Begin Again


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to harm you.

But THEY were watching.

I mean you two no harm.

My n a me i s...

When she woke up, she was surrounded in light. She looked around, and realized she was on a pretty comfortable bed, and the temperature wasn't scorching like before. The first thing that came to mind was Sans, and she sat up in a panic. However, a stab on pain went through her, and she looked down at her arm. It was bandaged up, but she could see some redness seeking through.

No, no time for that now. Sans first. She realized the first time she saw his soul, one hit and he'd be done for. She quickly got up, and rushed down the nearby stairs, though her panic was short lived when she saw him occupying himself with something. Her rapidly beating heart calmed.

Sans looked up and over when she reached the bottom of the stairs. "Heya," he said, turning away. "Feel any better"

Alex nodded, realized he wasn't looking, and said, "Yeah, just my arm, I guess."

The skeleton pointed to a cup sitting in front of a desk that was piled with papers, and a computer on it. "Eat those. Those last a long time, so it's safe to eat."

She walked over to the desk, sitting down at the chair, and opened the cup. Steam rose out of it, and inside was some noodles and veggies. It smelled like chicken. Happily, she ate it all in a hurry, which caused Sans to laugh lightly and shake his head. "Slow down a little."

"It's sooo good," Alex said, smiling. The noodles filled her with new determination, and she felt like she could do anything.

"Oh! Sans!" Alex suddenly shouted, causing the skeleton to jump and look over at her in confusion. How're you? That thing tried hitting you, are you okay?"

Sans sighed and rolled his eyes. "Kid, you jump in front of a gasterblaster and you ask if I'm okay? Well, of course I am. If you hadn't taken that hit, I would've been done for."

Alex smiled and sighed in relief. "That's good," she said.

"Don't do that again."

Her smile faded, giving him a confused look.

"I don't have much going on for me, kid. Saving me like that, you just put yourself at risk of dying. Killing me wouldn't have mattered, but it's only you who can stop all of this." As he spoke, he once more touched the orange scarf around his neck, and she could feel the sadness in his words.

"I would do it again," she said, looking away. "No life is worthless, you can't just toss any away. Monsters or humans."

Sans buried his face more in the scarf, and closed his eyes. "Do you.. think even the worst person can change? That everybody can be a good person... if they just try?"

Alex blinked for a moment, before nodding. Wait his eyes are close. "Of course. I mean, if you really want to change, and try to be good, then I'd say everyone deserves a second chance."

Silence filled between them, as Sans said nothing, just keeping his face buried in the scarf, and Alex so badly wanted to help in whatever way she could. Did what she say hurt him more? Was that the wrong answer? "Did I say something wrong?" she asked hesitantly.

"No," Sans said after a moment, finally opening his eyes. "You just... remind me of someone."

"...Did they own that scarf?"

Sans nodded.

"You touch it whenever you need comfort. They must've been important to you."

"Yeah... Yeah. Heh, you seem to manage to be reading me like a book, kid. Nothing seems safe from you."

"I don't-I don't mean to-"

"I know, don't worry about it. That's good to have. Sorry to put you what you're about to face, but you're the only hope everyone here has."

Alex nodded, and said, "It's okay, I'm not expecting something good coming out of this, but if it'll help you, and everyone else, then I'll do it."

"...Thanks, kid. We can leave whenever you're ready." Sans said, letting out a sigh and looking over at her.

"We can leave right now... Though, by the way, what is this place?"

Sans chuckled a bit, sticking his hands in his pockets and started walking for the exit. "It's a lab an old friend of mine owned. She loved anime, and science. Also, she worked for Asgore as his Royal Scientist."

Alex followed him, making sure to stay close by. When they left the lab, Sans shut off the lights, and any air conditioning that had previously been functioning. As the door opened, the heat rushed at them, and Alex swore it was hotter here than previously. Actually, it was, because looking around, she saw lava everywhere, causing her to look around in disbelief.

"A bit different from Snowdin, huh?" Sans said in amusement by her expression as she nodded. "We godda make our way to the Core, and then we can finally reach the kid." After the short explanation, he began walking once more with Alex following, looking afraid of ever ledge in fear of falling down and into the lava below. She seemed to have a habit of getting into trouble, and then waking up in weird places. How many times has it happened so far? Too many, she concluded. Even the first time was too much, when she fell down into the Underground in the first place.

She looked over at Sans, and noticed he was still wearing his hoodie and the scarf, and she frowned a little. "Aren't you.. like, dying in that?"

Sans flinched a bit, but then let out a laugh. "Nah, I couldn't even feel the cold in Snowdin, so the heat here doesn't bother me too much."


"Being a monster has its perks, especially being a skeleton," Sans said as he winked a little at the girl, who raised an eyebrow. "You know, I have a skeleton inside of me."

"I know, but that's not the same," he shrugged.

"I think it is."

"You're still missing the part about being a monster."

"I could be."


"You don't know that."

"Pretty sure I do, kid."

"Why do you keep calling me kid?" Alex said, giving a lopsided grin. "I'm almost an adult."

"Really? You're so short I didn't notice."


Sans gave out a small laugh.

"You're short too! So how do I know you're not a kid? Besides, I'm taller than you."

"Hm... I see your point. However, I'm older than you, so I can call you kid all I want."

The light hearted bickering continued as they walked through the Hotland, navigating where to go without having too much trouble in the place. It was the most she had heard Sans laugh the entire trip, even if it was short, and at times seemed a bit odd, but he was laughing at least, and it made her smile and her heart feel just a bit lighter, and she hoped his was too every time.

Finally, they arrived at an elevator, and Alex looked at it, at just how far it stretched.

"We're almost there," Sans said, "we just need to take this elevator to the Core, and we'll see the kid." He walked over to it, and pressed a button, which after a few moments of waiting caused the door to open up. Alex looked at it nervously, and Sans could tell by the look on her face she was. "Listen, I'll do my best to keep you safe. If things get too crazy... I want you to go back to Snowdin. You won't be able to leave, but there you'll be safe."

The girl looked at him, and then shook her head. "No, I'll do whatever I can to end this." Taking in a deep breath, she walked into the elevator, and Sans followed behind. He pressed a button, the doors closed, and they were off to the Core...

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