As One

Chapter 5

Ron, Harry, and the prisoner remained in an awkward silence for a good 10 minutes before Harry tried to save the day.

"So why'd you join him?"Harry's question… Didn't work out. Instead it just made the silence also a little tense as well. The man gave him a questioning look, almost as if he'd gone crazy for attempting "small talk".

Ran saved Harry with a somewhat better question. "What's your name?"

That made the atmosphere in the room relax a little. Although the man looked at him as if he was just as crazy. Don't they understand that you don't speak to prisoners unless it's to taunt them? Instead they were trying to make "small talk". Of all things…

"Elijah."He answered anyway. Why he answered, he had no idea. Harry looked at Elijah in a very confused manner.

"What?"Elijah snapped. Harry broke out of his reverie to ask the man his now burning question.

"Isn't that name kind of… I don't know… Ironic?"Harry asked. Ron and Elijah looked at Harry confused.

"The name Elijah has a meaning along the lines of 'God is lord and strong', or something like that."Harry explained. Elijah suddenly understood, and then laughed. Harry then looked at him like he was crazy, and then Ron as well when he noticed Ron was trying to hold back a smirk. Needless to say, Harry was very confused.

Ron decided to take mercy on Harry and explained the amount of what he knew. "Harry, from what I remember of our religious teachings in the wizarding world, the muggles took our beliefs, and then named our Lady Magic as a male God."Harry looked at Ron and Elijah with understanding beginning to dawn on his face.

"So, is Lady Magic as cruel as what muggle bibles say she was?"Harry asked, with a new confusing question. This time Elijah answered.

"Only to the muggles that tried to hunt us down. Although over time the muggles started to make new exaggerated stories of a cruel, jealous, and forgiving yet not forgiving god. She's actually quite nice in my opinion. She hasn't done anything about our dissipating traditions, but I guess that as long as most of us believe in her, she's just going to leave us to our own devices."He slowly started to smile during his explanation. Apparently, talking about Lady Magic made him happy and calm.

And then it hit Harry like one of Dudley's punches. Why didn't he know this? Of all the times he had been in the library researching with Ron and Hermione, he knew he would've stopped if saw a book about religion. And Hermione would actually read the whole thing. Whether she believed it or not. And then Harry told them this.

"You know, now that I think about it, I never noticed a book on our religion either."Ron said. Elijah nodded.

"It was the ministry. Apparently the old religion falls under the category of dark. Our original texts on Lady Magic were then banned. Anything in Hogwarts got confiscated, and in the history class She was taken out of the lessons."Elijah said disappointedly.

"When did that happen?"Harry asked. This, Ron answered for him.

"It was probably after the first war, right?"At this, Elijah shook his head.

"It was before the first war. I think it was during the 1700's that it happened, although I could be wrong."He started to mumble to himself about possible dates, but knowing for sure that it was actually before the first war.

"As far as I know, all purebloods get at least a skimming of our religion, but otherwise, even we are starting to forget, although I'm sure some of the older families will have the original texts."Elijah explained again. Well, they say you learn something new every day, and apparently, today's lesson for Harry was on magical religion. It's actually pretty interesting. He knew the ministry was messed up, and was going to be fixed when they won the war, but to have banned you own religion? That just seems stupid, and then Harry voiced his thoughts.

Elijah nodded, and Ron had a mix of a nod and shrugging of his shoulders. Harry just shook his head.

"So, back to my first question Elijah, why'd you join?"Harry asked, a little more confident than last time.

"Family."Well, that was somewhat expected.

"Why'd they join?"Ron asked, thinking he already knew the answer.

"To get bans off of the original practices and our religion."Ron was apparently wrong.

"Couldn't they have just gone into politics?"Harry asked.

"They thought war was the easiest and fastest way to do it."Elijah replied with a one shoulder shrug. Harry just closed his eyes and shook his head in disappointment. Some people…

Harry decided to loosen the cranks all the way after that. He'd keep his hands tied, of course, but he didn't need to remain in that position. Anyways, the man was probably resigned to an awful fate should he go back to Voldemort, and he knew it. No point in running.

Elijah slowly sat up, careful about his dislocated shoulder, his wand arm. And then they once again sat in silence, much more comfortable than last time. And then Hermione came into the basement. And upon seeing Elijah sitting up, a look of total confusion and surprise came over her face. Even the atmosphere in the room was better than she expected, although it slowly started to strain over her silence.

"I won't question why he is not restrained the way we had him before until we have finished what we need to do."Hermione said, seeing the guys relaxing once again. Even Elijah. Well, that was strange. Instead she continued to go down the stairs leading the professors to Elijah, and they started their observations of the mark, the man not fighting it a single bit.

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