As One

Chapter 4

Hermione was more than happy to get out of the basement. She could hardly believe they did that. She felt like punching Harry for ditching her and Ron, he's lucky he wasn't needed. But she also understands that Harry wouldn't want to be there even more so than her and Ron. His family wasn't exactly… loving. But never mind that. She started walking out of the building, and went to Zonko's Joke Shop and suddenly went into deep into thought.

She needed to find professors Babbling and Flitwick. Hopefully, this mark will be simpler than they currently think. The fact that Voldemort hadn't kept the dark mark in the spell to keep the man from talking was beyond her, and a great stroke of luck. That made things easy. Now let's just hope it stays easy, although that's unlikely.

"Miss. Granger?" Hermione looked up to see professor Flitwick looking at her curiously, and also found herself in front of the joke shop.

"Hello, professor Flitwick. I'll be quick. We got a plan concerning the dark mark, and are thinking about manipulating it in order to take us to the location of a death eater, and hopefully, where Voldemort is. I believe the mark consists of charms and runes. Would you help? I still need to find professor Babbling though."Professor Flitwick looked at her in curiosity. She wasn't one to go into danger blindly and without a plan, and this sounded rather dangerous.

"I'll find professor Babbling for you, and tell her what you need. The man, doesn't look too bad, does he?"Professor Flitwick wasn't one to send a hemophobe into a small confined area.

"No. No blood, and a quick healing spell would fix the little amount of damage there is."Hermione replied, stomach suddenly starting to churn at the thought of what Ron and she had done. But it was necessary. In order to get their answer in the first place, they had to get him to break. It's not like she didn't feel bad. She knew that in order to survive, she might have to kill, but torture? Not so much.

Professor Flitwick went back inside the building for a few minutes, leaving Hermione to her gruesome and depressing thoughts. She felt horrible that Ron was the one to inflict all the pain. He must be having an even harder time coping with what they had done. She didn't want that for Ron, but what's done is done. At least they got a plan out of it. And it better work, or she will never be able to justify in any small way of what they had done.

Hermione looked back up to see the professors coming her way. She started to feel bad for professor Babbling, she wasn't looking so well, probably scared to see the man. Maybe, they should've healed him, at least a tiny bit. Although she was sure that Ron had loosened the cranks, giving the man some slack. They weren't very good at healing spells though. So his shoulder wouldn't be a very good sight. But, now that she thinks about it, he won't be able to fight them much for his mark, as it was his left shoulder that went out. And now she felt bad for thinking even that.

Then professor Flitwick started talking, and she gave him her immediate attention, more than happy to have her thoughts interrupted.

"I'm afraid that we won't be able to change the mark itself, but if we can understand it more, we should be able to get the effect you need. Although, please do be careful."Professor Babbling started to nod her head at what professor Flitwick was saying.

"With my help, we should be able to make a minor spell that wouldn't react badly to the mark, getting you to your destination, preferably unharmed."She may not be happy with what they did, but professor Babbling understood the need, and is more than willing to help, if only to end the war sooner. The students need to be back in school soon anyway.

"The mark should be relatively simple though, from what I've seen there are only two actual runes in it, although I should still take a closer look to be sure."She said.

And then they were in front of the dreaded building that held their captive. Hermione wasn't prepared for what she saw when she walked into the basement though.

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