The Blonde

Testing the Water

John glanced from the window to his friend. Sherlock seemed irritable. Under normal circumstances he wouldn't chance provoking his friend's mood, but he was worried about Rose and the fact that Moriarty had been in her flat. He knew Sherlock was upset about it, but he wasn't sure what he was going to do…if anything. He couldn't predict how his friend would react to certain things and women…well that was a whole new territory.

"All right there?" John asked to test the water.

"Yes, John. Fine," Sherlock replied, shortly, as he typed into his mobile.

Irritable. Just as he thought. John leaned over to take a look at what his friend was doing. Running some kind of internet search.

"I heard you tell Rose you'd meet her after."


"At her flat?"

Sherlock glanced at him.

"Your ability to deduce the obvious is astounding."

John let the insult slide as his friend returned to typing.

"She could stay with us," John suggested.

Sherlock looked at him.

"Why would she need to stay with us?"

Was he serious? He knew exactly why she needed protection.

"Because a mad psychopath has gotten into her flat twice."

"As Ms. Tyler adamantly informed me, she can take care of herself," Sherlock snapped.

"What?" John asked in shock.

Had something happened between Sherlock and Rose in those few minutes they were alone in the lab? Sherlock lowered his phone, focusing his anger on John.

"He was in her flat, John. TWICE! She didn't say one word!"

And there it was.

"You are worried about her."

"Yes! I'm worried about her, all right? Is that what you want to hear?"


"Good? How the hell is that good? I'm worried about a woman who insists on putting herself in danger! Who insists on taking care of herself. Who won't let me know she's in danger let alone ask for help!"

"She's used to being on her own."

"That doesn't excuse her insistence on putting herself in danger."

"She's been through a lot."

Sherlock's eyes snapped to his.

"What do you know?"


"You know something."

"Don't you think it'd be better if you asked her?"


He sighed. Yes, there were things he wanted to discuss with his friend about her past, but not when Sherlock was in one of his moods. John glanced at him. His friend wasn't going to let him off the hook. There was nothing for it.

"How much do you know about her past?" John asked.

"Her past?" Sherlock inquired.

"With James and that doctor."

"What do you mean?"

"Did she tell you what happened with them?"

"She said she traveled with The Doctor after he saved her life and that James was his twin."

"Twin?" John asked.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Did she tell you she was separated from The Doctor?"


"She was trapped, in her words, in a place she couldn't leave and he couldn't get to her. It sounds like she was detained in a foreign country. Maybe even imprisoned. And that doctor left her there. She claimed he couldn't get to her, but she was trapped for two years before she managed to escape. And when she did finally manage to escape she went back to him."

"She was in love with him," Sherlock said, but in a way that told John he already knew.

"Did she tell you why she's not with him now?"

"He's still alive?" Sherlock asked in surprise. "I…assumed he died."

"No. I think he's a soldier because she said she fought in a battle with him."

"A battle?"

"Yes. And after they won that doctor took her back to the place she'd escaped from and left her there with James."

"What? Why would he do that?"

"Because the Doctor deemed James too dangerous to be left on his own."

"What did he do?"

"She didn't say, but as you can see she's been through a lot, been on her own a while. She's used to taking care of herself."

Sherlock had fallen silent. John glanced at him. He was staring out the window, but the look on his friend's face gave him pause. Anger, but stronger than any he'd ever seen. If that doctor ever made an appearance, well, John would've felt sorry for him if he didn't want to punch the man too.

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