Behind a Green Curtain

Chapter 12

It seemed like an eternity later that the Trio left the room, arguing with each other. They'd been looking for something, it seemed, and were all quite angry with each other for having lost it.

During that time, it was not in the least lost on Draco that Ginny Weasley was in his bed, albeit in the form of a mouse. It made him more than a little self-conscious, but mostly he found himself wishing that Ginny was in her usual form.

The door to the infirmary slammed behind the Trio. Draco sat up, and Ginny ran onto the covers in front of him and sat there, watching him expectantly with great, beady blue eyes. He'd never seen a blue-eyed mouse before.

"Hamanus Reverto!" he said, and the mouse turned back to an extremely disoriented Ginny Weasley who immediately lost her balance and tumbled against him. His breath caught in his throat, and he suddenly became very aware of the flowery scent in her red hair and her small hands against his chest. His brain had gone a bit fuzzy.

She raised her head to look at him, her face bright red, her eyes shining. Her mouth was parted a little, what a soft-looking mouth it was...

He barely even thought about it. He leaned down and kissed her as gently as he knew how.

He heard her give a little squeak of surprise before he pulled away; the whole thing had barely lasted more than a second.

Ginny pushed away from him and slid off of his bed, staring at him. "What was that for?" she demanded, her face flushed. "You can't just kiss me!"

"You liked it," he returned, waiting for her to deny it or laugh it off.

"That isn't the point at all!" she answered indignantly, but he felt his heart soar in triumph; he'd kissed her, finally, and she had liked it. He felt a silly grin spreading over his face, but he hardly even cared.

Ginny huffed and reached for her bag. "I'm leaving," she announced icily.

"Not even a little game of chess?"

"I think you have quite enough to do," she returned, nodding at the stack of homework she'd brought him.

"You could bring yours up and do it with me."

"No!" she said, turning her back. "Goodbye, Draco!"

"See you later, Ginny."

He could tell she understood the significance of his choice of words. She paused, huffed again and flounced out of the room. Draco leaned back against his pillow, his breath finally coming at a more normal speed. It occurred to him he should regret just kissing her without her consent, but it had hardly even been a real kiss, and anyway he wouldn't have given up the little moment for anything. Still grinning, he reached for his Potions book and began to study.

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