroft was obviously under the impression that she was working for him or he wouldn't have sought her out after what Sherlock's pet told him. Was she on Sherlock's side or her own? That was a question he needed answered.

If she was on her own side he'd have to get rid of her or bring her over to his. If not…well, she did seem like fun.

He'd run his own searches for the blonde and had come up empty handed. Same as Mycroft. That didn't happen. Coming up empty when he ran a search. Her face was nowhere. It was as if before yesterday she didn't exist. No camera footage, images, records. Nothing. The only person he knew of clever enough to do that was himself.

He knew it would be safer to have her brought to him, but if he did that she'd be on her guard and he didn't want that. He wanted to throw her off her game. Toss in some dynamite and see what sort of fish were in the pond.

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