Begin Again


The elevator moved, and off they were to the Core. Alex stood in the small box with her back to the wall, leaning on it, trying to calm her pounding heart beat. It was scary, she was scared. She didn't know what would happen. If this kid killed every monster here in the Underground and gained so much LOVE, they must be nearly impossible to defeat by now. Why did Sans need her help? What could she do? She didn't even know how to use her soul or fight in battle. She was weak.

No, there must be something about her that was needed. She must be useful in some way, even if she couldn't use her soul, or magic, she needed to try and fight. Sans was putting everything into this, and she needed to as well. She thought back to that song inside the small house, the one Napstablook made, and it filled her with determination. Once more, she took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

She'll make sure everything ended, and Sans got a happy ending.

"Hey, kid," Sans said, drawing her back from her thoughts as she looked over at him. "I just wanted to say thank you for all of this again. It takes real guts to go through something like this for a stranger."

Alex smiled, and said, "Well, you saved me in Snowdin, and kept going. I was a stranger to you. You said you normally don't ask for help, so when you said that, I knew that was more of a reason to help out."

Silence filled between them once more. Sans let out a small chuckle in response, shaking his head.


The elevator came to a smooth halt, and with a ping, the door opened up. What was in front of them was complete darkness, and fear rushed back into Alex. Even Sans felt afraid, but they pushed through the fear, and walked out of the elevator. They kept straight, walking close together as to not get lost in the darkness.

Laughter suddenly filled the air, and all went cold. The two froze, now of guard.

"Isn't thIS EXciTING?" came a voice, distorted and high pitched. A single light appeared, and the two closed their eyes at the bright light. After their eyes adjusted, they looked back. Standing under a light from above was a child, that looked to be no more than twelve, with short brown hair, pale skin, and piecing red eyes. Alex's breath caught in her throat. When Sans said kid, he wasn't kidding. This was just a child, but they had done so much to the Underground. How?

"SANs, NEver thOUGht we'd mEET AgaiN HERE."

Looking over at the skeleton, Alex saw his eye had turned blue and caught on fire once more. "I couldn't just leave you here."

The kid laughed, and pulled out a knife. "REALLY? I tHINK you ShoulD HaVE."

A head from earlier appeared, it's eyes glowing white in the darkness. Its mouth opened up, and it shot a beam at Sans. Alex let out a shout. The beam faded, and to her relief, Sans was safe, and unharmed.

"What do you need him for?" Sans asked, a dragon head of his own appearing, the eyes glowing a blue similar to his eye. "I thought you were going to take over everything alone."

"He oFFErd to hElp, I nevER asked," the child replied. Behind them, a shadow appeared. Cracked face, hole in his hands. It was the same thing that had attacked Alex earlier.

"I killed you once, I can do it again," Sans said, and the head let out a beam of his own, this time the blast a blue colour.

The other one was about to charge and send another, when the kid stepped forward. "It's ALLRight, I KILled hIM here, I'm SURE HE'S juST aS PatHetIC."

Sans said nothing in response, just looked at the kid as if his look would simply set them on fire and kill them.

Alex stood there in confusion. Sans said he killed this kid before, but so did they... What did they mean? Sans had made it seem like when they first met, he knew so much about this child already. What was going on here?

Nothing could be done as Alex watched the fight fold out in front of her. Sans attacked with no break, countless sending something the kids way. At the same time, the child dodged each and every one of them. The heart that appeared in front of the child was read, and it looked so huge and indestructible, even if they got hit, nothing phased them, in fact they laughed at the pain. Would Sans be all right? Was fighting like this even the answer? She didn't want the kid to die, but she also didn't want Sans to die. What could she do?

Everything was a blast of blue, as Sans kept attacking, but just by looking at him, Alex knew it was draining to him. One hit, and he'd be gone...

"Please be okay," Alex thought to herself. "Don't lose."

Suddenly, Sans attacks grew stronger. The child looked surprised, and even Sans did.

"WHat-" the child looked over at Alex, and saw that a heart had now appeared, black in colour. This made them angry, as they laughed creepily. "DOn't you KNOW NoT TO inTERFERE with a fIGHt?" The child rushed at her, knife drawn. Alex was frozen in fear.

The knife reflected the light, shining. Alex could see the madness and blood lust in their eyes, wanting to spill more blood. Her blood. Alex took a step back, hoping it'd be enough to dodge, but the child got too close...

A flash of blue.

The knife swung.

Alex felt no pain, nothing. She couldn't even see the child at this point.

Sans fell to his knees, a wound from cutting down his torso. Blood leaked from it, and his mouth.

"...Sans?" Alex whispered, the noise tiny.

"Get... out," Sans said through the pain, gripping the wound on his chest tightly. Without warning, he turned to a pile of dust in front of her, and the dragon head disappeared with him.

Alex stared in disbelief. "S-Sans?" she said once more, sounding more panicked. She fell to her knees next to the pile of dust, the only thing left behind from him was the orange scarf, now stained with some of his blood. The child let out a wicked laugh.

"PATHETIC!" They cried in laughter, holding their sides as if this was the greatest joke ever told. The shadow did nothing but watch.

Tears began running down Alex's face, shaking widely. Her heart pounded in her chest, and her throat closed up. No, he couldn't be gone... He... He said everything would be all right! That nothing bad would happen! Liar! Why did he do that if she had so much more health than him! One hit! One hit and he was gone!


Her hand reached towards the blood stained scarf, shaking madly as she let out sobs.

She was caught off guard.

She was surrounded by a bright light...

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