As One

Chapter 3

As Harry walked back down the stairs to the basement, the Death Eaters wand sitting heavily in his back pocket, he took a deep breath and looked upon the image before him. Surprisingly, it didn't look bad. Just a little… Painful. You could clearly tell his left shoulder was out of the socket, but that actually isn't too bad compared to what he was expecting. No blood. Some tears and sweat, but no blood.

Hermione noticed Harry coming down and started getting ready to give a large speech about what they found, but Ron beat her to it.

"There's a spell on him that keeps him from talking."There, a lot less words than what 'Mione would've given. A job well done if he'd say so himself. Hermione looked a little disappointed at not getting her long intellectual speech.

"So, we've got nothing to go on. Great."Harry looked down, not wanting his friends to see the disappointment that would start becoming clear on his face. He couldn't let his friends see him crumble because of this. They would find another way, it would just be more… Complicated. And time consuming.

"Well, we just need to get a new plan. It's not easy, but, we can do this, Harry. We'll get there."Hermione said, looking a little disappointed herself. Hermione started contemplating certain aspects of the Dark Lord. And then it hit her, like a bulldozer out of control. The mark! The mark is used to summon the Death Eaters to their master! What if…

"What if we could use the Dark Mark in reverse!"Exclaimed Hermione, new found excitement at the possibility of a new plan. Sure, it would take time to research, but if it's possible, the positives would take down the negatives any day. Ron and Harry looked at their friend as if she was Merlin personified. Using the mark in reverse! Both genius and "simple". Why hadn't they thought of that before? How much time and lives lost, when they could have caught a Death Eater long before this. The research in order to do it would be difficult, but what if it worked?

"I'll go find professors Babbling and Flitwick."Ancient Runes and Charms. They would be the quickest way to helping her work out a theory and test.

"Wait! Are you sure we can't just ask him in a loophole like way that it would work in reverse."Was Ron's quick response. Both Harry and Hermione… Didn't think of that.

"Alright. But how do we get an answer through a loophole that may or may not exist?"Harry asked. Hermione thought about it and just flat out asked the Death Eater if he could answer questions about the Dark Mark. They surprisingly got an affirmative. Well, that was easy.

"But I don't know if you can find the location compared to just summoning an ally."Came their prisoner's tired and reluctant response. So there was the disappointing news.

"Well, we won't know until we try. I'll go find the professors now. Maybe they can help find a way to make it reveal locations instead of causing the Death Eater to come to the location. Maybe even reverse the effect by taking them to the one they were thinking of, although that would be a little more on the dangerous/stupid/random side that, if not well thought out and careful enough, could end in their gruesome death.

Hermione walked up the stairs to find the professors, leaving Harry and Ron to their own devices.

"So…"Was Harry's awkward response to the silence.

"So…"Was Ron's awkward response to Harry. They spared a glance at the Death Eater. Ron, deciding to take pity on the man, despite his words to 'Mione earlier, loosened the crank a little, making the man grunt both in relief and pain, having his arms in such a position for so long, and having a dislocated shoulder would have its perks and flaws. Ron went to the other end and loosened the crank for his legs too. Another grunt came from the man, more in relief than pain.

"Just… Behave alright?"Ron said, a bit of a pleading look on his face. He wasn't fond of torture, he wouldn't be able to handle it well if the man died on him in such a way. He just got a nod in response, which, for now, was good enough for Ron and Harry.

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