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Just Rey


It’s only Rey

Action / Adventure
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Just Rey

You wake up, with no memory of where you are, or what just happened to you. All you know is that you're now half an inch tall.Suddenly, the ground shakes, and you look up to see Rey bending over looking for something. You stand still as if frozen as you observe this giant girl standing above you. Suddenly, she starts to bend over more and more. You realizing she's about sit down and try to react quickly. You struggle as you find yourself buried under Rey's gigantic ass. You try to move but the pressure of her butt weighing down on you makes you immobile. As you continue to attempt to get out from under Rey you hear a rumble emanate from deep inside her. "I knew I shouldn't have trusted that food Unkar Plutt traded me." You prepare yourself for the inevitable as Rey loudly and violently farts. The smell is unbearable as Rey unleashes her inner gases on top of you. You find yourself completely deprived of oxygen and all you can breathe is this scavengers toxic gas. The fart begins to die down and you think it's over when you hear Rey's stomach rumble continuously and you realize this storm has only begun. Rey lets out another giant fart that stinks so bad you actually want to bury your face in her ass in a desperate hope it will stop the stink. Fart after Fart are unleashed upon you as you start to black out. You wake to find in a warm place between two unyielding masses. You quickly realize where you are as You hear Rey say, "comfy little one. I thought that after what you just experienced you might want a closer look." You are instantly amazed at how Rey could be such a sadistic bitch when she says, " I think I've got more coming, prepare yourself, here it comes." You close your eyes as you await the horror that is to come as Rey farts directly on you. "Aaaaahhh, that felt soo good. Well, maybe not for you, but who cares what you think?" you hear Rey say. She releases an SBD and you pass out again.

When you wake up you are on a table with your arms and legs spread out. Rey comes over, looks at you, and says "I'm going to give you 30 seconds to begin explaining how you ended up under my butt, or you are going up it."

"I'm extremely sorry ma'am, I have no idea how I ended up underneath your beautiful booty. I simply woke up and I saw you sitting down. I didn't know what to do, I wanted to get your attention somehow instead of being under your magnificent butt. I meant no disrespect, please forgive me." “I don’t believe you, pevert!” she exclaims before immediately turning around to plop her round butt upon you, instantly crushing your torso and lower body, leaving only your head sticking out.

“I’ll ask you again, how did you end up under my butt?” Rey questioned

“I don’t know ma’am okay I’m sorry!” you barely muster those words due to lack of air.

“Fine if you won’t give me a real answer I’ll just have to torture it out of you.” Rey then got up only to snatch you in her hand tightly.

“I’ll let you decide how you suffer this time, you little creep.”she farts and you pass out.

You awaken to find yourself looking up into the face of a girl most likely in her twenties. "Oh my God, are you okay?" She looks at you with concern buried into her face." Yeah, yeah I'm alright." You try to try to seem tough though you know that no one could possibly be tough after something like that. "You must be pretty brave to act so bold after being in my personal gas chamber, I'm so sorry for that by the way." A smile appears on her face but is gone in a second instantly replaced by concern. " I've smelled much worse than that" you say knowing full well nothing in the entire galaxy smelled even close to as bad as Rey's farts did. "We'll if it's not so bad, I was wondering if I could stick you in my,underwear while I do some errands and then when I get back I can try and help you." You reluctantly agree not wanting to go back to her smelly death trap but not wanting to anger this giantess either. "Okay so I'm going to put you in my underwear for a little while and I will try not to release any farts on you but no promises." She slowly lowers you down below her waistline and pulls back underwear. You slide right into the crevice of her ass as she snaps the waistband back into place trapping you in her ass. She begins walking and every step you feel her butt cheeks squish you and as she walks she let's slip a very nasty SBD. You start coughing as you hear Rey start to giggle and laugh at your misfortune. "Sorry about that one, I did say no promises." She continues to let SBDs slip out of her ass all the way to town until she stops to talk to someone. You listen as you hear the voice of Unkar plutt. From above you can hear Rey and Unkar negotiate over price of a piece of salvage as you start to between Rey's globes of flesh.

"This piece is worth... a quarter portion", Unkar says as he examines the salvage.

Rey immediately says, "This piece is at least 6 portions".

Unkar looks at her with a smug look on his face and says, "If you don 't like my offer, you can just starve!" You begin to squirm more as Rey's ass soaks you in sweat. Rey quickly notices and firmly clenches her buttcheeks together smushing you between her mounds of fat. Rey reluctantly takes Unkar's offer and storms away. As she walks she releases an extremely loud fart on you. Your lungs fill up with Rey's gas as you experience her gift to you. Rey continues to relieve herself onto your tiny form as she heads for home. Unknown to you Rey is intentionally farting on you due to the satisfaction she receives by torturing you with her natural stink. Finally, Rey arrives at home. She sticks her hand down her pants and extracts you from her ass, but not before she releases a large wet fart on you. You are forced to breathe in her stink as her pants vibrate from the force of her gas. Once she's made sure that you'll smell like her ass for weeks she removes you and brings you up to her face. You look into her giant visage as she brings you so close to her nose that your actually smushed against her giant nostrils. She takes a giant whiff as if she never smelled anything this good in her life. She then cringes her face and waves her hand back in forth in front of you. "Phew, you really stink. I don't think I've ever smelled anything as bad as you." She smiles and she takes another giant whiff of her own stink that you unfortunately are coated in. "Mmmmnnn, I love your scent." Suddenly you hear a rumble from beneath you, but oddly you couldn't smell anything. "Oops pardon me", Rey says as she starts to rub her stomach. "I haven't eaten in so long and I'm so hungry" She then looks at you and you are extremely unnerved by the look in her eyes. "I could use a little snack", Rey says grinning. "No, please Rey, don't eat me!" You are completely terrified now. Rey looks at you with a look of false concern on her face as she says, "Don't worry, you won't feel a thing!"Rey:"I'll go back later and sell it, but now i think I need to have some fun while you might not." Rey picks you up in one hand. With the other she pulls down her pants, followed by her thong. You try to squirm out of her hand before you reach her rear end.

"I'm sorry about this, but my needs come before your needs." Rey says as you reach closer to her backdoor. She begins to spread her butt cheeks out as you begin to smell the farts she released from earlier. She releases a new fart just to open up her pucker so you can go in easier. She pushes you into her hole head first.

"Oh my gosh, you feel great back there." Rey says, as you are barely able to hear her since you are neck deep in her butthole. She pushes you in down to your stomach, and then she pulls you back out to your neck. While she does this, she releases more of her noxious farts. "You've been quite good at being an ass slave, and so I'm making you exactly that, an ass slave." she says as you're panicking with half of your body inside of her backdoor. "We'll have more fun tomorrow, but I'm tired so, you're I'm going to put you” she take you out but then Rey sticks you back in her underwear right between the familiar mound you know too well. She walks over to her speeder ,with you in her underwear, and rides off. You are squished beneath her giant cheeks as she sits on the vehicle. You are shoved deeper into her butt as you hope she ends her ride. You get pushed so far you can see her butthole. You move closer and closer to the hole before Rey notices you. She start to maneuver her butt into making you go deeper faster. Soon your face is against her butthole. When she notices your touching her butthole, she stops. She proceeds to fart with extreme force. You hold your nose as you live through the smell. She then finds a droid, a BB unit. To be continued.

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