Begin Again


When she woke up, she was flooded with a scene similar to that of when she first arrived. The sound of rushing water gave her slight comfort, as it was the only noise to be heard, but at least it was noise. As she sat up, she realized once more she had landed on a bed of yellow flowers. This was a serious case of deja vu for her...

Alex stood up, looking around. She then looked up at the area she had fallen from, and cupping her hands around her mouth, shouted, "Sans!"

... but nobody came.

The girl sighed, and wrapped her arms around herself, looking around uneasily. Alone. She was alone once again.

The abyss was filled with water, and a whole lot of junk that seemed to have fallen down with the waterfalls. It was dark, but she was thankful for at least the sound of rushing water. It eased her a bit, unlike the complete silence that filled her in the Ruins or at Snowdin. The first thing she decided she needed to do was get out, and get to Sans. She breathed in, and slowly let it out, gaining determination. She dropped her arms, and started walking, even though she was calf deep in cold waters. she had to push on through and find Sans.

Was he even worried about her? Or did he just assume she had died upon impact? Well, that did seem logical, since it was a long fall, and anyone else would've. She didn't know how a simple bed of yellow flowers have saved her not only once, but twice. Better not think on it too much, it'd probably just make her head hurt, so instead she was thankful for being able to live from such a fall.

Also, Sans guaranteed her that the seventh child wouldn't come after her, so at least she didn't have that to worry about. She was completely alone.

Or so she thought.

The sound of music faintly played, just barely being heard over the sound of rushing water around her. Sans had said that they were the only two... So.. How can there be music playing? Especially since it seemed as if everything had been left alone for a very long time. She should be scared, but instead she rushed toward the sound of music playing. The source came from a house, blue looking with a red one next to it.

Gently, she knocked on the door.

No response.

Finally, she opened it up herself, and walked in. "Sorry for intruding," Alex called in, looking around. It was only one room, with a computer, fridge, and a television. The source of the music was coming from the computer. It was a soft tune, that sounded sad and hopeful at the same time. She walked over to it, and moved the mouse. The screen lit up brightly, and on the screen was a music player, which currently had the single track on a loop. The screen was dusty, so it hadn't been touched in a long time, but whoever owned this wanted this to play, and keep playing.

The track was titled "Hope".

Tears began silently falling down her face, and it took a while for her to notice them. Quickly, she wiped them away with her hands, a bit embarrassed by suddenly crying. Allowing the track to keep playing, she click somewhere on the computer with the mouse, and found the name of the one who owned this place.


That was an interesting name, and it rolled off her tongue playfully, causing her to grin a little. Well, whoever this Napstablook was, she hoped they were okay... Well... She knew they weren't. She wished she could tell them how amazing their music was. If this was made by them, they were very talented.

Finally, she decided to leave the computer alone. In respect of the owner, she left the computer running, and the music on constant loop.

"Thank you," she said to the empty house, closing her eyes for a moment as she grinned a little. The music gave her new founded determination, and she decided she'd do all she could to make sure that after all of this, their music will be heard by more ears. They can live on through their music at least, and she couldn't wait to come back, and be able to show people.

She left the home, leaving everything as it was, giving it and the house beside it one last look before walking on. She needed to continue looking for Sans. Maybe if she continued on the path, she'd eventually find him, so she tried just that, deciding not to stay from the path in case she'd get lost. Once more, only her breathing and footsteps echoed the caverns, and she felt so alone once more. Alex thought back to the music, humming it out. The caverns echoed her humming, and made her feel a little less alone, as it seemed to be singing along with her.

The atmosphere began to get warmer, and less humid, to the point she actually had to take off the blue sweater, and she tied it around her waist tightly. Now she was kind of dreading the black turtle neck she was wearing, as she rolled up the sleeves to cool off a bit more. At least she wasn't in Snowdin anymore! She couldn't stand the cold, at least she could tolerate the heat, no matter how scorching it was.

A sign above her read "Welcome to Hotland". Sans wasn't joking when he said the names were pretty terrible and unoriginal. At least Snowdin was kind of a pun. As she stood there, trying to determine if she should head on or not, a shadowing unknowingly grew behind her, growing taller and towering over her.


Instinctively, Alex tried turning, but a pair of hands grabbed a hold of her. "Wha- Help!" She screamed, as it began trying to drag her away, fighting the hardest she could.

It let go suddenly, being thrown backwards. She turned to see Sans, his eye flaming blue once more, and his hand glowing the same. He was focused on whatever had grabbed her, and she turned to see a shadow figure, with a cracked, white mask. The blue faded, and it was free to move once more. It just gave Sans a look, tilting its head to the side, and then the other.

In a flash of light, a huge head appeared beside it. It pointed, the mouth opened wide, and a white beam shot out, straight at Sans. He shut his eyes, prepared for the blow, for the end.

And waited.

And waited.

He opened his eyes, and saw Alex collapsed on the ground in front of him. his breath caught in his throat, and he looked back up to find the head and the figure had both disappeared.

"Hey, kid! Alex! Wake up!" Sans said, rushing over to her and shaking her. His worse fear was that she had been killed, but gave a breath of relief when he realized she was still breathing. "Man, that was some hit, kid. Should've let me take it."

He closed his eyes for a moment, before opening them back up. "Let's get you out of here..."

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