As One

Chapter 2

Surprisingly enough, a simple enervate spell woke the Death Eater up. What was even more surprising was the position that he woke up in. He was lying down, with his arms tied directly above him, and his feet directly below him.

Muggles call it the Rack. A torture device that stretches the victim in both directions. Hermione thought it would be best to use muggle torture methods, as most wizards and witches never bothered to work up their pain tolerance, or how to fight without a wand. His wand though…

Hermione refocused herself. Those thoughts will be for later. The third worst case scenario. In theory, of course.

The man finally managed to work himself out of his stupor. He was in a torture device. Okay, that would be expected. But a muggle torture device? That was just going too far.

"How dare yo-"Harry sent a silencio at the man, not wanting to hear his crap purebloodist speech. While on a torture device. Shouldn't he be more worried about his health? Well, just goes to show how stupid he is.

Ron went to the crank at the foot end, and gave it a rough pull, and the man then went into a wonderfully silenced scream. It hurt the three of them, to know they could do this, but it was war. It had to be done. Harry lifted the silencing spell from the man on the Rack.

"Now, you give us information, and you don't get your bones dislocated."Was Harry's short explanation.

"Where is the location of Voldemort's lair?"Hermione quickly tossed out.

"I'm not tel-"He was interrupted by a rough pull on his legs, and screamed. The Golden Trio hid a collective cringe, but it had to be done.

"Voldemort's Lair?"Hermione asked again.

This time the man stayed silent and sent an icy cold glare at Hermione. If looks could kill. Ron pulled the crank again, and the man once again screamed.

"It's rude to stare at a lady."Was Ron's reason for doing it.

"That mud-"Another scream. It would seem he was close to having his femur dislocated, and Hermione told him so. If only that man would tell them what they want.

Harry decided to walk out of the basement they were in, he wasn't going to be very useful to them anyway. Honeydukes was in ruins on the first floor. All of the shops were. It was a shame. Hogsmeade used to be so fun and lively. Now it looked like a ghost town.

Harry went behind the counter and crouched down. Underneath the counter was the man's wand. Harry contemplated taking it down there now, but he knew better. They had to wait, it was too soon to dangle it in the man's face. Another scream. Harry sighed out into the cool air. Why couldn't anything be easy? Stupid question, but he couldn't help but ask himself that question every now and then.

Harry got back up, he wanted to talk to the new headmistress. Well, actually, she wasn't a headmistress anymore. Hogwarts. It's still so hard for him to believe that it's gone. So long as everyone is safe though. Harry walked out the front door. All the shops looked to be ruined, but there were plenty of unknown basements to hide children in.

Harry headed over towards the Three Broomsticks. It was still a hard pill to swallow, he'll never get over the loss of Hogwarts. Nobody will, it was a home for many, a place full of great memories, for older students and those who graduated, the past few years have been a little, disappointing, to put it lightly. He felt even worse for the professors though, they had been at Hogwarts for nearly all of their lives, only to see it burn to the ground.

As soon as he walked into the Three Broomsticks he was bowled over by an eccentric Ravenclaw.

"Harry, despite the circumstances, it's good to see you again! Although it seems you have a few more Nargles with you than usual."Harry could always count on her to never change. He hugged her back.

"Good to see you too Luna. How is everyone?"

"As good as they can be despite the circumstances. With the early warning, we only lost the school, and the previous headmaster to go with it."Came McGonagall's answer.

"Headmistress-"Harry was cut off by McGonagall.

"Unfortunately, I am not the Headmistress, Hogwarts is gone, until a new school is brought up, I am just a very strict caretaker now."She replied with a grim smile. There it was again. The reminder that Hogwarts is gone. How is it that it hurts even more than the last time it was mentioned?

"It seems Ron and Hermione seem to be getting closer to their goal. You should go back to them Harry."Came Luna's dreamy voice out of nowhere. He didn't get to talk to anyone, not really, but he had to do what he must, and since they were almost done...

He thanked Luna and told the Headmistress goodbye, and went back to Honeydukes, grabbing the man's wand before going into the basement. He briefly wondered how much damage the man took before giving in.

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