To Be Strong

The Rift

Time skip: After The Fight

Time Skip: After The Fight

Yunan's POV

"Has anybody seen Morgiana, I'm sure she would have been here", says Alibaba. I didn't want to tell them, but I knew I had to. "Morgiana decided not to fight", by then everyone was looking at me.

"What do you mean she decided not to fight, that's not like Mor-chan she loves to fight alongside us", says Aladdin. "It is not my place to tell you why, but said she would watch over you until the time was right."

Alibaba's POV

"Well can you at least tell us where she is at." Then, we can just go search for her ourselves. Yunan looks at us with pity "Fine I will tell you. She is at the bottom of The Rift, in other words my home."

Everyone is in shock "Morgiana actually made it to the bottom." I'm so happy for, but how did she manage to do that. Only Muu Alexis has been able to make it to the bottom, but when they found him he was half dead. Does that mean that she is hurt!

"Rest assured little Alibaba she made it to the bottom safe, in fact she was up there on the cliff right before I came down here to help", says Yunan.

Just then Sinbad walked over "How did she make it to the bottom unhurt, there is no way possible. Even I have tried to make it to the bottom, but I couldn't make it."

Yunan's POV

"I still don't know and she refuses to tell me", I know I lied to them, but in order to protect her secret I had to.

"Well I'm going to try and go down there, Aladdin are you coming or not. "Of course I want to see Mor-chan again", said Aladdin excitedly.

"Maybe you should rest and go tomorrow Alibaba and Aladdin, so then you will have a better chance at surviving", said Sinbad. I knew he didn't want to stay, but as he looked at Aladdin he could see that they really need this night of rest.

"Fine we'll stay one night and then go", said Alibaba reluctantly. 'Good luck Alibaba and Aladdin your going to need it.'

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