Begin Again


She was back at the dark room, hearing the child's laughter echo all around. Apparenly, nothing had gone on here, even though she had seen so many things. Is that what her soul was able to do..? Reach into others, feel their emotions, see their past and present? Their hardships, goals, everything?


There was more to it.

"You won't die here," she whispered, looking at the pile of dist. "Not here."

The dust began to glow a blue colour, and the laughter stop. It rose upwards, and began taking a shape. Soon, it formed colour, became solid, and standing in front of her...


The skeleton opened his eyes, and looked confused for a moment, before looking at Alex, where she still sat where his ashes had previously been. He looked at his hands, and felt around. "I... I'm alive?"

"Sans!" Alex cried happily, throwing her arms around the skeleton, who she was able to easily hug because how low she was now. After a moment of shock, he put his arms around the girl, hugging her back. "I don't know what you did kid, but thank you."


The moment was broken when the child spoke, their bloody eyes wide as they stared at Alex in disbelief. They clearly were taken aback, having not expected any of this to happen, having not even expected Alex to even be able to use her soul, if they ever even found out what it could do.


The child raised their arm upwards, and a dragon head of their own appeared, the eyes red. It's mouth opened, and shot out a beam.

"No, I won't let you!" Alex moved so she was now kneeling, and raised a hand toward the blast. A black shield appeared in front of the two, blocking the blast and it went around them. When it ended, she looked down at her hand in disbelief and confusion. "Damn, kid, what are you running on?" Sans said, also clearly confused.

She stood up, looking at her hands, and then at the transparent black heart that had appeared in front of her.

"...Determination," Alex answered, closing her hands into tight fists, and frowned. "I won't be useless any more, Sans. I'll make sure this timeline doesn't end in destruction like you fear it will." She looked at him, and smiled, picking up the orange scarf, and wrapped it around him. That was more familiar.

Sans didn't know how to respond for a few moments, before he let out a chuckle at looking at the child, who was currently looking at Alex as if she were something that shouldn't exist, something terrifying. "Show me what else you can do, kid," he said, taking a step forward to be standing beside her, and his eye lit on fire once more.


They shot out another blast, and Alex held her arm out once more, and the shield appeared again. Sans summoned three dragon heads, and they restlessly blasted at the child, causing them to have to dodge more than attack, which didn't seem to make them too happy. A hit after another, after another. Alex stepped in whenever an attack aimed for them, shielding them both from the blow.

All the heads blasted at the child at once, who let out a scream in pain, before falling to their hands and knees. Their soul was small, and Alex knew one more blast would kill them. Sans was about to end it all, but Alex held out her hand to stop him. He gave her a questioning look, but did as she wanted, shoving his hands in his pocket.

Carefully, Alex walked over to the child, who was panting heavily. They looked up, giving Alex the most murderous eyes she had ever seen.


Alex knelt down in front of the child, and held out her hand. She gave them a warm smile. "You've been through a lot, too. I can tell by your soul this wasn't what you wanted. You wanted them as friends. So, why don't you go back? You can all be friends."

The child looked back and forth between her face and the hand held out to her. Their eyes bore no madness, instead it was replaced by pleading, by sadness, with hope and determination.

"NO!" the child suddenly shouted. "NO NO NO! THIS IS MINE! MINE!"

She pulled her hand away for a moment, looking at the child sadly. Alex closed her eyes, and Sans watched as souls appeared, first as just hearts, and then...

Toriel, Undyne, Alphys, Asgore, Mettaton, Papyrus, and Sans from this timeline.

"You want to be with them, to end happily," Alex said, holding out her hand once more to the child, who now looked up, and their eyes widened at seeing all the figures. "You can be with them."

"...I," the child choked out, looking at all the monsters, and tears began running down their face. "I didn't... mean to.. I.. I'm sorry.."

"You can begin a new, with everyone there, happy. Just go back."

The child let out a sob, shaking. They suddenly shot at Alex, their arms spread wide. Their tiny arms wrapped around her, crying into her shirt. Alex held them tightly, petting their hair lovingly.

The whole place shook, and then faded into white.

Alex opened her eyes, and the entire space was in white, and she was floating. "Where am I?" she looked around, trying to find something.

"When the kid resets," came Sans voice, and she looked in front of her, and saw him, "you won't remember any of this. Only the kid and I will remember what went on here."

Alex opened her mouth to say something, but quickly closed it. There was a moment of silence between them, before she finally was able to say something.

"I won't... remember you? Or the Underground?"

Sans shook his head. "It was only that timeline you existed here in. You won't remember."

"But," her throat felt like it was closing up, and tears brimmed on her eyes, blurring her vision. "I want to remember... Remember you... I want to come here..."



Sans closed his eyes for a moment, before opening them again. "If you remember somehow... Don't come here. I don't want you getting caught up in this all again. The Underground is no place for humans. You'd be put in danger. You've already done so much. Don't come back."

Tears slowly made their way down her face, no matter how hard she tried holding back. "I... I'll miss you, Sans.."

"I'll miss you too, kid. Thanks for everything. Maybe... Maybe this time it'll be different... Maybe this time there will be no reset."

"I wanted to see you happy. To see you... actually happy."

"I'm happy now. I get to see my brother and my friends again."

The light suddenly increased, and everything was getting hard to see.

"Thank you, kid... Alex."




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