As One

Chapter 7

"How about 'show me the origin'?"Harry asked. Hermione shook her head.

"That may show where the mark was made, but not Voldemort's location."The three of them went back to their thoughts. Who would've thought making an incantation was so hard. You have to be so careful with the wording. Even Elijah had thrown in a few suggestions. Harry and Ron told Hermione about their talk as well, and told her his name. Hermione didn't react. She didn't really know how to react to the fact that they were civil to a Death Eater. She wasn't angry, oh no. In fact, due to his fear of the possible death awaiting him, from dear Voldemort, he started giving suggestions as well. So, they somewhat had an ally. Or they were being played. But Hermione was making a backup plan for that.

"How about 'show me your master'?"Ron sent out. The others looked at him as if he was a genius. In fact, they felt ridiculous for not thinking of that one sooner. It was so simple.

"A better variation would be 'give me your master's location'."Hermione said. She felt awful. They were thinking about it being so difficult that it was actually simple. Leave it to Ron or Harry to simplify things for everyone.

"I'll go and ask for a Latin translation for it."Hermione said, already walking up the stairs and out of the basement. The others felt a silence fall over them again. Not awkward, but not pleasant either. Harry decided to try talking a bit.

"So, how's the shoulder?"He asked. They had healed Elijah's shoulder earlier, after all of the poking and prodding of his mark. The bruising was still there, but the swelling was gone. Although they did keep his hands tied, they weren't risking anything quite yet.

"Honestly? Small twinges of pain here and there, but much better than before."Elijah replied. Harry went silent again after that.

"Professor Flitwick!"Hermione called out upon seeing him. He turned around and greeted her with a small smile.

"Find the incantation you're going to try?"He asked softly. Hermione nodded her head.

"Yes. We need it to be 'give me your master's location'."She told him. Professor Flitwick closed his eyes and thought for a moment.

"Da mihi locum dominis."Professor Flitwick told her after a bit, saying it slowly so that she catch the pronunciation and for her to remember the words.

"Da mihi locum dominis."Hermione repeated slowly, annunciating every word clearly. The professor nodded his head.

"Thank you, professor."Hermione said as she turned back and jogged back to the basement. They were so close! If this incantation works, and they learn Voldemort's location, all they need is a plan, a good one, obviously, but it's all they need. She reached the building and jogged down the stairs of the basement.

"I've got the translation!"She exclaimed. Harry and Ron looked up excited, they knew they were going to fight, but they couldn't help but be thinking along the same lines as Hermione was, they are getting close to ending the war. A plan and a dead Voldemort is all that is needed. If it all worked out.

"It's 'da mihi locum dominus'."Hermione told them slowly. Ron had a bit of trouble with it, but he got it down. The others might need to know it, for whatever reasons there could be. Better to be safe than sorry. Hermione had them get a piece of parchment and a quill, in case it did work and they needed to write it down. Hermione held out her hand patiently, waiting for Elijah to give her his marked arm. He did, if a little slowly, his arm starting to protest even the idea of moving. She held his arm firmly, yet gently and started.

"Da mihi locum-" the circling of the mark "dominus!" and a sharp jab in the center of the circle and the mark. At first, it seemed as if nothing was happening. Even Elijah wasn't responding to anything. He just shrugged his good shoulder. Hermione sighed in defeat. Seems as though they'll have to figure another incantation, or different movements. Or both.

She started to let go of Elijah's arm, until he suddenly hissed in pain. Hermione turned excitedly and took a closer look at the mark, and started to see a change. In fact, it was starting to slowly lift out of his skin, turning into a vapor like substance. And then it started forming words.

"Harry, the parchment!"Hermione urged, and he scrambled to get ready to write.


Harry wrote it down. Then he started to look slightly confused. Voldemort hated that place. The home of his muggle father's family. He wondered why he had gone there, that place was nothing but filth in Voldemort's opinion.

"Why would he go there?"Harry suddenly asked aloud. Hermione looked at Harry, remembering that Harry talked about that place before.

"That was the home of his muggle father, right?"She asked. Harry nodded his head in confirmation. Ron looked up and gave his opinion.

"Maybe he thought we wouldn't look there, he despises muggles, so it would seem like the most unlikely place to look for him."Hermione and Harry nodded their heads at Ron's theory, it seemed like it would make sense, especially because he was so vulnerable at the moment. Hermione turned and looked at them. This wasn't the time to dwell on why Voldemort was there.

"Well, let's get started on a plan then, shall we?"Hermione asked. Ron and Harry nodded, and everyone went into thought, even Elijah.

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