The Blonde

Rose and Moriarty

Rose looked over the canned goods on the shelf. She just needed…that feeling came over her. The one she grew to trust while traveling with the Doctor. The one that told her there was something off. She glanced down the aisle without turning her head. First one way and then the other. A man. At the far end of the aisle.

She picked up a can of beans, seeming to read the back as he glanced at her. Moriarty. He was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, trainers, and a ball cap. What did he think he was going to do? Grab her in the middle of the market? No, he wouldn't take that chance and there were people closer to Sherlock than she was. After all, they'd just met yesterday.

If he wasn't there to grab her then what the hell did he want? There was only one way to find out. Let this little game of his play out, but she had the upper hand because she knew who he was.

She grabbed what she needed and then continued down the aisle. His cart was on one side and he was on the other pretending to inspect a can of peaches.

"Mind if I get through," she asked, as politely as she could, giving him a smile when he glanced at her.

"Oh, sorry about that," he said, returning her smile as he stepped aside, but his smile didn't reach his eyes.

"Thanks," she said, as she started past him.

"Have I seen you before?"

She stopped and looked him over, pretending to consider him a moment.

"No, I don't think so."

"Wait, now I remember," he said as if the memory just came to him. "You were at Morgan's last night."

That was the name of the restaurant she'd been to with Sherlock. The same one the server worked at. The one who was almost shot.

"Yeah, you're right, but I don't remember seeing you there."

"I was in the back with my friend, but I remember you," he replied, giving her what might've been a flirtatious smile if it wasn't for the darkness in his eyes. "I would've introduced myself, but you were with someone. Your boyfriend?"

He was fishing for information, but he wasn't going to get any.

"Friend of a friend," she replied.

"Friend of a friend?"

She could tell he didn't believe her.

"Well, It was nice to meet you…" she trailed off not wanting to say his real name.

"Jim," he offered, holding his hand out, "Jim Brook."

A combination of his real name and the alias he'd used. She gave him a smile and took his hand.

"Rose Tyler," she offered, sure he already knew that.

If Mycroft could get her real name, even if he didn't believe it was her real name, then she was sure Moriarty could too.

"Pleasure," he said, still holding onto her hand.

"I'd love to stay here and chat, but I better be going," she said, trying to pull her hand back because touching him made her skin crawl, but he held her in place with a vice-like grip.

"What's your hurry? There's still two hours before the furniture arrives at your new flat."

He was trying to get a rise out of her. She'd seen the picture so finding out he was keeping tabs on her wasn't too surprising.

"It has more to do with the company," she snapped, pulling her hand out of his grasp.

"I'm hurt. Deeply. Oh, wait…no I'm not." His voice changed halfway through, becoming softer, darker, like his eyes. "Showed you a picture of me, didn't they?"

"Look at that, you can be clever," she said, giving him a smile.

He glared at her.

"I don't generally like getting my hands dirty, but I may make an exception for you."

If he thought he was going to intimidate her he had another thing coming.

"Is that supposed to scare me?" she asked, trying to sound bored.

"If you know what's good for you."

"Why? Because you've strapped bombs on people? Shot people? Forced Sherlock to jump off a building?"

"Among other things."

"Sorry to disappoint you Jim, but I don't scare that easily. Not anymore."

He closed the distance between them in a heartbeat, anger blazing behind his dark eyes.

"Maybe I'll just kill you."

"Maybe, but I doubt it."


"Because that wouldn't be fun. Now, If you don't mind I have more shopping to do," she replied before pushing her cart around the next corner.

She walked halfway down the aisle before she stopped and stood there for a minute trying to regain her balance. She didn't scare easily and no matter what he did she wouldn't let him frighten her, but when she looked into his eyes she searched for any redeeming quality and she couldn't find any. That, in itself, was frightening.

Moriarty watched her disappear round the corner, a smile spreading across his lips. She was right, of course. He wouldn't simply kill her. She was much to fun for that and she'd be even more fun once he discovered her weakness because that's what he did. Used people's weaknesses against them.

She hadn't been surprised that he was watching her. She'd also known what buttons to press and she hadn't been afraid to press them, even knowing what he was capable of. If it was anyone else he would've thought they were stupid, but she'd done it to try to throw him off his game, which was exactly what he was trying to do to her.

He'd been ready to put his plan into action. To burn the famous detective, but now there were other things to consider. Rose Tyler. The woman who didn't exist. First thing's first. He needed to find out whose side she was on and he knew exactly how to do that.

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