Begin Again


"You see, you're not the first human to fall through here. Not by a long shot.

Seven others have fallen down here, all at different times. No one falls down here for no reason, it might seem accidental, but in the ethat's was all meant to happen in some way. The first six... They were killed, in order for us monsters to try and be freed. When monsters were banished down here, a barrier was put up by several human magicians in order to keep us here. No monster could leave, nor human, but all could enter.

Our king, Asgore, he killed those humans in order to gain their soul, and hopefully be able to destroy the barrier and free us all, so we can all escape to the surface. Really, he had the best intentions, but didn't know if it could be done any other way.

Those six human souls were taken, and that's when the seventh fell. Everyone thought, 'Finally, we'll be freed!' ... But that's not what happened.

This human, they began killing monsters in order to gain LOVE. LOVE is harvested from monster souls, and they started to grow powerful. Everyone, they killed everyone that stood in their way, and even those who did not. They wanted power, they didn't care what they had to do to gain it.

That's why there's no one here. They killed everyone, and are now waiting at the end of this place, the end of it all, for you."

Alex listened, and was on the verge of tears, until the last thing came out, and her eyes widened. "Me? ...Why?"

"Like I said, no one falls down here for no reason, there's always something behind it. You didn't exist in this story till now, you somehow put yourself in, and that really pissed the other kid off."

She continued to look confused, not understanding how or why that happened. If shewasn't supposed to be here, then why was she?

Sans sighed heavily, closing his eyes. "Just by the look on your face, I can tell you're confused still. I don't know why here, suddenly, you exist, but your soul is what they want, in order to destroy it."

"What, but why? I mean, I've done nothing wrong."

"No, you haven't," Sans agreed, "but just being here threatens them. Your soul is something powerful, one unseen in humans, or even monsters without and other souls with you. Here, I'll explain more, stand up," he said as he also stood. Alex slowly did as told, now feeling like every corner around her held something deadly, something ready to kill.

A blue, transparent heart suddenly appeared in front of him, and his left eye glowed blue and seemed on fire. A heart also appeared in front of her, but this one was black.

"That right there is your soul," he said. "This is how you'd fight here, well if there was anyone. The size symbolises how many more hits you can take."

She looked at the heart in front of her, noticing how small it already was, however she realized just how much small Sans heart was. It showed nothing, but already she could see just how damaged it was. How damaged he was.

"Souls normally don't show up in black, that's why yours is special. In fact, a black soul hasn't been seen in any recorded records, it was always a conspiracy in both monsters and humans. No one knows what they do, thats why the seventh kid is actually pretty scared of you, they don't know what you can do. I don't even know."

The last part... he made it seem like he knew something. Like she was a complete mystery to him, when he spoke so certainly of everything else. His eye stopped glowing, and the hearts faded away.

"You... You've been through a lot, haven't you?"

"How can you tell?" Sans said, bringing the scarf up again and looking away, giving an empty laugh.

"For one, your soul." She said, which caused him to look up at her, looking surprised. "You give off some... vibe. You've seen many things, have felt loss more than once. Your soul is damaged. You want to give up, but... you can't.. Sans, why are you helping me..?"

The skeleton looked away, closing his eyes. She so badly wanted to reach out to him, to help him through what was troubling him. He saved her, but she didn't know how to return the favor. Maybe by helping him defeat the other kid, that'd help take off some of his pain.

"Get to sleep, kid. You're gonna need the rest," he finally answered, changing the subject. "You'll be fine, they won't leave and come after you, it puts them at too much risk."

"Oh, okay..." Alex said, realizing he wasn't about to answer. As she lied down on the ground, he said, "I'll be back in a bit. Should be before you wake up."

Sans left without waiting for a response, and she felt a sense of loneliness fill her. Since they were the only ones here, it now made her feel uneasy without him beside her. It was fine at first, since she assumed she was alone, but now it filled her with uneasiness. Well, can't complain now. Alex put up the hood on the blue sweater, and rested her head under her arm. Soon, she had dozed off, and was asleep.

"Where... Where is she? WhERE arE ThEY? HEHEHE I want hER foUNd, beFORe she gETS TOO strONg! STUpiD, USELESS, technOLOGY."

A shadow figure watched from afar, watching the tiny child move around widely, a knife kept in hand. The face of the figure was white, as were the hands which had holes in the center. The white face was cracked. They watched. As they had watched the girl, Alex, fall through, and lead her to the mountain in the first place. There was always a need for something new in a place that forever repeated.

"Sans?" Alex called out sleepily, rubbing her eyes as she sat up and yawned. She wasn't sure how long she had been asleep for, but felt re-energized, and determined to help him now more than before. If she was so special, then there must be something she can do to help not only him, but also this place. There must be something that can be done!

"Right here, kid," Sans said as he entered into the small area as soon as she called to him. "I'm a second late, normally I'm pretty on time."

"Heh, apparently my special soul can fool people," she said sleepily one more, grinning a bit before standing up and dusting her self off, and stretching. "I'm ready to go whenever you are," Alex said, more awake now.

Sans reached into his pocket, and brought something out. In his hand was what seemed like an ice cream in its wrapper. He held it out, saying, "You haven't eaten in a while, I've been saving this, so it's still good to eat."

Hesitantly, Alex took the ice cream, but realized on the wrapper it said "Nice cream, the frozen treat that warms your heart." Unknowing to this brand, she opened it up, and found there was something written on the wrapper inside.

"Thank you for all your hard work! Stay determined!"

"They always have some kinda nice message or drawing inside them, to make you smile and feel nice," Sans explained, "that's why they're called Nice Cream. Heh, the guy who sold them had a good heart."

A smile spread on her lips, as she carefully folded the wrapper, and stuck it in her jeans pocket. The ice cream itself was blue, and after taking a lick, realized it was blue raspberry. t\That flavor always confused her, since no one knew what blue raspberry even was, but it was her favorite flavor.

"Thank you, Sans," she said, giving him a wide smile.

"Don't mention it, kid. What you're doing for me, and all of the Underground, is much more. Let's go," he began walking, and Alex followed along, eating the frozen treat. She didn't realize just how hungry she actually was, so she was really grateful for him going out of his way to get her the food. The silence filled once more, other than their foot steps, everything was quiet.

She finished her treat as they continued walking for what seemed like forever, but she didn't mind. She didn't expect the end to be so close by anyways.

Suddenly, she heard a shout, and this time didn't jump since she knew there was no one other than them. They both turned toward the sound, and realized it came from an Echo Flower once more.

"Stay.. Stay back!" It shouted in terror. "Get away from me! What.. What even are you?!"

After that, there was laughing, followed by one last shriek, and then silence from the flower. There was nothing more of the conversation for it to say, so it just repeated the shout in horror, and replayed the words. Alex felt a sense of horror, as she wrapper her arms around herself, trying to keep calm. Whatever happened... it was safe to assume they were no longer around.

Sans closed his eyes for a moment, before continuing on. Alex was frozen for a moment, but finally found her will to start walking once more, and followed close to him. He seemed so fearless to her, nothing phased him, he just kept going on. But, then again, to someone who has seen so much, he may not quite care anymore about what happens to him. That was actually... really sad..

Suddenly, Sans stopped walking, and sighed. They reached a part in the path that looked broke, leading them to a dead end. Alex looked down, seeing the darkness below. If someone fell, they defiantly didn't have a good time down there.

"Come on, we godda find a new way," Sans said, turning around and starting to walk. Alex frowned, and turned with the intentions of following him, but...


Alex froze, feeling the unstable wood behind he shift. Sans stopped and quickly turned around, looking panicked. It was too late. The ground gave way under her, and she felt herself falling downwards, into the darkness. The last thing she saw was Sans rushing over, trying to grab onto her but missed.

The last thing she remembered.


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