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Begin Again


There is no more hope. That is, until a girl falls into the Underground, with a rare soul that could save not only that timeline, but all others. A cross over timelines, a glitch, and a child.

Mystery / Drama
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The last thing I remember...


Laying in a bed of bright yellow flowers was a human girl. Something this world of the Underground was unused to. Slowly, her eyes opened, and she let out a groan in confusion. Above her was the hole in the mountain of which she had fallen through. She sat up, pain coursing through her body from the fall, and was surprised she was even alive.

It took a moment for the fuzz in her mind to clear, before looking around. It was mostly dark, aside from the light that reached down on her and the bed of flowers. Amazing how a small flower bed would be the only thing between her and a painful death. Finally, she stood up, trying to remember why she was here, if there was even a why. It wouldn't be the first time she had gotten lost and ended up in a strange place.

After a while, she was able to make out a door in the darkness, having to squint in order to make it out. She hurried over to it, looking at it suspiciously before pushing it open, and walking through, it shutting behind her. Empty. There was no one in this room, the only thing being a spotlight of sunlight from above on a patch of grass. Looking around quizzically, she started walking at the other side of the place to once again find a door, and went through.

She was met with a hallway, which ended in another door. So many doors, but she went through them anyways. this came to an entrance of sorts to somewhere. Cobwebs had started appearing on a switch, and a door lay open in front of her. As she walked, the only noises she could hear was her own breathing, and the sounds of her echoing footsteps. This place looked as if there was a series of puzzles to maneuver through to get to one room and the next, but they were all finished and led an open path through. Clearly, this place hadn't been used in some time, since there was a layer of dust and cobwebs over everything. It made her wonder what had happened here that caused this...

Getting through was easy since everything lay open for her, and in no time she came to a tree, which seemed to be the only living organism she had encountered since the yellow flowers, and even then, this tree was bare and looked like it had been neglected for some time. This whole place was creeping her out, and she wanted to badly leave, but had to press on. There was no way she'd manage to climb through the opening which she had fallen through.

Once more, she opened a door, and was surprised to be met with a small home. It seemed warm and comforting, besides the fact it was dark, and also looked to be neglected for some time. She felt as if she was intruding, but didn't know where else to go. Walking forward a little, there were a set of stairs that lead to what seemed like a basement, and figured she'd save that for last. Basements creeped her out more than anything.

She walked to the left, and saw what looked to be a living room. A large chair sat next to a fireplace, that looked like it hadn't been lit in a very long time. She hit the chairs cushion a little, and dust flew off of it in contact. She wiped off her hand on her jeans as she continued to the left, and met with a kitchen. It looked very clean and neat, even with the dust, and on the counter sat a pie, with a large slice taken out of it. She didn't know how long it had been sitting there, and decided it was best to leave it alone.

Retracing her steps, she now went to the right of the stairs, and was now in a hallway with doors along the left. Really, she didn't want to intrude, but curiosity overtook her, and she opened the first door on the left. It was a small room, that looked to be one meant for a child. It was actually cute looking, and there was a box of toys near the bed. She then moved to the room next to that, and this one looked to be a bedroom meant to be for an adult.. Maybe, everything was scaled much larger than any adult she'd encountered. On the desk was an open notebook, with a bunch of jokes, and one circled in red.

Honestly, these were funny.

She went to the last door in the hall, only to find it was locked with no way in. Oh well, must not be important if it was locked. Walking back to the stairs, she stopped when passing by a mirror, covered in a thin layer of dust. She wiped her hand across it, and revealed her face. She thought she'd look worse from the fall, but she didn't. Curly hair, black turtle neck, blue jeans and black boots, with brown eyes. This was her.

After a moment, she decided to press on, and walked to the stairs. Taking a deep breath, she walked down them. The corridor in the basement actually wasn't all that terrifying, which gave her relief. At the end was a large, purple door. It took some effort, but she got it open. Once more, she was met with a dark room, the center lit up by sunlight, and at the end, another door. She walked through, and pushed the big door open...

A burst of cold air met her, throwing her into a moment of shock and wanting to hurry back into the comforting house, which was warmer than this. No, she had to continue on. She had to find someone who knew where she was. Determined, she stepped out into the snow, the door closing behind her. No turning back now.

Just like the area before her, this place was also empty, other than the snow that lied on the ground. Her breaths came out in puffs of steam, and she wrapped her arms around herself to try to keep heat and stay warm. Being sensitive to the cold, this was absolutely terrible for her, especially since she was far under dressed for this kind of weather. It didn't take long before her whole body shook in the cold, and she wanted nothing more than to lay down and give up. But she had to go on.

Suddenly, she heard a noise behind her, which made her jump and whip around. It was the first noise she heard that came from outside herself. Terrified, she stood there, looking around. Well, maybe it was her imagination, creating the noise in order to put something into the world. Yeah, she'll go with that... After a moment, she turned back around, and started walking once more. The scare had pumped some adrenaline into her, warming her up for a while more, but it soon faded away, and she was once more left shivering in the cold.

A sign read, "Up ahead: Snowdin". She sighed in relief, glad that she'd finally be able to find a town, hopefully populated, and get some answers. Filled with new found determination, she pressed on, also hoping there'd be a nice, warm place she'd be able to stay in and hopefully buy something in order to keep her warm.

However, that plan didn't work out so well, when her foot suddenly met with some ice, and she fell. Unable to soften her fall, she hit hard against the ice, hard enough to cause her to black out in the snow..

"Godda be careful here, kid. Can't have you dying here."

When she finally woke up, she was met with warmth. She snuggled deeper into the warmth, and wanted to fall back asleep. However, at remembering where she had been last, she decided she needed to wake up and figure out where she was. She sat up, looking around, and found herself inside a house. It looked quite lovely, and unlike the one she first went into, this one didn't seem too neglected. As she stood up, she looked back and saw she had been sleeping on a couch.

Well, if she had woken up here, it meant there was someone around, right? She most certainly would've remembered finding her way here if she had been awake. Also, she wouldn't have intruded like this, even if it would've been very tempting. Though she was dreading it, she knew she had to go back out and try to find something.

"Please, let me come back later," she said to the empty house, as she walked over to the door, before opening it up and walking back out into the cold. Luckily, walking over to the left, she was met with looked like to be a town. The first she came to was a library... Though, the name was spelled wrong... However, she walked inside. It wasn't nearly as large as she had been in others, but it was cozy and small, looking to be filled with just enough books to satisfy you for a while. Here, too, it was empty, dark, and full of dust.

This saddened her. Books shouldn't be left alone like this. Wow, heartless, she was more concerned for the books at that moment.

Because of how neglected the building had been, there was no warmth, but it wasn't as freezing as it was outside. She left, and continued on to the next, which was labeled Grillby's. Sounds like a restaurant, and she was filled with hope to find someone, or at least get something to eat. Her hope was crushed when she walked in, finding it in the same state as everything else she had come across. Shame, it looked like a nice hang out spot.

She walked past a house outside, deciding not to go in and invade another. She'd done enough breaking and entering for one day, even if everything was empty. That just left two more buildings. The next one was a hotel of sorts, and in desperation, rushed inside, to find it in the same state. Now feeling unnerved, she rushed up the stairs, mentally apologizing, and threw open every door to every room. Nothing. No one.

What was going on?

At first, she thought it was just because the entrance to this place had been abandoned, but now.. Even a small town, there should be something to tell her where everyone went. An entire town just doesn't disappear like this. Rushing outside, her last hope was the shop. She threw the door open.


There was no other rooms here to rush to, so this was all. Panic filled in her now as she went back outside, looking around frantically. Nothing, no one, not a single person, nothing to give her an idea of where everyone had gone. It was like a ghost town!

But wait!

She was brought here by someone, they took her into the house. A small drop of hope filled her heart, as she quickly ran back to the house, her heart pounding in panic. At the house, she opened the door, shutting it behind her.

"Um, ex-excuse me!" She called out into the house, panting heavily from running, and the inability to breath due to the panic setting inside of her. "Where is everyone? Why... Why is everything so.. empty?"

... but nobody came.

What had happened? Why was everything like this? Why was she alone in this place? How did she get here to begin with? Where was she?

She put her hands over her face, trying to catch her breath, but she was so scared at this point, she didn't know what to do, or think.

"You're quick, kid."

She jumped at hearing a voice. A voice other than her own, and looked up, eyes wide. Sitting on the couch was a skeleton, wearing a blue hoodie, and orange scarf. He had his hands in his pockets, looking back at her with white eyes that seemed to glow.

"You.." she said after a moment of trying to find her voice. "Who are you?"

The skeleton wore a constant grin, and he closed his eyes as he answered. "Sans. Sans the skeleton. This is your first time meeting a monster, isn't it?"

A monster? But, she was sure they only ever existed in fairy tales, much less a human skeleton as a monster. Well, then again, they were used for Halloween decorations, and were considered very creepy. But he didn't give off a vibe of creepy. No, he seemed more... sad, and lonely. And tired.

Finally, she nodded in response, but realized he still had his eyes closed, and gave a small yes.

"Maybe you should sit down. What I'm about to tell you will be too much to take in, you're better off sitting."

The girl blinked, before finally sitting on the couch next to Sans. Even when sitting, she could tell she's just a bit taller than him. She sat with her knees up to her chest, and her arms hugging them. She waited patiently for Sans to talk.

"You're in the Underground, a place monsters were forced to a few years back," he said, opening his eyes and looking at the girl, as she listened intently. "We lost the war against humans, and as punishment, we've been down here. There's more places to go in the Underground, but Snowdin is the first city you come by when arriving, other than the Ruins."

"Was the Ruins the place I came through to get here?" She asked.

Sans nodded. "It was meant to keep any human who fell there, and safe. She... She didn't want humans to get hurt, and built it to protect them." Sans let out a small, sad chuckle, looking down and away from the girl. She wanted to ask who he was talking about, but seeing his reaction, figured it was a bad idea for now.

"What's your name, kid?" He asked after a few moments.

"I.. I'm Alex."

"Alex... Well, sorry to ask, but I need your help with something important.."

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