Begin Again


The bright light faded, and she was back in Snowdin, except everything was different. There were other monsters, walking around and enjoying themselves. Even in the cold, Alex felt nothing, she wasn't shivering or cursing the snow. What was going on...?

The first thing she saw was a flash of blue and orange. Her heart skipped a beat, as she quickly ran towards it. "Sans!" She called out hopefully, reaching a hand outwards to catch him. He ignored her calls, and everyone else seemed to not notice she was even there to begin with.

"Brother, do you think the tiny human will be all right?" asked the taller skeleton. He seemed a bit worried, as well as unbothered by the cold even though he wasn't really wearing much. Seems as though skeletons really didn't get bothered by temperature.

Sans shrugged. "I'm sure they will, even with your impossible puzzles." He winked.

The taller skeleton let out a laugh. "They seem to have a great love for them as I! Though they will never surpass my trap of spaghetti!"

"I'm sure they'll be fool," Sans nodded in agreement.

Brother... This was Sans brother. So that's why he always wore the orange scarf, which she saw the taller skeleton wearing now. What happened to him? Did he... meet the same fate everyone else had? Well, of course. He had to, why else would Sans constantly wear his scarf?

Though, even here, Sans still seemed... sad. His soul was still broken, maybe not as much now when she was with him, but still broken, still scared from whatever he had seen through his years.

More than just years...

A voice echoed in her head, and Alex looked around. The scene around her froze, nothing moved, all was still, even the wind. "Who's there?" she called out.

The tall shadow appeared, and his white face looked down at her.

Sans is a mystery as much as I...

"What do you mean?"

The scene around her changed, though still in Snowdin. Now, in front of her, was the child she had seen earlier, though not as crazy. The tall skeleton and them were fighting, until finally...

The skeleton turned to dust after being hit with a knife, leaving behind only the orange scarf.

"No, no no, PAPYRUS!"

Alex turned around to face the sound of the voice, which she knew right then and there it belong to Sans. He rushed forward, and skid down to his knees at the pile of dust. The child ran away, not looking back. Sans grabbed the scarf, his hands visibly shaking, and tears ran from his eye sockets.

"P-pap..." he let out a sob, and held the scarf to his face. "I was... I was too late..."

Too late? What did he mean by that? Did he know this was going to happen?

The scene rapidly changed in front of her. A woman who resembled much like a fish turned to dust, a robot next, then a yellow reptile.

The scene stopped, and it was back to Snowdin. Alex instantly recognized the door in front of her. It was the one that lead out of the Ruins and lead straight into Snowdin. Sitting against it was Sans, with the scarf wrapped around him, and his hood up.

"H-hey, Tori... Why.. did the skeleton want a friend...? Heh... C-cause he was... feeling bonely... Heh.."

His words broke, and his laugh was empty. Tears ran down his skeleton face, and he didn't bother to wipe them.

"...The kid got you too..."

Watching every scene so far, even though she didn't know anyone else besides Sans, she felt her heart break more and more. Watching him cry, and everyone else being slaughtered brutally by the child, even the ones who wanted to spare them or be spared. This child... they really were cruel, weren't they?

Again, the scene changed, and this time it was in a hall.

This time, it was Sans and the child, staring at each other as if they have been here before, this exact same place...

They have... Many times... One timeline after another...

Timelines? So, they've met more than once?

The scene changed rapidly, some with the child looking innocent, some with just a bit of madness, some... Some lead into battles, some with the child laying dead, some with Sans dead. Repeatedly. Over and over. Is this what he has to go through? This never ending cycle and never knowing if it will end happily or not? No wonder his soul was so broken and damaged, she couldn't imagine what kind of torture this was to endure every day.

"It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming... On days like these, kids like you... Should be burning in hell."

"Dirty brother killer."

"Sans, please, promise me that whatever child comes through this door, that you'll protect them... Please..."

"I promise, Tori."

Always living the same scenes, with different endings. Some better than others, some absolute nightmares. How...? How did he live every day like this? Why did time seem to never stop like this for him? What was going on?!

Finally, everything stopped. Standing, was Sans, and a large, goat looking man. Alex looked in confusion between them both. On Sans was blood, but this time it wasn't his, and the scarf was around him like she was used to seeing.

"The human... has been killed."

"... Thank you, Sans. I knew you wouldn't let me down."

Sans held out his hand, and in it was the red heart shaped soul. The other held out his larger hand, and took the soul. "...Finally, monsters can reach the surface. Find those who are left, and tell them we are saved."

"...Actually, Asgore," Sans gave a small laugh, looking up now. "I have something else to do."

The man, Asgore, didn't respond for a moment, but finally he nodded. "You have done much for monsters everywhere. Of course. Do what you need."

Sans left, and Alex followed after him, knowing she couldn't be seen or heard by him or anyone, but desperately wanted to reach out to him, hug him, but knew that would never heal is damaged soul. Sans put up his hood, and walked towards the white masked figure. "Let's go," he simply said to the other.

I had told him of this timeline... A timeline where the child had taken over... He wanted to save that timeline... Even if he died... I told him of you... Of how you suddenly appeared in this timeline... He became hopeful... And left his own for the one we are in now...

A flash of light, and Alex found herself staring at the Sans she knew in Snowdin. He was walking behind someone, when they suddenly turned around... It was her. He had been following her from the start. She watched herself fall on the ice, and Sans walked over to her. They suddenly disappeared in a flash of blue.

"I won't let the same thing happen here," she heard Sans voice in her head. "Not again... The kid needs to be stopped... I can't let them get away with it if it can be stopped... Something different has happened... Heh, who knew?"

Alex felt tears running down her face, and she found herself surrounded by darkness. The timeline she was currently in... everyone had been killed, including Sans brother and friends. Even Sans himself. But he traveled from a different one, one that had better success, in order to make sure she'd reach the kid and stop them. Souls suddenly appeared in front of her, all different colours, and they finally took shape. The fish woman, a white goat looking woman, Sans brother, the robot, the lizard woman, Asgore... So many appeared in front of her, and they had no idea of the passing timelines, of how many happy endings, of how many times they died...

Finally, Sans appeared in front of her, with his permanent grin on his face. "Thank you."

A bright light, everything faded...


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