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Yoongi whined softly as he felt Hoseok’s fingers applied calculated pressure to his hips. He bucked his hips up slightly and rolled them. He had been prepped and was ready for Hoseok’s thick cock—he had been since he and his fiance, Seokjin, had called him last week.

A loud smack resonated throughout the otherwise quiet room. He was uncertain why, but he loved the way his cherry hued bum still stung after Hoseok’s palm collided with it.

“Yeah, that’s it. Grind that ass down on my cock,” Hoseok encouraged. He titled his head until he was able to see Yoongi’s fiance. “You like that? Do you like watching him become all hard and needy on my cock?”

Yoongi moaned and watched for Seokjin’s reaction while he swiveled his hips. His fiance groped the prominent bulge in his pants, gnawed on his lip at the carnal scene, and nodded.

Hoseok grunted and lifted Yoongi’s hips, until he hovered over him on his knees. Yoongi’s hooded eyes trailed down his toned torso until they landed on his erect cock, which stood proudly against his stomach and leaked with pre-cum. He watched him put on a condom and coat it with a generous amount of lubricant.

Hoseok teased himself along Yoongi’s hole and smirked at the pretty moan that spewed his baby-soft, doll-like lips.

“Please,” Yoongi breathed, his thighs quivered as he held himself up. He was already strung so high and all he had done was grind in Hoseok’s lap pathetically. “Please, Hobi-ah.”

“Yeah. Want my cock, sweet thing?”

Yoongi hummed his response, then gasped. Hoseok grabbed his hip with his free hand and lowered him down onto his penis. He whimpered and released high-pitched whines. His lip was caught between his teeth, delighted at the feeling of Hoseok’s cock inside him. Once he settled down on Hoseok’s lap, he squealed at the subtle brush against his prostate. “Oh, God. You’re fucking huge.”

Hoseok chortled. His large hands returned to Yoongi’s slender waist, his fingers ran along his sides. He guided Yoongi up slowly and groaned as he watched him raise up on shaky thighs.

“Oh,” Yoongi cooed as he dropped back down and impaled himself on Hoseok’s dick. He bounced up and down at a steady pace, but soon he fastened his pace enthusiastically and mewled at the fullness.

“Fuck, yes! That’s it. Fuck yourself on my cock.” Hoseok hissed and kneaded Yoongi’s rump. He met Yoongi’s movements simultaneously and bucked his hip each time he lowered himself.

Yoongi released a high-pitched squeal and leaned forward, his hands found purchase on Hoseok’s firm chest as he rode him as fast as his exhausted legs allowed. He was grateful for Hoseok’s participation, each thrust pounded directly against his prostate at the new angle, which sent sparks through his veins.

“Oh, fuck! Yes, Hoseok-ah!” He bleated and dug his fingernails into the caramel skin of Hoseok’s chest. His pants fastened and his head lolled from side-to-side. Even so, he caught a glimpse of the luminous silver engagement ring secured around his finger. But Hoseok slapped his butt and whispered sweet nothings into his ear, which further edged him to his climax.

Shortly after, Yoongi ejactlated all over both his and Hoseok’s stomachs. And Hoseok continued to move inside him and whispered dirty phrases in his ear. Yoongi collapsed onto his chest, breath shallow, and trembled. He was surprised that he had not passed out—he could not recall the last time he ever ejaculated this hard, and it was the second time Hoseok had gotten him undone untouched.

Eventually, Hoseok’s dexterous hips stilled as he filled the condom packet. He panted heavily and pulled out of Yoongi. He laid him down gently and threaded his fingers through his thatch of tousled charcoal hair.

Yoongi hummed and leaned into the touch. He peeked through his heavy eyelids over to the side of the room. Seokjin sat with his hands in his pants, his chest heaved as he watched Yoongi and Hoseok.

“You okay, babe?” Yoongi asked gently, voice brittle, and gnawed on his bottom lip.

“Yeah,” Seokjin answered tiredly, a small smile crept up to his plump lips as he pulled his hand out from his pants. “Are you feeling good?”

Yoongi giggled and nuzzled his head into Hoseok’s warm chest absentmindedly. He nodded and beamed crookedly. “Yep!”

He shut his eyes for a moment, perhaps more than that, he did not know, but the weight beneath him shifted. When his eyes fluttered open, he realized that Hoseok, who looked to Seokjin, tried to maneuver under him.Yoongi assumed he missed some sort of cue or unsaid message where they agreed Hoseok’s time was up. He wanted to complain when Hoseok carefully slipped him onto the mattress and off his warm chest.

Seokjin stood beside the bed immediately. “You okay?” He asked. He tried to meet Yoongi’s tawny eyes, but all the latter acknowledged was Hoseok in the foreground. He leaned down and tapped Yoongi’s shoulder. “Baby?”

Yoongi jerked out of his daze, back in reality. He nodded. He omitted the fact that he wanted to snuggle with Hoseok. “I’m okay.” Lier. “Just a little tender—and cold, a little cold too.” He looked up into his almond eyes.

Seokjin smiled down at him fondly and ran a hand through Yoongi’s chaotic hair. “I’ll go grab something for the pain, some water, and then I’ll climb in here and make sure you’re warm.” He said.

Yoongi thanked him in a soft voice.

Seokjin leaned down and placed a chate peck to his forehead, before he made his egress to the kitchen, which left Yoongi and Hoseok alone—for the first time.

“I’m sorry,” Hoseok whispered and rubbed his nape sheepishly. “I would’ve been gentler if I’d known you were so sore.”

“W-What?” Yoongi uttered dumbly and looked up from the white ruffled sheets. “Oh, yeah. It’s fine. You just gave my ass a little workout.” He laughed and pushed up onto his elbows, but winced at the tender feeling below—that was new—and watched Hoseok dress himself.

“We’ll see you again, right?” Yoongi asked. But quickly came to the epiphany of how desperate he must have sounded, he almost regretted it.

Hoseok chuckled. “Yeah, if you guys are that into cuckolding.”

“My fiance is into the cuckolding. I’m into you.” Yoongi’s eyes sprawled wide. He gasped and clasped his hand over his mouth. Hoseok tensed at the candid phrase, his previous nonchalant visage paled. “Wait—fuck! I didn’t mean—”

Hoseok shook his head with a gentle beam on his devious lips. “It’s alright, Yoongs.” He would have lied if he said he did not swoon at the pet name. “You’ll see me again, don’t worry.” He came within close proximity and leaned down to place a chaste kiss to Yoongi’s forehead. He smoothed back his hair and pulled away when Seokjin returned.

Yoongi was speechless, to say the least.

“Thank you, Hoseok-ah.” Seokjin bowed and handed Yoongi a water bottle and some antibiotics. “Really. I know what we asked of you is a really weird request, and you keep doing it for us. So, thank you.”

Hoseok gave a heart-shaped smile. “Sure thing! I should probably get going. Just call me if you guys are ready for round three.”

Seokjin nodded. “We will.”

“Okay.” Hoseok shuffled nervously. “Bye, Seokjin-shi.” He bowed, then peered behind the tall man’s form and waved to Yoongi. “Bye, Yoongs.”

Yoongi waved back and set the water bottle onto the nightstand as Hoseok made his egress. After a warm shower and a change of sheets, he burrowed underneath the comfortable covers to alleviate the taciturn chill in his body.

There was a dip in the bed. Seokjin climbed under the sheets. He hauled Yoongi’s petite physique towards him and wrapped his strong arms around him.

“Goodnight, love.” Seokjin whispered against his nape.

However, the last thought that manifested Yoongi’s cerebrum before he closed his eyes and drifted off into peaceful slumber, was that Hosek was much warmer.


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