The Blonde

Answers Pt 2

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Sherlock wrestled with the idea. Parallel worlds. There were some scientists who believed in the existence of parallel worlds, but there was no proof. No definitive proof that they existed. But if she was telling the truth then there was the proof sitting right across from him. He clasped his hands together and sighed.

If anyone one else had told him, anyone else, he would've dismissed the idea. So, why was he still sitting there wrestling with it? And there it was. Because he believed her. Why did he believe her? He hadn't known her very long. She was clever. Yes, that was true, but that wasn't the reason. Clever people lied. There was something else. Something about her that made him trust her. He steepled his fingers and rested them against his chin.

Facts. Look at the facts. She appeared in his flat seemingly out of nowhere. She hadn't come up the stairs or through one of the windows. She possessed a phone created with advanced technology. She also possessed a device the likes of which he'd never seen. Not even Mycroft had seen anything like it and that said something. His brother had run searches on her and come up empty handed, which was probably one of the reasons Moriarty was so interested in her. She hadn't tried to contact anyone from her past. Everything in her flat was new.

All the facts pointed to one conclusion. She arrived in his flat with only the clothes on her back and whatever was in her pockets seemingly devoid of a past. Her explanation fit, a missing piece to her puzzle. It was impossible, but it fit. There were many questions that begged answers, but the most forefront of the lot was…

"How did you arrive?" he asked.

"You believe me?" she asked.


She gave him that distracting smile that he was starting to find…He pushed the thought aside, drawing his brows together.

"I jumped through a crack…" She trailed off as if searching for the right words.

"A crack?"

"It's like a rip in the skin of the universe."

"Leading from one parallel world to another," he deduced.

"Exactly. It'd been happening for a while. The cracks opening up and people disappearing."

"But you jumped into one. Why?"

"To stop them. The one that I jumped into. I used my sonic to get a reading, find out what it was, but something happened and it started to open."

"You closed it by jumping into it."


"Were you the only one there?"

"No, but I was the only one who could close it."

"Why you?"

"Because I'm…complicated." He raised his eyebrow. "I told you I traveled with the Doctor and…well…because of that I'm a different."

There was that Doctor again. So, traveling with him changed her in some way. What did that mean? There was something about his doctor. Another piece of the puzzle he was missing.

"I'm going to take a shower," she said, standing up, but there was one more question that needed an immediate answer, one he'd been wrestling with since last night.

"Why did you save Mycroft?" he asked.

"Because he's your brother," she replied, as if it should've been obvious.

He watched her walk into her room to gather her clothes. Because he's your brother. What sort of answer was that? What did it matter to her if Mycroft was his brother? It wasn't like it made any difference, did it? Wait. What did that mean? Did that mean it made a difference? Why did it make a difference? John. He had to talk to John. He knew about these things. He would know what she meant. Sherlock stood up and headed for the door.

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