As One

Chapter 10

Everyone was waiting patiently in the trees surrounding the house, some even in the bushes, waiting for Bill to finish with the back door. While Moody and professors Flitwick and Babbling worked on putting their own wards up. Anti-apparition going out and a magic weakening ward for those with the Dark Mark, using Elijah for this. As far as anyone cared, he was just going with it, and then he either helped them, or he booked it to go into hiding. He was useful, so for now, they didn't mind. Then the professors and Moody finished with the wards. Now they just had to wait for Bill. They went back to their own groups, and when they were back in place, they suddenly saw three fingers appear from under the cloak. It was time then. Everyone made their way to the house, invisible and silenced, but a spell to keep them visible and hearable to each other. Everyone thought it best to use stealth. If everything went right, this would be over quick.

Elijah just stood back and watched as the front door opened, hoping for Harry to win. He may get Azkaban, but he didn't want Voldemort taking over the wizarding world. Maybe he could go into politics if he survived the trials? The mark was still slowly fading, but he felt it wouldn't fade completely. He jumped a bit when something brushed his arm, and recognized it was Harry's hand. Elijah made himself invisible and silenced as well, thinking he may as well help them some more. After all, what else did he have to lose? After deciding that, yes, he will help, he followed Harry's group.

Once everyone in the front entered they quietly shut the door, and split up. Group 1, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville, and now Elijah, went upstairs, Harry using his scar to guide him. The sooner Voldemort was down, the sooner the war was over. Group 2, Fred, George, Angelina, Moody, and Remus, went to the second floor as well, hoping to apprehend any Death Eaters around, mostly to avoid Harry from being interrupted.

Coming from the back door, Group 3, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, professors McGonagall and Flitwick, and Tonks, went through the first floor, doing the same as Moody's group, looking for Death Eaters, and preventing them from getting in the way. Group 4, Percy, Charlie, Bill, Fleur, and Kingsley decided to look for a cellar, and if they didn't find one, they'd help with the first floor.

After about five minutes of wandering around the corridors of the second floor, Harry finally stopped at a double door. He gestured a shooing motion at Moody's group for them to keep going, and that they'd wait for ten minutes. Moody nodded and kept going forward. It was best to have as little interruptions as possible. It would certainly make things easier.

While on the first floor Tonks' group was slowly making their way through the first floor, they found one room with Death Eaters, but not many in there, about seven of them. They decided to wait, and check the remaining rooms. Finding no one else, they went back to the room and waited. Every group had a coin that would get hot, to signal the attack. So they just kept in position outside the door, waiting for the coin to make the signal.

Kingsley's group did find a cellar, and it wasn't empty. They counted ten Death Eaters, but decided to scout the area. Fleur, being the smallest and part Veela, was sent to do the scouting. Because she was smaller, it was less likely she would bump into anyone or anything, so long as she was careful. But if she was caught, she would attempt to use any of her abilities inherited from her Veela genes, so that she could possibly stun them into a stupor with her aura. As she was weaving through everything, and even around some Death Eaters, one started to suddenly walk around, and in her attempt to avoid being noticed, she bumped into an end table.

She didn't make any noise, but there was a vase on the table, and it was threatening to reveal her. And then it dropped, but with quick reflexes, she used a cushioning charm to keep it from making any noise, and to keep it from breaking, or more like shattering into small pieces. With a small sigh of relief, she picked it up, and put it back in place, and immediately continued her scouting, while Bill was nearly having a heart attack from the fear and worry of her possibly being caught.

And as she continued on, in the far corner, behind the boiler, was another Death Eater. However, it seemed as if no one really noticed him, or even cared about him in any way. So she got very, very, very, close, and then hit the man with a stunner, and immediately casted a cushioning charm to avoid his fall from making any noise, she then put a sleeping charm on him, and spelled some ropes on him. So now, it really was only ten Death Eaters they needed to deal with. She went back to the group, and then told them about the eleventh Death Eater that she took care of. Kingsley nodded, and then proceeded to wait for the coin to start heating up.

Meanwhile, with Moody's group, they proceeded to walk through the halls of the second house. So far they had found nothing, and hopefully, and not hopefully, if there were any other Death Eaters they would be with Voldemort. With a minute left to spare, they made it back to Harry's group, not even batting an eyelash at Elijah. With a nod of the head from Moody, Harry pressed his thumb into the coin, sending the message everyone wanted to have. Time to fight.

And as soon the message went out, Harry burst the doors open, invisibility charms in place, and surprised the Death Eaters in there, both groups tossing stunners left and right. And while everyone else was dealing with the lackeys, Harry removed the charms on him, and sent a diffindo towards Voldemort. With an easy flick of his wand, Voldemort reflected it, and Remus, who saw it heading towards him ducked, and then it hit one of the Death Eaters, making a rather messy sight. There were at least twenty Death Eaters, and some of them were being taken down easily, others, not so much. However, Voldemort ignored them in favor of killing Harry. And sent a silent, murky brown spell flying towards Harry. Hermione flicked a protego towards Harry, absorbing whatever the spell was, knowing it wouldn't be pretty.

Voldemort, noticing where the protego came from, sent an Avada Kedavra over in the general direction, and instead of hitting Hermione who ran in another direction as soon as she sent the shield, and killed one of his followers instead.

While on the first floor, the simple number of seven Death Eaters was handled quickly and easily. The Death Eaters were stunned with ropes around them. It had been fairly easy, perhaps new recruits, that apparently were being punished by one of the inner circle, Lucius Malfoy, in fact. It was the perfect distraction, no one noticed that the door was opening, a few quick stunners, and the job was done. However, Tonks was considering going upstairs to help with Voldemort, and voiced her thoughts.

"You think we should help upstairs? Seems we've finished here."She asked, worrying for Remus. Mrs. Weasley completely understood her worry. They had a child, and their child couldn't be left without a father, not to mention she loved him dearly. She also started to think of her own children, wondering how they were.

"What do think, Minerva?"Mrs. Weasley asked. Professor McGonagall, having thought the same thing about them, nodded her head.

"Filius, would you go with Miss. Tonks?"She asked. Professor Flitwick nodded his head, and they walked out of the room at a quick pace, Tonks hoping for Remus to still be alright.

In the basement, things went pretty smoothly, Percy nearly got hit with an Avada, however he managed to get out of its way, but just barely made it. He surprised himself, honestly, as he was never athletic, it was practically a miracle that he managed to get out of the way of the Killing Curse. When they were finished, they dragged all of the Death Eaters into a single area. At first they were worried about the Death Eater Fleur had taken down, as the Death Eater that was walking around got awfully close to the corner that the fallen man was in.

And then the coin started heating up, and the first Death Eater to go down was the one to close to revealing that they were there. And after that, it seemed relatively quick and easy. Although these Death Eaters did put up a fight despite the stealth they used at first. One Death Eater was shooting the Killing Curse left and right, not caring who he hit, so he was the first to go down once they were revealed. It was a close call though. Charlie and Bill checked on their younger brother to make sure he was alright, but as soon he said he was, Bill went straight to Fleur.

Now they wait, no matter how much they wanted to check on Ron, the twins, and Harry, they felt it was best to stay down there. When it was all over, the coin would heat up again. They could only hope that everyone would be alright.

Voldemort was starting to get frustrated. The boy was lucky, but now he just seemed squirrely, moving fast and being highly flexible. Everyone else eventually dropped their charms, finally visible to their enemy. Bellatrix was against the twins, they were sticking together this time, not letting Bellatrix separate them, which it seemed she was trying to do just that. Remus jumped in to help them, throwing a confringo, managing to get Bellatix's dress to catch on fire, she was temporarily distracted spelling the fire off of her, just barely shielding against a stunning charm. She sent an Avada in Remus' direction, he ducked, and it hit the wall. Then, to the surprise of Remus and the twins, Tonks appeared, and sent an Avada at Bellatrix, looking supremely angry. Going for Remus was too far for Tonks. Bellatrix fell, the insane life leaving her eyes.

Tonks quickly put up a protego against a burnt orange spell directed towards her, which was deflected by Voldemort. The minions all being dead, everyone kept their eyes on Harry, Hermione and Ron even throwing spells in an attempt to distract Voldemort, which was failing miserably. Voldemort wasn't even trying to do an evil overlord speech he was so focused on killing Harry, sending only Avada Kedavras at him. Eventually Harry started sending the same spell back at Voldemort, he was ready to kill Voldemort, he just needed to get it to hit the man, if he could even be called one.

And then while trying to think of a way to get Voldemort, sending an Avada low, hoping Voldemort wouldn't see it, he was hit by one, falling back. Everyone watched as Voldemort simply side-stepped the curse sent towards him. He smirked in triumph.

"Well, well, well. It seems as though Harry Potter is dead."Voldemort stated, almost in a bored tone. Elijah walked over to Harry, and nudged him with his boot, making sure he was dead. He smirked, and nodded his head towards Voldemort. Voldemort's smirk grew wider, more vicious than before. Elijah walked towards Voldemort, head bowed in respect, and moved right behind him towards the right side, eyeing his master, smirk still in place.

"Harry!"Hermione cried out going to his side, tears slowly going down her face. And then she noticed something. Harry was still breathing, just barely, hiding it from Voldemort. She was confused, but kept crying, faking it now, and intending to ask Harry a million questions after everything was over.

And then Elijah slowly lifted his wand. Everyone being completely focused on the body of their fallen friend and family member. And when his wand was fully lifted, pointing at Voldemort's heart, hidden from the view of everyone, he whispered those two forbidden words. And then suddenly everyone saw the green light of the Killing Curse, and Voldemort falling forward, Elijah's wand still lifted.

Harry slowly sat up, stiff from being temporarily dead. Seeing Dumbledore was nice, but he would've preferred his parents and Sirius. He looked at Elijah, and smiled an appreciative smile, and Elijah smiled a soft smile back. Everything went according to plan. Using Voldemort's supposed follower was practically genius, and since he was so lowly ranked, the evil overlord wouldn't have even thought of the betrayal occurring. Elijah pocketed his wand and walked over to Harry, offering his hand, and Harry gratefully took it, and got to his feet. Everyone seemed so shocked that they just stared at their friendly interaction.

Harry and Elijah had it all planned out, should Harry die, Elijah was to kill his "master", no matter what. It took forever to get Ron out of the basement, to leave the two of them alone for him to try and make a plan. Harry took a chance and trusted Elijah, and he was right to do so. Voldemort was dead, by Elijah's hand, or by wand, if one wanted to be technical. And they had it all planned out, making everyone not think of him much, as far as they knew he was a traitor to Voldemort, and they expected him to run for it. But he stayed. And having the idea planted into everyone's brain that he was going to fight against Voldemort was necessary, so that everyone would be both surprised and not surprised at the same time. It gave him the perfect façade to get back on Voldemort's side, and more importantly, for Voldemort to be gloating and not notice how far back Elijah was behind him.

"Thanks. The plan seemed to work pretty well."Harry said looking around Elijah, then going over, slowly due to his sore body, and nudged Voldemort with his own shoe.

"Yup. He's dead."Harry said, and Elijah was relieved.

"Good, I was starting to get nervous that it didn't work."Elijah said, another small smile working its way onto his face. Harry pulled out the coin, and pressed his thumb against it, telling everyone it was done. The war against Voldemort is over. They still had Death Eaters to catch, but otherwise, it was all over. It is all over, Harry corrected himself. Everyone was slowly making their way up the stairs, with their prisoners floating behind them. Professor McGonagall walked in, and saw the body of Voldemort, a grim look on her face.

"Now we just need to catch his followers. That shouldn't be too difficult. But Hogwarts will need to be rebuilt quickly. There are students that need to be in school."The professor said. Everyone just nodded in agreement. Kingsley walked up to the body of Voldemort and put him in a box, proof of his death will be his body in a crappy wooden coffin. He put the lid on it and turned to everyone else.

"It's time we get to work, then, don't you all think so?"Kingsley asked. He just got a room full of nods. It's over. Time to rebuild wizarding Britain.

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