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Toughest Thorns Ever


"Oh yeah, what you gon-" I get cut off when he presses his lips on mine. He grabs my waist with one hand and the other crawled slowly to my hand which carried the keys. Stupid dumbass! I pull away from him. "That's become very old! Nice try! You loose so get out of the driver's seat!" "Ughhh! Fiiinnee!"

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Heaven and Hell. Twins? Absolutely. One above the Sky and one below the Earth. Separated by the vast layer of in between.
In between, a solid layer of fake people.
It seems funny sometimes. We have to deal with the consequences of a fight between two siblings. Though, we are fake. We deserve it anyway.
Two very different terms, Hell and Heaven. Yet, so similar.
Even though, the only thing they have in common is their loath towards each other. And that has made all the difference.

Enough of the walk down my thinking spiral. Let's get to the introduction shall we.

First of you should know about me is that I am the girl who everyone is afraid of, perhaps you may also say hate. After, Silver Woman of course. Not scary enough to level up with the villain of my story.

Probably because of the silver blood that flows in my unholy veins. Not a very lovable blood colour. Because that's the only thing that matters right? Note the sarcasm.

I love rain, the only time when I can cry and no one else can see. People don't really care anyway but I like to keep my vulnerability to myself.

Its around 2'o clock and I am lying on my couch. My brown eyes feel heavy as I stare up at the ceiling. The weight lightens as a trail of moisture stains my cheek. Why am I crying? Let's say, when I have nothing to do I begin to think about my dreadful past. The reason why I am here with my dear family. My dad rushed us here in Deccarde as soon as he found I was being bullied and what not back in Darcele. Their timings were great, actually. Those people had already done what they had to do.
We break, we heal, right? Wrong. I have been broken so many times, stabbed so many times.
Can't heal. Is that okay?

Communication does not really apply to me when it comes to my mother. I don't acknowledge her lack of presence in my life. And she returns the favour by doing exactly the same with her step-daughter.

I walk out of the house with headphones binding my tiny ears with the melodies of music. Clad into yoga pants and crop top I begin to paddle my violet bike only to soak myself with the harsh drops of rain hitting my body. The aroma of the soggy Earth surrounds me and an involuntary giggle escapes my mouth when tiny droplets of water wet my dry face.

The sky greets me with a high pitched thunder and I smile wondering about the bounties of nature.
The path is too familiar for me to keep my eyes open, so I decide against it. Sealing my eyelids close, I let myself drown into my surroundings.

When my cycle is yanked away from my grip and the air in my lungs is knocked out of me with a severe pain rising through the lower half of my body, I realise something's not right.

I rub my eyes to remove the plaster of water coated on my eyelashes and try to engulf the fact that I am sitting on the hard floor of the road, having a serious enquiry with mud.
Getting up was a whole another story. Very difficult, when you are almost completely covered with soggy mud, rain is drizzling over you and you have introduced your ankle to a sprain.

This is exactly what I needed afterall. First get hurt mentally and then physically.

Just fucking great.

I scrunch my nose with my unwanted contact with mud and begin to console my anger by pinching the bridge of my nose. I hear the faint sound of a husky voice apologizing only to quicken the rush of blood to my already scarlet face.I swing my headphones downwards and tape it around my neck, without even sparing a glance towards the douche, my lips get started with the usual rambling, "you son of a dandelion! What were you thinking!? Ughh....bitch! I will make sure your soul's filled with remorse for your ugly deeds! You motherfucking ass-" my mouth falls open but all my curses tie into my tongue.

The Greek God had an eyebrow quirked up pairing it with an impressive smirk, he was bathed in rainwater yet his posture remained straight. His tall figure had me stretching my neck upwards to get a better view of this heavenly.......Okay Lara Stop! His sea green eyeballs felt as empty as my brown ones. Locks of his jet black hair were plastered to his long forehead with khaki pants and plain black T-shirt enhancing his muscular body. His sleeves were not even enough for the protruding muscle of his arms.

Gosh! He's sexy....

An arm outstretched itself and it took me a minute to realise that it was a helping hand.

"Sprain, cunt!" I roll my eyes before returning my attention to my ankle.

Kneeling down beside me he reached for my ankle. After scrutinizing, noting and questioning he nodded with a serious face.
"You just rolled your ankle, chocolate. Your symptoms have no relation with that of Sprain. C'mon, now." He rested one hand at the small of my back and clutched the other around my arm before pulling me to my feet.


"Let's get inside. We are soaking."

"Wait," he faces me with a smirk, "yes, chocolate?"

"Asshole." A tiny opening find it's way to his mouth, he shakes his head lightly to let droplets of water fall on my face before raising a perfect eyebrow at me.

"I just completed my sentence which I may add, your looks had cut. No one cuts me off." A wicked smirk attacks my mouth and with one last look at his impressed face I head inside the building.

I am pretty sure he is going to get both our cycles inside. I don't know how but I just won his heart, I should get something right?


"So, what's your name?" I asked as he settled down beside me on the staircase. Our cycles have been parked in their places all done by this stranger I have seduced for my day's fun. We are filthy. Like dried mud coating our clothes, hair plastered to our forehead with rainwater, almost every inch of clothing soaked filthy. Yet, here we are sitting together in the staircase having a conversation. And, not to forget we are mere strangers.

Aww well, strangers are easier to talk to anyway.

"Crussipher, Crussipher Baggins."

Greek God's gotta sexy name too. Can't this day get any better.

My, my Lara. Control that dirty mind of yours.

His sea green eyeballs search mine without letting his smirk falter, "anndd, should I call you a sexually assaulting gawker or Deadwings, chocolate?"

My stare gets intense at his causality of his choice of words. He knows me. How's that even possible...? It's only been a month of my stay at Deccarde and I don't interact with anyone. Today is the first day I am seeing the sun in this new place. Okay, maybe not sun but whatever....

Within seconds I am gripping my gun in my hand which I had reached for from my back. I point it straight at his forehead.
"Who are you working for!? Silver Woman? Huh? What's your mission!? What's in it for you!? Fucking speak you goddamned Sex God!" Why did I say that? Way to ruin the moment Lara.


"What!? Nooo! I.....what!? Why would you even think that?!" I rolled my eyes at his innocence. Stupid ass.

"Dumb Hunters! Put your hands above your head and follow me! You are going to spent the rest of your life in prison for violating fundamental laws dictated by the president himself! You hear me!" I grabbed his collar with my free pulsing hand and yank him forward to walk.

"Easy there. Tell me your misunderstood thoughts first?" His voice was calm as ever.

"Misunderstood? There ain't any misunderstood thoughts here. You are a Crucial Hunter, working for Silver Woman. You are here to kill me. I am smart, you see."

"Smart-ass....kill is quite an accusation, there. What I wanna know is, why would you think that?" Isn't he afraid or anything. How is he so neutral? Am I not scary to this guy!? I gotta freakin' gun at his head.

"Don't play coy with me! How are you going to explain your incredibly good guess on my name!? Huh? I have came across hundreds of motherfuckers like you, don't lie to me! Now move!" I kick at his ankle but he doesn't budge. After a second I feel his entire body shake. Scared at last, huh? I stretch my neck forward and find him giggling and lightly shaking his head horizontally. I carelessly push the tip of my gun at the nape of his neck to get him to speak.

"Your fame speaks up for that. Your face, always printed on the cover page of our number one newspaper. Quite a fanbase you got on the internet.......anymore reasons you need to put that gun of yours down?"


I am such a fool.

Cringed, I slowly and very steadily put my gun down. With pursed lips I let his collar loosen from my grip and let embarrassment engulf me into a tight hug.

I just know this guy has that mocking smirk readily placed across his mouth and is clearly about to taunt me about the Sex God situation.


Gosh! I hate myself.

"Aww.....look at that Deadwings cannot even spare a look at the Sex God anymore....." I hide my face behind the curtain of my palms and let embarrassment take in.

"Am I not lucky the police isn't after me for being so damn hot? Huh chocolate? Or should I say Deadwings....." He laughs. His first real laugh. He has such an adorable laugh, it makes me all giddy.

"Aren't you gonna respond to the Sex God in front of you!? Awww......don't be shy now."

"Stop taunting me! Ughh...." I removed my hands off my face and look up at his laughing condition. I pout an angry pout only to produce more laughter from the other end. I am rewarded with a painful cheek pinch which I savagely slap away.

"Don't wanna continue the conversation with your 'Sex God' Deadwings?" I pin him with a sharp look to which he wiggles his brows.

"Aww...shut up already,"

"Okay, okay.....but I gotta say you got a big, big mouth. And, a sassy portrait. Where did you get hold of that gun, anyway?"

"It was gifted to me on my 11th birthday by my Godfather. It has my initials carved at the handle in pure gold." I boasted with a pretty puffed chest.

"A gun on your 11th birthday?"

"A gun with my initials on. Yes."

He stayed silent for a while. A moment later he opened his mouth but closed it again. A thin curved line had become visible on his mouth.

"Listen. Not everyone here has the amazing, full of fun life you do. Some people like me have to be protected because they are different from the society; a silver blood. And being the supernatural blood type, I am, I practically have to save myself from the people who hate on me.

"People have got real problems here. Not everybody weeps over the girl who doesn't give them a blow job after being devoted to a relationship for months. Some people got real problems , like me. The outside world just seems good. It's all fake. Don't trust anything." I took a deep breath after completing my long ass speech.

My speech ends with a last added line, "You thought it's dumb for me to carry a gun in the Wizardry World, right? Don't have parent to autograph my permission booklet. Prohibited to use Magic because I have Silver blood flowing in my veins." I raise a pretty sharp eyebrow and shrug.

"No." He scoffs.


"I don't have an amazing, full of fun life. No one does." His voice had a slight monotonous- oh who am I kidding it was completely monotonous.

"Trust me it's better than mine, beautiful."

After this our conversation took a rapid turn towards an argument with strong points from both sides.

"Don't call me beautiful." He paused after the warning, "Just because you cannot see the good in your suck up of a life, doesn't mean you can judge other's."

"I ain't judging anyone and stop making assumptions about someone's life. Let alone, a stranger you just met. That doesn't make you any less judgy." At this point I had my curvy hips supporting my hands and Cruss had his arms crossed across his chest.

"I ain't making any assumptions, sweetheart. You even saying that makes you look like a complete hypocrite. I hate to say this but your opinions are whack." At this my voice picked up a few decibels.

"You being a stranger do not have the basic audacity to say shit about me. So, I suggest you shut that cocky mouth of yours and when you are at it hold your tiny dick still. You never know when I loose my shit, chop it off and choke your goddamned throat with it." I snapped my fingers on his face and get my mouth to work on a smirk.

Good one Lara!

"My dick's bigger than your mouth, and trust me when I say you have a big, big mouth." He smirked only to antagonize me more.

"Dont have to be a pussy about asking a sexy woman to give you a blow job. Be a man." I charged him with my words. I know I am turning him on.

"Don't flatter yourself. You think I would let your noob tongue around me. Think again."

Oh he did not just go there. You going down mofo.

"My, my Crussipher! Where did you get that idea? I don't fuck tiny dicks, they aren't my type. And you wish my mouth was around you but I got class, baby. I don't just fuck anyone."

He uncrosses his arms and gives me a sharply raised brow before crossing them back together and diving right back into the conversation, "oh please, I'd rather fuck my dog than have your smelly, noob and filthy mouth around my dick."

I don't budge at his overly dramatic sentence but one word just had to be pinned, "You gotta a dog?"

And this overturned the entire argument.

"Yes. Her name's Nala aka Cinnamon."

"I have a pet dog too. His name's Baxter. Let's meet again with our dogs, he does not have much friends. He will have tonns of fun. If you are okay with that? Of course." I mean it's not a bad idea. He is a good guy. It's been long I've come across people whose main motive is not to kill me.

"Yeah sure. Tomorrow? I can pick you up from your Tower. I...uh...we..can..uh share...uh numbers and shit. If you don't mind? Of course." Okay wait. Did he just stutter. At last he decided to act like a man.

"Yeah sure." We exchange our number and address. We live in the same complex but this area is huge. I still get lost here. So, tower number, flat number and floor number.

After that we had a real conversation where no one had the urgency to snap at the significant other. We talked about our likes and dislikes and our lives. This time though, we tried to understand each other from the other one's perspective. I did not go rambling on and on about how bad my life is.

In few hours the rain had stopped and we had dried up. There was dried soil stuck to our outfits but we could care less.

I don't know what was happening but everytime he made a joke or a cocky remark about our earlier conversation, I would get all giddy and feel my cheeks ignite. My thoughts on this man whom I randomly was cussing out on had rapidly changed. Now all I could think of is how cute that slight dimple at the corner of his mouth is.

I have a smile on my face. Someone's actually getting my smile back.

"What are your hobbies?" He asked.

"I love listening to music to pass my time, uh, reading books has been a hobby since I can remember and.....I don't know....?" This sentence took me a lot of arm gestures which happens only when I'm nervous.

Bony fingers wrap around my wrist. Pulling my arm towards him his eyes widen at the numerous cuts along the inside of my arm. Some short, some old, some recent, etc. He ran his warm fingertip along the cut until I wince at the most recent one, he pulls away.

"You never told me you are so self destructive!? What have you done to your arm!? Are you an idiot!?" I flinched as his screaming got higher and higher with each word.

"Its self sacrifice. " I quickly blabbed but it turned out so stupid.

"For what!?" tugging a loose strand of blue nervous hair behind my ear, I say, " I- I- ughhh! Stop making me guilty. It's-it's none of your business anyway...."

"Oh yeah, I forgot. We just met. We are strangers. Well, strangers are the way friends come to know each other."

"Stop screaming!"

"Fine whatever. Have it your way. It was just that this is very new to me. I mean, I don't really come across inevitably powerful and pretty girls like you who harm themselves when they can easily stab their problems with a smirk." Wow. This boy got skills at persuasion. Or manipulation. I don't know...

Taking advantage of my silence he goes on, "not all flowers have thorns to protect them. You are a Rose Deadwings. A rose. Instead of wasting your thorns, use it. You can rule this world if only you acknowledge the fact that you are better then everyone." My eyes were wide all the while he talked. Like I was a little girl with pigtails who just found out the secret superhero of the town was her long lost friend.

He smiled as if he could hear my thoughts but his beautiful sea green eyeballs dilate to the floor. He caught me gazing at him and smiled again, "the thought of having a throne only for yourself, ruling this entire upside-down world is pretty, huh?"

I chuckled because it was true. I did think of it while he was talking and it was pretty.

"Fine! I will give up on self harm. Now can I know about you?"

"What is it that you wanna know?"


"I read books too. Gaudi, Hansforth, Drussila, etcetera....etcetera."

"Wizard written, huh?" I cocked a brow and smirked.

"I am not biased towards Humans but my knowledge mainly consists of Wizard written books, yeah." He is so calm and collected. Ugh...

"I am more into Human Authors."

"Figured." He said through a smirk.

"Favourite colour?"

"Black. Yours?"


"Of course! What should I have expected from the girl whose colour changing hair is Violet half of the time." He rolled his eyes and my tangled violet hair turned to a dark shade of crimson.

"Its so adorable, your hair makes it easy for me to guess your emotion. And your cheeks go white when you blush." He laughs for a short time but I keep on blushing.

"Stopp!" I screamed when he continuously pinched my burning cheeks.

"You are adorable...."

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are chocolate...."

A shiver runs up my spine when a cold breeze swirls towards us. I hug my knees and try to contain the chattering of my teeth.

"Hey.....here." He closes the space in between us and wraps a conscious arm around. Rubbing my hands warm, he begins to draw certain words on my forearm.

A giggle escapes my lips, "What are you doing?"

"I don't know....my mum once did it to me when I cried. She told me that it is a soothing gesture." The way he talked about his mum was very uncomfortable. There was something wrong but I did not press. Instead I tried to lighten the mood, "you were a cry baby when you were young....?" I chuckle at the thought of a younger Cruss crying.

"When I was a baby, yes I did cry a lot. I was never satisfied. No baby is c'mon! It's when you grow up you learn that 'BOYS DONT CRY!' Its stupid. We do cry. I remember the last time I cried, when I was five. I have only cried two times after I came across the 'BOYS DON'T CRY!' policy."

"That an accomplishment dude!"


We stay quite feeling the warmth of each other but something had to ruin it right?

"I'm so sorry" I apologised while taking out my phone. It was Joe. I scoff when my eyes meet his name at the top screen.

Joe Barrington, hmmm.....where do I start. Let's see, he was a geeky tortured ass in the school I studied in Darcele. He was constantly bullied like me because he was an ugly bastard with an evil mindset. Oh, and did I mention that he blackmailed me for entirely two years and got me to be his girlfriend. Why? Because with me as his girlfriend he was less bullied. And I was stuck following his commands helplessly hoping he would just break up with me.

I savagely cancel his phone. I am here in Deccarde, he can do nothing. I don't want to be his little slut anymore.

"Aren't you gonna pick that?" Cruss asked with a frown when I cancelled his call again.

"Aren't you gonna mind your own business." I snap and instantly regret. Joe annoys me a lot.


"Sorry. It's just- forget it. I'm sorry. I did not mean that."

"Yeah, I guessed so." He shrugged before saying, "tell me why are you constantly declining his call?"

I don't really want to share it with a stranger with whom I just met. But then again, his pleading sea green eyeballs and pouty lips are irresistible. So I just blab everything out. Nobody knows about this. If my Dad or Godfather come to know, Joe would be a long lost corpse.

After I was done explaining, I declined his call again. I glance up at Cruss who looks at my phone with narrowed eyes, "What the fuck is wrong with people!? You didn't do anything!?"

"He was blackmailing me! I couldn't, alright? Darcele has always been a tough time for me."

"Oh my gosh! You are such a tortured little bird I had no idea. I heard and read so much about you! They never write about the way people torture you. Gosh! I lost all my hope in Wizardnity. Humans are better!" He sighed.

"I know." I mutter more to myself. He looks at, pity evident in his eyes. Ughh! I hate being pitied.

There was a liquid silence between us, an awkward silence but it was quickly done with when my phone started ringing again.

I pick up this time,

"The fuck you want asswipe!?"

"Ooh, attitude. Are you sure ignoring me is the best option, huh baby?"

"Don't call me that!"

"Oh yeah, well, you are going to meet me at Netamod on Saturday. I got my powers last day and I will be there."

"I'm not under you anymore."

"I know that baby. But are you sure the information I have on you will keep you from coming as soon as possible." I sucked in a terrified breath.

"Why....? Just leave me alone!"

"This will be our last meet baby and I just need to have a talk with you. You are coming."

"Crystal," and I hung up.

I take a glimpse of Cruss's angry expression and face the other side of the floor. Before he could say something I intervened, "don't say anything, please. Just act like a stranger."

He did not push.


It was getting dark. I checked the time and it was 7pm. I had to get back home. My mom was going to kill me. I was out for hours.

"I.....need to....... go" I hurriedly say.

"Why? Can't you stay......." he looked at me with hope and said "please."

Cinderella was playing all along. I really wanted to stay but I had to go. Mom would kill me if I was anymore late.

"I am sorry Cruss but I've gotta go." I began to walk towards my tower.

He snatched my wrist and pulled me towards him. I was so engulfed in my walk that I did not even notice the high speed I was in. I'd already reached the elevator and I did not even know. He pulled me so hard, I smacked my head on his chest only to have his grip loosen on me.

I gaze up at his face and sternly say, "my mom will kill me. I need to go."

He took a step a back.

"I'll be waiting for you" and he bowed. I waited for the elevator doors to open before I could hop in. I pushed the 34th scribbled tab and stared at his eyes, "we'll meet again!"

"Sure we will."

And the door closed.
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