Behind a Green Curtain

Chapter 14

It was not in Ginny's nature to leave anything unresolved, especially something that bothered her. So she decided to confront Draco Malfoy yet again, the first opportunity she got.

It didn't take her long; Draco was finally well enough to walk about the castle and attend classes. He looked thinner and paler than ever, but no one seemed to notice that.

Ginny saw him in the hallway right before class started, and immediately turned to walk away. Then she scolded herself for getting so nervous and told her fast-beating heart to get in order.

She took a deep breath and walked up to him.


He whirled immediately. "Ginny?" he said, his eyes darting. "What do you want?"

"I want to talk to you," Ginny answered, feeling a sudden nervous tickle in her stomach. Damn it. Damn Draco Malfoy for making her all fluttery.

Draco followed her to a deserted hallway and into an alcove; there were no deserted classrooms this time of day. "What is it?"

Ginny blew out her breath. "Look, Draco, I - I really want to know what's going on, okay" She could feel her face heating already and wished he wouldn't keep looking at her mouth. "If - you know - it meant anything -"

"If what meant anything?" he asked, in a rather low voice. The sound of it made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

"You know - everything. The way you've been acting. The...that kiss. What's all that about?"

He stepped closer to her, and closer... She could smell him, he smelled...exactly as one thought he would: amazing, and like he was worth a million Galleons. "Stop!" she insisted, putting out her hand. It landed on his chest, and she felt his heart pounding under her fingers, faster than any heart had a right to pound...

"You’re a smart girl. I’m sure you know what it's all about, Ginny," he said. She wished he wouldn't whisper like that. It made her shiver all over.

"Oh, I'd rather not guess," she said, breathlessly.


She could feel his breath against her mouth now. Her heart was doing a polka.


He lowered his head and kissed her, slowly and surely. He pressed his tongue between her tight shut lips, and without warning Ginny's brain floated away and she started kissing him back. His neck was hot under her hands, and his kiss became rapidly more passionate.

It was only a minute later, when she tugged away, that she realized fully what had happened. "Oh, no!" she exclaimed, stepping away from Draco.

"Oh, no?" he echoed, looking a bit worried. “What do you mean?”

"This isn't what this was supposed to be!"

Draco stared at her, flushed, running a hand through his pale hair. He looked so...dare she think it...cute like that that she almost lost her resolve.

"I mean," she hurried on, "I really mean to know - you know, if you really like me or not."

"If I really - !"

"If you're not just playing around, I mean."

He stared at her blankly. "I'm not playing around! I, um..." he hesitated, flushing a brilliant red.

"You what?"

He glanced around as if he were afraid someone might hear him, then looked her in the eye.

"I really do like you, Ginny."

Even as he spoke, Ginny Weasley’s face faded away into bright green drapery; he never got to see her reaction, never got to hear what she was going to say, because she was gone and he was wide awake and it was over and it had all been a dream.

He realized he was sweating. He sat up, disoriented. Was it possible that none of those things, which he seemed to remember vividly, had really happened? That he had never really spoken to Ginny at all? He’d dreamed the entire thing?

As he thought about it, he realized that it had indeed a dream. The only thing that was real, real as it had always been, was that same strange obsession with Ginny he’d had since the second year. But she had never talked to him, nor he to her, and things were as they’d always been.

“Damn it,” he growled, pulling his pillow over his head, feeling bitterly disappointed. “Damn it.”

Back in Gryffindor tower, Ginny awoke with a sudden start, a vision of blond hair and grey eyes fading away before her. She sat bolt upright, her mind whirling.

Had she just dreamed about...about Draco Malfoy?

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