Begin Again


"I need your help with something important."

Alex gave the skeleton a questioning look, trying to figure out what'd he need help with, before nodding. "Of course, since I'm guessing you're the one who saved me."

Sans nodded in response a bit, before letting out a sigh. "It's sort of... cowish for_cated, but a human and monster soul are more powerful together than alone." Alex didn't understand what he was talking about, but figured that could be for later, after hearing what he needs help with. "There's someone here, at the end of the Underground who needs to be stopped. I can't stop them alone. They became too strong. It's a lot to ask, but could you help me? I normally... don't ask for help."

She didn't know what he meant by stopped, but from the way he spoke, it seemed to be very important indeed, so finally she nodded without another moment of hesitation. "I don't want people to be put at risk by them."

"Neither do I."

A moment of silence filled between them, before Sans finally stood up, turning to Alex, still seated on the couch. That grin never seemed to fade, even though she knew he was filled with so much pain just by looking at him. "Well, we have a ways to travel, so we'd better head out." Sans said to her, and she made a face in dislike at the thought of going back out into the snow and the cold. She was warm and fine right here. "Besides, it's dangerous to be in one place for too long."

Okay, that got her feeling cold in terror again, not understanding what he meant, but defiantly not liking it. So, slowly she stood up, and Sans pointed at a door upstairs with a boney hand. "You seem to handle the cold pretty badly. You can borrow one of my sweaters if you want."

Her eyes lit up in happiness, and wasted no time rushing up the stairs, throwing the bedroom door open and quickly grabbing an over sized blue sweater. It was warm.

Filled with new determination, since she was now able to keep warm better, she met up with Sans downstairs again, who waited patiently by the door. At seeing her all ready to go, he opened the door and walked out, with Alex following close behind and shutting the door behind her. The weather worked wonders, and she buried her face happily into it. Sans let out a laugh as they walked. "You really hate the cold, don't you?"

Alex nodded. "Don't you?"

"Well, I guess you can say it just goes right through me."

A snort, and then loud laughter filled the quiet space. Sans looked surprised, as Alex held her sides as she laughed, and it took a moment for her to calm down.

"I haven't heard someone laugh at my puns like that in a long time," he admitted, turning away from looking at her. For a brief moment, she could feel that his spirits were lifted, but it was brief, and it made her heart sink a little.

"Well, why? If you make puns like that all the time, then you're sure to get a lot of people to smile and laugh."

Sans didn't say anything in response for a moment. He put his hand up to the scarf, and adjusted it so it was covering more of his face. "I used to. That was the first one I've made in a while. It's kinda pointless to make jokes when there's no one around to hear it."

With him saying that, he just confirmed to her there was no one else around anymore. That must be lonely, being the only one left then. She then started to wonder what happened to everyone, where did they go? And that person who he mentioned that must be stopped, were they and Sans the only ones left down here? Did that person cause all of this to happen?

Having been so lost in thought, she didn't right away realize her foot no longer touched snow, instead it touched a darkened surface. Looking down, then back up to look at Sans, she noticed the change in temperature here. It was more humid, and warmed up a little, but there was no way she was giving up the sweater yet, in case whatever happened past this she'd need it again.

"This is Waterfall," Sans answered, knowing she must be wondering where they are. "Most of the Underground changes suddenly like this."

"Waterfall? Not much of a name."

"Our king wasn't too good at names."

"You have a king?"

Sans nodded. "Yeah, he was pretty okay, after... Well, he just wanted what was best for monsters."

Alex could tell there was so much she wasn't being told, and couldn't understand why. Was it because it was too painful? Should she ask about everything? Or would that just cause him to leave? Well, she guessed there was one thing she could ask about...

"Hey, Sans? What'd you mean earlier by needing my soul?"

Sans didn't seem one for answering things right away that related to the situation, but she just figured it was because he'd gone through so much, and was figuring how to explain everything.

"You see," he finally said, looking at her for a moment, "monsters and humans have souls, though each work different. A monsters body and soul are directly connected, when we die, we turn to dust and our soul disappears, however a humans soul can exist without the body. Monsters can use magic, in fact we are made of magic. Humans can too, but it's a little different."

Alex listened to his explanation, trying her best to follow along with what he was saying, and so far it wasn't too hard. It even seemed as if he had explained this countless times to someone...

She stopped walkingsuddenly. Sans turned and looked at her, before following the direction of her eyes upwards. On the ceiling was many, many sparkles, tinted a blue colour and shimmering.

"Stars," Alex said in awe.

"Nope," Sans shook his head. "Just crystals that loolike the sky. Though, many monsters did come here to wish upon these."

"I can see why," she whispered, staring still at the ceiling. "It looks so much like the night sky, but... it's not the same."

Sans said nothing more as he continued walking, and soon Alex followed him. The ground and all around was black, but the water nearby seemed to glow a soft blue light, and the shimmering crystals gave the place a bit more light, and it looked so mystical and enchanting to her.

"What do you wish for?"

"You'll just laugh!"

Alex jumped at hearing the echoing voices, looking around. Maybe there was more people down here! Though, her hope didn't last for long, because Sans just shook his head, and pointed to a blue flower. "Those are Echo Flowers, they repeat the last thing they heard."

The girl sighed, in both relief and disappointment.

"If I say my wish, you promise you won't laugh at me?"

"Of course I won't laugh."

"Someday I'd like to climb this mountain we're buried under. Standing under the sky, looking at the world all around. That's my wish... H-hey! You said you wouldn't laugh!"

"Sorry, it's just funny... That's my wish too."

She felt a sense of sadness fill her after hearing the conversation, staring at the flower. Now, whoever that was, wouldn't fulfill their wish. Everyone here was gone, and they no longer can reach the surface, no longer see the large, vast world up above, never see how beautiful the sky looks at night. It was so sad.

"Let's rest here a while," Sans said, having walked off ahead and found a small section off the path they were walking. Alex slowly went to catch up, the conversation once more playing behind her. When she reached the area, she saw him sitting down, his back leaning on the wall.

"Sans," she said tentatively, seeming to want to choose her words carefully. The skeleton looked up at her. "Can you... tell me what happened here?"

The skeleton sighed heavily, once more touching the scarf. "Sit down, kid."

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