As One

Chapter 8

The trio managed to get a map of the area in and around Little Hangleton, by use of appearance changing spells, drastically changing the way they look, and notice me not charms to avoid drawing attention to themselves. Ron was sitting at the map thinking of areas for possible infiltration, while Hermione was thinking about how far out the wards on the house would be, and which ones they could be, even though she did plan on getting the eldest Weasley in on this.

She planned on heading out again with an invisibility charm on herself, courtesy of professor Flitwick, and a silencing charm on herself as well, while Bill had to use the invisibility cloak and be as careful as possible to avoid noise, as the spells being directly on him could interrupt the delicate work he had to do, depending on the wards.

Harry was sitting next to Ron, giving suggestions about placements of groups and who should be grouped with who, occasionally glancing at Elijah, who was just sitting patiently, staring off into space. Harry focused on the map again, and thought about how Mrs. Weasley would react to Fred going, having nearly lost him while trying to defend Hogwarts. He knew for sure though, that Fred and George were going to be in the same group, as it seemed that bad things only happened to them when they were apart, an interesting observation the three of them made.

They weren't sure about where to put Percy though, although they heard that he made a joke. Harry and Ron wished they had heard that, but to get back on track. What will they do with Elijah? They can't leave him here unattended, but despite the heart to heart that he and Ron had with him, they still didn't exactly trust him. They could always try for an unbreakable vow, but he had a feeling that wouldn't do much good in the trust department. He supposed that would be something that would be figured out when they were closer to finishing the plans. They noticed that Hermione got up, and she started going up the stairs.

"I'm going to get Bill, and then we'll go and check the wards. Get the cloak out while I'm gone."Harry nodded his head and went to the expanded purse that Hermione had, and started searching for his cloak. After about a minute he finally found it and dragged it out of the purse. Elijah came back to the real world, and eyed the cloak, out of curiosity. Harry just spared him a small smile and waited for Hermione to come back with Bill. He turned back to the map, Ron telling him to wait until they got a perimeter of the wards before placing any teams. So, they got a piece of parchment and started writing down names for who would be in what team. They were thinking teams of four or five.

The three of them would clearly be in a team together, but they were thinking of also having Luna and Neville on their team. Fred and George together, with Angelina, Moody, and Remus. Mrs. and Mr. Weasley together with professors McGonagall and Flitwick, along with Tonks. Percy, Charlie, Bill, Fleur, and Kingsley are going to be together in a group. They kept on working on the list, only looking up when Hermione came back with Bill. Harry and Ron gave Bill a smile, and Harry gave Hermione the cloak, who gave it to Bill. Bill smiled back at them then went back up the stairs with Hermione hearing a small good luck from Ron and Harry. After that they went back to their list of potential groups. Elijah just stayed in his spot, observing his oddly fading mark in curiosity, and was starting to space out again out of boredom. He felt like he was going to be there for quite a while longer.

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