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[completed] ✎_Min Yoongi and his beloved fiancé, Kim Seokjin, had quite the set of fetishes. One of them included cuckolding, which eventually prompted them to hire Jeong Hoseok. But, what happens when Yoongi gains romantic feelings towards him and loses the love he has for the man he plans to marry? © Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved. Abigail Miskey (GgukieBottoms). Also available on: Wattpad and Ao3 (username: GgukieBottoms)

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Darkness came like the thick velvet curtains drawn across the window, the room was dim. Little to no light shone through, just enough to the luminescence silhouette of their muddled bodies.

From the corner of his feline-like eyes, Yoongi observed his fiance, who slouched on the comfortable cousin bed chair in the corner of the room beside the window. His fiance ogled him, plump lip caught between his perfectly straight teeth, and stoked his hardening erection up and down. They agreed that he was allowed to touch himself, as long as he kept quiet.

But it was his fiance's idea. He had come up to him one day and confessed that he jacked off to the thought of him watching someone else dicking him down. Yoongi had been baffled at the time. How could his fiance let someone else touch him while he watched? But here they were.

"I'm ready." Yoongi announced quietly.

Hoseok surged forward and attacked Yoongi's long, pale and unmarked neck with amorous kisses and touches. It was strange at first, because this was not his fiance, but another man. However, as soon as Hoseok palmed his aching member, all doubts subsided and dissolved within pleasure.

Hoseok's fucking good at this, he thought.

"Oh," Yoongi mewled and raked his fingernails down Hoseok's muscular back as he kneaded his intimate flesh. Hoseok stoked it once, then twice, before he pulled back and grabbed the lube that they had left on the brown nightstand. He popped the lid open, poured a decent quantity onto his long, svelte fingers and massaged it between the pads of his fingers to warm the liquid. He teased his lubricated fingers around Yoongi's fluttering entrance and placed sloppy, wet kisses to his sharp jaw.

Yoongi shuddered in pleasure. "P-Please." He gasped and rutted his serrated hips down to meet Hoseok's tantalizing fingers.

"God." Hoseok groaned around his nape and nipped at the skin. "Only a few minutes in, and you're already begging for it?" He added two fingers and curled them inside Yoongi's clutching hole. Yoongi moaned and dug crescent moons into Hoseok's broad shoulders.

"Fuck! More..." Yoongi whimpered when Hoseok added a third finger. "Please."

"Hoseok teased Yoongi further, a string tugged at the corner of his plump lips against his neck, and continued to thrust his supple fingers in and out of the older male rhythmically. Shortly after, he removed his fingers with a squelch. He grabbed a condom and slid it over his well-endowed member. And after he lathered himself with lubricant, he adjusted between Yoongi's smooth milky thighs.

Yoongi whimpered, fisted the white sheets, and spread his legs wider. He gnawed on his rosy lip and stared up at Hoseok meekly. "Oh, please touch me." He beseeched and rolled his hips, onyx irises darkened with pique for Hoseok's cock.

Hoseok smirked. "God, you want this bad, don't you? Need a real cock to fuck you?" He husked. His velvety voice sent shivers down Yoongi's spine. He teased his penis along Yoongi's crack, watched as the other twitched with need. "I'll fuck you so good, Yoongi-hyung. Make you cum hard."

Yoongi's breath hitched in the hollow of his throat, he chewed on his red swollen lip and uttered a lewd whine. Hoseok grabbed his hips, hauld his petite body closer, and gradually shoved his member in until he was completely inside him.

"Fuck," Hoseok groaned and rubbed the ivory skin of Yoongi's hip.

Yoongi hissed at the burning sensation he felt in his lower abdomen, the stretch. "Fuck, so big."

Hoseok grinned proudly and nipped at Yoongi's defined jaw, before he flicked his tongue over one of his rosy erect nipples. Yoongi gasped and arched his back and bared his chest to him. The penis inside him shifted.

And soon, after much foreplay, Hoseok pulled out completely before he slammed back in quickly, continuously. Yoongi wrapped his legs around his waist and left angry red marks down his back. Yoongi's moans encouraged Hoseok, he felt accomplished by his lewd pleads.

"This is what you needed, isn't it? My cock filling you?" He hooked Yoongi's slender legs around his shoulders, bent his body in half, which deepend the penetration.

"Fuck! Yes, Hoseok-ah! Yes!"

"Needed my cock? Only my cock can make you scream like this?" Hoseok groaned, his hips bucked in and out of him at an almost animalistic pace.

"Yes! Please," Yoongi cried out, head thrown back into the white, fluffy, pillows. He felt heat coil in his lower abdomen, his toes curled. He was about to combust, untouched. This was something his fiance had never been able to accomplish. "Please, need to cum."

"You're gonna cum so hard, just from my cock," Hoseok grunted, his hips moved at a brutal pace. "C'mon, Yoongs. Cum for me."

Yoongi squeezed his eyes shut and bleated. He felt his member pulse as he reached his climax and soon he felt hot semen coat his tummy. His thighs quivered and tightened around Hoseok's waist. His hips grinded against him, he rode out his orgasm. But Hoseok continued through the contractions.

Eventually, Hoseok's arms gave out and he flopped down beside Yoongi. They panted hard as they came down from their immense high.

Yoongi's glossy eyes fluttered shut briefly. His gaze drifted from the blank ceiling, to Hoseok, and then to the chair in the corner—where his fiance sat, cock limp in his lap along with his fresh semen-stained pants. He sent him an indolent gummy smile and thumbed at the engagement ring on his elegant finger.

If his fiance's blissed-out gaze and the soreness of his muscles were anything to go by, he assumed they would surely contact Hoseok again.

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