As One

Chapter 6

It had to have been the hundredth time that he repressed a wince from the treatment his arm was getting. They weren't exactly rough, but they weren't gentle either. He noticed that the girl, Hermione, if he remembered correctly, occasionally glanced at his shoulder, inspecting it almost. He did hear she was the smart one, so she would probably know all the healing charms then. And now that he actually observed his shoulder, instead of simply staring off into its general direction, he noticed some bruising. And a bit of swelling. Ah well, at least it can be fixed.

And then suddenly, he did wince. His arm was moved at what would definitely be considered an odd angle. The professor gave him a look that was mixed with apology and… was that a bit of sadistic glee? Well, he is a Death Eater. He sighed and looked at Ron and Harry, who were desperately avoiding looking at him. The rooms silence was beginning to be suffocating for him. He may be a prisoner, but even he has a limit on the awkward scale. He glanced at the professor observing his mark, conjured magnifying glass in hand. Apparently he learned something new about his pretty little brand. He hated the thing, truly.

But what he learned, and the others in the room as well, is that some of the scales in the serpent of the mark are actually really small runes. Various kinds of runes too. Summoning, pain, signaling, pain, constant knowledge of status of dead or alive, and, did he mention, there are specific runes to cause pain? Yeah, 'cause those are there too. Figures, the sadistic bastard. Next to him was a floating piece of parchment listing more of the runes, but they really weren't that important for what they need to do, although they still need to know of all the runes there are, to prevent a disaster. This was the third check over, just to be sure that nothing was missed. Aaaannnnnndddd… Done! The woman finally put his damn arm down. It was about time, he was beginning to think she was going to artificially petrify it in that position or something.

"That's all of the runes. There are particular wand movements that will need to be avoided, however, it really shouldn't be that difficult to get your plan in motion. You do have a plan, right?"Professor Babbling sternly asked.

Hermione just nodded her head, starting to go into thought about what wand movements that should be usable. A full circle wand movement would imply traveling using an object for verification of the area, however, it could also just give the name of the location, being safer. Although there is the chance that Voldemort may be moving to different locations every now and then. Although, considering his arrogance, that may be unlikely. A stab through the center would be for the attempt of pin pointing the exact location, although that may be difficult, if not the right amount of magical energy is put into the stab, it would have to be perfect. But wards could be a possible problem, yet since they would be making their own spell…

Well, they'll just have to see how it goes. Not exactly the safest thing to do, but the most likely to get some sort of result. Now the incantation, that shouldn't be too difficult. At least, if you know Latin fluently, of which the three of them don't. She'll have talk to someone who may know it, come up with the incantation and have them translate it. Although she still doesn't know why most English spells have to be done in another language. But that's something to question after the war, when they win.

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