Quest of hidden emotions


When you have you life suddenly provoked by a missing friend and a vampire, you don't say no. Jordan, Andrea,Samantha,Louis and Niall, the group of teenagers, who though the strange cliff in their town was just a suicide point were proved wrong when Harry, the old missing kid, appeared to ask them for help

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Looking back

Everything happens in the cliff will be only known to the one who goes into the cliff

[Abandoned tower, near the sea. 3:8 pm]

Louis: (stretched out in rusty but comfortable couch, his eyes closed, and waiting) “where the heck are they?”

Samantha: (looking out from the window, observing the waves) “Even Andy is late. The situation must be critical. The summer vacation started today and she is already there to save people”

Louis: “what situation?”

Sam: (shrugs) “must be something. Andy was talking about it in the phone but I got bored in middle”

Louis: (rolls his eyes) “of course”

Sam: “I think there was an accident”

Louis: (rolls to his back, staring at the ceiling where there were blacking writing all over. He fixed his eyes on the writing he love the most ‘Love can tear us apart’) “She calls us for a meeting. And we find her missing. That bitch”

Sam looks back at one of her bestfriends, wishing she was late enough to not to hear this guy complaining. But fate is a bad bitch.

Louis: (still grumbling) “What is Jordan and Niall up to?”

Sam: “Last time I checked, Niall was standing the line of the donut shop saying that there is a super deluxe carrot donut being in sale. When I called Jordan, she said she have to, I quote, “Make sure Fizz has an entertained life”. That girl is up to no good”

Louis: (shoots up, eyes wide) “she went to prank Fizz without me? What the hell? She is dead meat”

Sam: (really liking the idea) “can I join you in it? You know I love violence. Lou, let me help you erase an annoying being from the face of the world”

Louis: “Shut up. I am doing this alone. No one is helping me” (crosses his arms, glaring at the walls) “That good for nothing piece of shit. Didn’t take me to the prank”

Sam: (Throwing a book at him) “I said I will help you. I want to kill her too”

Louis: (Gets hit on the shoulder, groans in pain) “You ass-face, practice your clumsy hits on others. I will have your head”

Sam: “That’s impossible. Everyone knows that I will win in the fight against you”

Louis: (gritting his teeth) “That’s because you are a weak girl. I don’t fight_” (gains a punch in his cheek) “Ouch that hurt. Sam, I swear to god, I will kick you in your vagina”

Sam: (grinning in victory) “You don’t even where it is. You are dumb like that”

Louis: (Snickers) “At least I know how it looks like. I bet you haven’t see a dick in real life.”

The batter was cut short when Niall entered the room. Niall had his hands full with cardboard of donuts. His grin showed that he was really happy

Niall: “Man, these donuts are heaven. I think_” (Notices that the other two are not in good mood) “You can do whatever you want, but touch my donuts, you two are dead. I will sit in my chair and watch you two fight, so just spare my donuts”

Louis: “You are dumb”

Sam: “Lame”

Niall: (Settles on his recliner, fonding over the donuts) “I don’t need a girlfriend, if these be my lady”

Sam: “They will rot before you can make love to them”

Niall: (Offended) “Fuck you, Sam. Don’t criticize my donuts. We are the match made in heaven”

Sam: (rolls her eyes) “Make sure to tell me the wedding date.”

Louis: (Doesn’t care about the conversation going on, mumbling to himself) “How dare she? Didn’t take me with her. I am her best guy for pranks. That shit pouch”

Niall: (Munching on his donuts, mouth full) “Who? Jordan?”

Sam: (amused, blinking) “How did you get that? He didn’t even say her name?”

Niall: (shrugs) “Jordan is the only one who can make people annoyed by not even being in the room. It’s a magic. And, yeah, she is the high prankster”

Louis: (Annoyed) “I am the high prankster”

Sam: (chuckles) “Sorry, buddy. But as annoying as she is, Jordan is the high prankster. No one can take that from her”

Louis: “Another reason for me to kill her”

Niall: (Moans in the pleasure of having eaten his better half, the donut) “Don’t drop the blood on my wife”

Jordan: (Entering with her hands red, her t-shirt covered with dried yellow paint) “You got a wife, Nialler? Let me guess, the super deluxe carrot donut?”

Louis: (Springs up, tackles her to the ground. His hand on her forehead to keep her down) “You are a proper fucking weasel, did you know that?”

Jordan: (Groans in pain, her hands flying to push him away, getting some paint on him too) “Dude, what the hell? Get off. What’s your problem?”

Louis: “My problem? I will tell you my problem. My problem is you pranking Fizz without asking me to join you. How could you? Where is the bro code, Jord? Where is the partner in crime policies? You wankstain”

Jordan: (Snorts even though she is in pain) “what about the time you egged Eleanor’s door? Huh?”

Louis: (slapping her forehead repeatedly) “You trashed Sam’s room before it. How about that?”

Sam: (Aghast) “That was you? You so dead, Jordan”

Jordan: (Struggling to get Louis off her) “You fucker. You don’t reveal the pranks I didn’t want to be revealed.”

Louis: (Still slapping her) “I do what I want”

Jordan: (pushes him off her and straightens her clothing, smiling while getting up) “I’ll get you, Tomlinson. Watch you back”

Sam: (Hitting Jordan’s head with her fist) “You trashed my room? Are you inviting death?”

Jordan: (Rubbing her head) “I have been attacked twice in two minutes. Niall, you have any grudge against me?”

Niall: (eating his wife) “What? No, unless you take my food”

Jordan: “Wasn’t planning to” (Sitting in her chair, stretching her leg against Louis’s lap) “The Leader is missing. Can’t believe I am not the last person to enter the meeting. I call this improvement”

Sam: (Shifting in her chair) “She had a situation. Some accident or something”

Louis: (annoyed about being left out in the prank) “How did you entertain Fizz?”

Jordan: (Smirks) “Well, I threw paint in her swimming pool.”

Niall: (unhappy after eating all of his wife but surely contend) “That’s the lamest prank you ever did”

Jordan: “Nialler, you think so low of me”

Sam: “What else did you do?”

Jordan: “First I couldn’t think of anything. Then I saw her dog, running around the garden”

Louis: (Laughing) “Oh you did not”

Jordan: “To add the joy, I found there were biscuits in my pockets. I allured him to me, threw the whole can of paint in him and made him fetch the biscuit which somehow was inside the house. Fizz’s interior is now completely covered in paint along with her dog”

They all laughed, the sound echoing in the tower room. The missing member of the group still not seen.

Louis: (completely forgotten about his non-involvement in the prank) “Great. Now she will know better than to mess with us”

Sam: “Ever since her son disappeared into the cliff, she hasn’t been herself”

Niall: (Confused) “who?”

Louis: “I swear one day you will forget your own name and rename it with something related to food”

Jordan: “Don’t give him ideas”

Sam: (snorts, obviously imagining Niall being called Pepperoni Pizza) Niall, don’t you remember him? Harry styles? The cute kid with dimples and curls? He used to be quiet and shy. When we were in kindergarten he cried when Louis called him wimp.”

Niall: (No recognition)

Jordan: He was constant victim of Louis’s bullying. That guy was so scared of Louis that he would cry whenever Lou would set eyes on him till we were in fourth grade. Don’t you remember?”

Niall: (blinking)

Sam: “Come on, you got to know him. He changed suddenly when we went to sixth grade. Grew tall, joined the popular group, faced Louis full on eye to eye, they even had a fight. I hated him when he punched Louis. After that fight, Louis didn’t even acknowledge his presence. Even when he comes out to talk to us, Louis would ignore him like a plague”

Niall: (Afraid if he didn’t remember soon, Sam might kill him or worse, cut out his food supply but still no signs of remembrance)

Louis: (Who was quite till now) “Fuck, are you an idiot? He treated you with MC Donald’s when you helped him with finding his dog when we were 13”

Niall: (Finally getting there, when he got to hear the word Mc Donald’s) “Oh yes, that guy. He even shared his burger with me. I loved that guy. What happened to him?”

Sam: (punching him in the stomach, smirking when he groaned) “you are worse than Jordan”

Jordan: “Hey!”

Niall: (Rubbing his stomach) “but what happened to him?”

Sam: (Sighs) “I guess you weren’t there when it happened. You were at your grandma’s house. Three years ago, he went near The cliff and was never seen again”

Jordan: “It’s a mystery. The Cliff. I mean if you look down the edge, you can perfectly see the ground, it’s not even a cliff. Just a deep hole which will not harm you when you jump. But every person who was near The Cliff were clarified dead without the bodies. They just disappeared out of nowhere”

Niall: (In thought) “I did see this place. The place is covered by so dangerous signs that even the sight of it can make a grown man wet his pant. Why did Harry go there?”

Jordan: (Shrugs) “even with all the popularity, he was still the shy and gentle boy. I think that part of him will never fade away. Louis liked him that way”

Louis: (Glares at her) I never liked that wimp

Sam: “are you sure?” (Getting the kick in teasing him) “You were pretty depressed when he outgrew you? When he got a girlfriend, you didn’t leave the room for a week”

Louis: (Red and angry) “I don’t like people who are taller than me. I was down with sick that time”

Jordan: (Smirks) “Whatever floats your boat”

Louis: (Distressed) I am not gay okay? It’s not funny.

Sam: (Not giving up) “But you always stared at him, don’t you remember?”


Jordan: (Silence)

Sam: (Silence)

Niall: (Picking his ear)

Louis: (still red and furious, pushes away Jordan’s leg from his lap) “I don’t want to talk about him”

Jordan: (Always a master topic changer) “Man, today I saw that Parka. She was crying over a scratched finger. Such idiots are all over the world. Louis, you in for pranking her?”

Louis: (Small smile in his face) Partners in crime (Raises his fist for a fist bump. They bump fists)

Sam: (glancing at the clock) “Where is this Andy? She is never late. This calls for drastic measures”

Jordan: “We should go and look for her”

Niall: “Get me a hot dog while you are at it” (Was responded by glares, huffs) “Fine, coming”

Andrea: (Enters in the messiest way she has ever been. Her hair all over the place, cloths wrinkled, sweaty and breathy) “Fizz went into The Cliff”

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