As One

Chapter 9

Hermione and Bill were slowly making their way up the hill, Bill being as careful as possible to be silent, and Hermione keeping three fingers on him to avoid losing each other. After about ten to fifteen minutes of silent climbing, Bill noticed the wards, dangerous ones, and pulled Hermione back, a little roughly, but she was going faster than him, and was also ahead of him by a few feet.

"You almost walked into the wards!"Bill silently hissed at her. She tapped his arm twice, giving him an apology in her silent way. He nodded, even though he couldn't be seen, but she probably felt the movement of the cloak. He got closer to the wards, and started his work, while Hermione was keeping a lookout for any Death Eaters. Although he may officially be a Curse Breaker, wards was also something he worked with occasionally, he can recognize most, and remove most of them as well. And all of these were, luckily, ones that he recognized and learned how to remove. Voldemort must have not known about the potential ward breaker, or he may have been over confident in his idea of hiding in a muggle town. Either way, he could do this.

A ward to alert the owner of intruders, anti-apparition, a ward to keep people from wanting to get close, most likely for the muggles, and a ward that will give immediate death upon entry. Good thing he stopped Hermione. Obviously, the wards will have been tweaked to allow the Death Eaters in, but any one without the mark is as good as dead. It will take time to take down the wards, but he figures the groups need to be out here waiting for him to finish. Better to be prepared for the moment they come down. With the identification of the wards done, he told Hermione to go and get the groups ready and have them go into hiding nearby. She tapped his arm, telling him she'll go and do it. When she left, he started working on the wards.

Hermione apparated into the basement of Honeydukes, and removed all of the charms on her. Ron and Harry looked up at her, and then she immediately came over to them and pointed on the map of where approximately the wards start, got a compass, and made the radius for them to see, being a few feet out just in case. Ron and Harry nodded with a quick thanks, and then started considering placement. They then asked Hermione to go back and see if there was a back door. She put the charms back on her and apparated back to the bottom of the hill, just in case. She went back up, much faster this time, and went around back, making sure not to get to close to the wards, and kept an eye out for a second entrance. When she was fully around to the back of the house, she saw a door, but it almost looked as if it were nailed shut. They could always blast the door open, but they're trying to be quiet about this. They could just use magic to vanish the nails though. She'll have to talk to Bill about possible wards being on the doors as well. Voldemort seemed paranoid enough to do that. She turned back around, deciding she'll try to find Bill, and ask him her question, when she saw a Death Eater headed her way. With quick thinking she ran into the trees behind the house, thanking the silencing charms on herself. She looked over the side of the tree, and waited for the Death Eater to pass. And then, he went into the wards, and around the porch. With a sigh of relief, she proceeded to get back to Bill, sprinting, just in case he saw Bill. It was unlikely, but it was something she wanted to be sure about.

She got to the front of the house, looking for the approximate location of where Bill would be, when she saw part of his leg, not much, but enough to give him away. The Death Eater was coming around to the front at a leisurely pace, and Hermione ran over to Bill, and pulled the cloak down enough to have all of his body covered. Bill was taken by surprise, but ignored it, figuring it was Hermione, and noticing that the cloak was slipping off. When he looked back up to finish his work, he noticed a Death Eater, and was silently thanking Hermione and all of her glory for saving him. It was a close call, he'd have to pay a little more attention to the cloak, now that he knew that there was a Death Eater patrolling the area.

When the Death Eater finally went around to the other side, Hermione removed the silencing charm on herself, and quietly told Bill she was leaving again, and then she remembered the question about wards on the doors.

"Do you think there would be some kind of ward on the doors as well?"She asked quietly. He nodded, and she felt the confirmation through the cloak, put the charm back on her, and went down the hill a little to apparate back to the basement. It was time to get everything and everyone in the area, time to prepare for the end.

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