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Daughter of Flames : Book 1 (SS fanfiction)


Charlie is a cheerful happy little girl as all little girls should be, but there is something special about this girl that only her parents know. Maybe it's the gold in her eyes or the color of her skin or the color of her hair but to them Ashley is a freak. After she got a mysterious letter from a special school things in her life changed drastically with her parents. Read to find out the life of Charlie the Phoenix child.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Name: Charlie

Surname: ???
Age: 30 years old (stuck in a 11 year old body)
Hair color: red as fire
Eye color: Golden
Skin color: Porcelain White
Adoptive Mother: Mary Andrews
Adoptive Father: Ben Andrews
Nickname used by her friends: Ash
Abilities: Wand-less magic, Wand magic, metamorphagus, Animagus.
Gifts: can talk to animals.
Elemental power: fire
Relationship status: doesn't remember she is married to Severus Snape.
Friends will slowly develop

I was adopted as an infant. I never knew my biological parents. My parents told me once I was old enough to understand said they just left me at the orphanage without a note or anything I don't believe them one bit because I was left with a Phoenix pendant necklace.
Can I tell you something but you can not tell anyone ok? My adoptive parents hate me. Ever since i started doing things no one else can imagine doing they would beat me. The things I do are accidents I can't control them from happening. One time I accidentally set the curtain on fire that happened because my father and mother came home drunk after they went out and just started beating me for no reason I acted in defense and the curtain set alight but that caused me to be in even more trouble. What I got out from that night was a black eye, a few broken bones as well as a broken arm and on the plus side my so called "father" raped me. I am like their personal slave in this house. Every night I make a wish for someone to save me but no one has come. I have to go now I need to make breakfast for these monsters bye.

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